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The United States announced withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council

According to US Ambassador Nikki Haley, Washington is ready to become a member of the HRC again if this structure will be reformed.

The United States announced on Tuesday about the withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council (HRO). The decision of the Washington administration was reported by the US permanent representative to the world organization Nikki Haley, speaking to reporters at the State Department.
“The US officially withdraws from the UN HRC,” she said.
“We are officially withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council, because a year ago we said that we would do this if we did not see progress,” she said.
“For too long, the Human Rights Council has been a defender of human rights violators and politically biased.” Unfortunately, it has now become clear that our calls for reform have not been heard. “Violators of human rights continue to be [in the Council] and elected to it. The most inhumane regimes in the world continue to form a critical agenda, and the Council continues to politicize [decisions] and transfer arrows to countries with good track records from the human rights perspective in order to divert attention from violate lei and their actions “, – she stated.
According to the diplomat, the UN HRC is a “hypocritical and self-serving organization that mocks human rights.” Nevertheless, Haley stressed that Washington “will not depart from its obligations in the field of human rights.”
The US permanent representative to the United Nations accused some countries of obstructing the reform of the council. “When we made it clear that we will actively carry out the reform of the Council, these countries emerged from nowhere to counter this: Russia, China, Cuba and Egypt – they all tried to undermine our efforts to reform [the Council] last year,” asserted she. Among the reasons for the US withdrawal from the organization, the diplomat called an “unflagging, pathological campaign” against Israel, an American ally.
Speaking with Hayley, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo called the UN Human Rights Council “a huge source of shame,” and its actions – “a manifestation of a shameless act of hypocrisy.”
Congressman Democrat Eliot Engel (from the State of New York) said that after leaving the USH, “lose leverage” in the UN
Haley added that the United States will be ready to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council if reform is carried out in this structure.

“Even taking into account the fact that we are stopping our membership in the HRC, we will try to strengthen the whole structure of the UN’s participation in [solving] human rights problems, and we will confidently call for the reform of the HRC. If it is reformed, we will be happy to be again its member, “she said.

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