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The praised Israeli murderers of the Russian “Pantsir” were rubbish

The latest rocket could not circumvent even the old Soviet air defense system

Not so long ago, the media began to spread information about Israel’s testing of the latest Rampage missiles. It just so happened that near the Jewish state there is a war-torn state – Syria. It is here where Tel Aviv decided to test. It happened back in mid-April, though, then nothing was reported about the use of the new item. Information surfaced in a few days.


Recall that on the thirteenth of April, the Israeli air force from the airspace of Lebanon attacked the Syrian province of Hama, namely the city Masiyaf. Not far from this settlement there are a lot of objects belonging to Iranian and pro-Iranian formations. According to some information, there is even a factory for the production of missiles. Israeli missiles just had to strike at the plant itself, as well as weapons depots. It is difficult to judge how successful this operation by the IDF was. The Israelis did not report success, but other sources cite various data. Certainly SAR opposition media reported great destruction, while the Syrian military, located near the attack, called the damage minimal, given the large number of missiles fired.


The peculiarity of Rampage is that, for reasons not entirely clear to them, the name “Pantsir” murderer was fixed. It is probably implied that Russian complexes are the most vulnerable target for them. Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov said that such a name is not justified at all. The bottom line is that Rampage, in principle, are designed to perform completely different functions, and for Pantsir, patrol ammunition is much more dangerous. The expert mentioned one of the modifications of the Spike ATGM, which is used by the Israelis.


As for the threats to the S-300, Leonkov says that at the present time the IDF hardly has enough data on the work of the Russian complexes, which is why Israel will not succeed in creating a “perfect” missile against the S-300. The fact is that the complexes that the IDF studied in Cyprus and Ukraine are very different from modern modifications. According to the expert, at the present time, our air defense missile systems are initially designed in such a way that they can be very quickly modified. So our complexes located in Syria are practically unknown to Israel. At the same time, the expert notes that recently Tel Aviv has been very actively promoting the idea of ​​the superiority of its weapons over the Russian ones. Of course, this is an erroneous view of the confrontation between two countries. Leonkov believes that, in principle, Israel has a chance to hit the S-300, but only if the air defense system is operated by a poorly trained crew.


Recall that in the future, the S-300s supplied to Syria will be in service with the Syrian Arab army, which means that the Syrians themselves will exploit them. It is then that Israel will try to strike at our complexes. And if this operation proves successful, Tel Aviv trumpets it to the whole world and presents it as a great achievement. There are such risks – the expert recalls the two “Pantsir” destroyed by the IDF. In both cases, our interlocutor believes, the Syrian military has grossly violated the safety and operating standards of the complexes. Leonkov also recalls the story of the T-90 being shot down – during the attack on the tank the hatch was not battened down. Because of this, the Blind protection system did not work – it is inactive when the hatch is open. The question arises – why did the Syrian tanker in the danger zone move with an open hatch? So the main problem of our technology in Syria is poorly trained calculations that do not know how to handle it.


But other Russian military experts, whose opinions are cited by the media, speak of Rampage as an ineffective rocket. It is noted that even the hopelessly outdated air defense systems of the Syrian army, which are located in the attacked area, successfully resisted it. Six out of ten missiles were shot down. That is, the efficiency is only 40%, and this is for the ultra-modern missile simply shameful, given that it was opposed by some C-200 and other outdated Soviet air defense systems that the Syrians exploit.

However, the Rampage missiles delivered devastating blows. First, even officials associated with Damascus did not deny the fact of attack and destruction inflicted on objects.


True, the affiliation of the attacked targets was reported that they were intended for the Syrian Arab army, and not for Iran. Secondly, the Israeli geospatial intelligence company ImageSat International has published images confirming the fact that certain buildings in Masyaf have really suffered.

Based on all the above, it can be concluded that it is still too early to draw concrete conclusions about the effectiveness of Rampage and to minimize the danger. However, for the S-300 and even more so for the S-400, they are unlikely to be a big threat. First of all, Tel-Aviv will not decide on a direct confrontation with the Russian Federation. And in general, in military terms, it makes no sense to compare the Russian Federation and Israel – these are completely two different “weight” categories. Secondly, if Israel really had unique missiles against our production systems, then it would hardly be so much concerned with the fact of the transfer of the S-300 to the Syrian army. If anyone has forgotten, then we recall that after the crash of the IL-20, it was announced the transfer of air defense system to Syria. And then in Israel it made a lot of noise – the first persons of the state, using any platforms, called on the Russian authorities not to do that. Obviously, this is due to the potential limitations of the IDF in the matter of countering new modifications of Russian-made air defense systems.

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