The US has calculated everything

Russia is embroiled in a war with Ukraine

The United States intends to increase the volume of military aid to Ukraine. And the new bill, submitted to the US Congress for consideration, should significantly simplify the procedure for transferring various types of weapons to Kiev.


This writes the American weekly The Defense News.

The publication notes that the document was authored by Democrat Eliot Engel, the head of the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Michael McCall, a Republican, who was once appointed to the post of Minister of National Security in the administration of Donald Trump.


Both are, it must be said, inveterate russophobes and defenders of the Bandera regime. Moreover, Engel’s grandparents were born in the Russian Empire and emigrated to the States after a series of pogroms (attacks on jews) in the Ukrainian regions.


If the bill is approved and becomes law, it will oblige the US president (in this case, Trump) to decide, in particular, whether Ukraine should become the main American ally outside NATO. The corresponding status (16 countries currently have it in the world, including Australia, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Argentina and Thailand) will allow Washington to supply large volumes of anti-tank, anti-ship and anti-aircraft weapons to Kiev.


According to the authors of the initiative, providing Ukraine with modern weapons will help – no less – to restrain Russian military ambitions in Eastern Europe.


– The main defender of freedom in the world, the United States must use all the necessary tools to protect our common values, – Republican McCall quoted The Defense News.


By the way, he had earlier, without much hesitation, called on Washington to increase sales of military equipment and weapons to Ukraine, citing the need for a “strike on Russia” to never allow it to “regain the status of a superpower” lost after the collapse of the USSR.


And now, it turns out, by arming the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, they defend their and European values ​​from “aggressive Moscow”, which, by the way, we don’t need for nothing, by and large. Even the infinite impudence and arrogant hypocrisy of these representatives of the “stronghold of world democracy” does not surprise. Because these qualities, unfortunately, have long been the calling card of all the haters of Russia in the West.


If we look at the figures, the total military budget of the United States and NATO is already very close to $ 1.5 trillion. Russia spend about $ 60 billion a year on defense. But the “aggressor” is still Russia …


The draft budget of the US Department of Defense provides for the allocation of $ 250 million for military assistance to Ukraine, although Kiev hopes that this amount will increase to 700 million. In total, over the past five years – since the Maydan coup d’état – the States have spent more 1.3 billion dollars. This data was recently announced by Pentagon spokesman Erich Pachon.


But as a result, has the Ukrainian army really become so strong as to carry out the tasks assigned by the American master to “contain Russia”?


  • Here we are not talking about commitments, because Washington has a minimum of commitments to Ukraine now, – commented the situation on the editor-in-chief of the Segodnya.ru portal, military expert Yury Kotenok. – But there is a certain feed of Kiev, including material and military.


If the armed conflict between Russia and the United States really happens, then it’s not in Syria, but rather in Ukraine, says Professor Robert Legvold, honorary professor at Columbia University (New York).

This is about something else: that this is another opportunity to declare, to emphasize that, in the person of the Kiev regime, the Americans acquired a springboard from the very borders of Russia. And this bill is also one of the ways to pressure Russia and its leadership in the context of a hybrid war against us.


However, now, as we see, contacts between the top officials of the Russian Federation and the USA have become more frequent. Here you can recall the recent visit of Secretary of State Pompeo to Sochi. A number of meetings at the highest bilateral level are also planned, where, of course, Syria, Venezuela, and the Ukrainian question will be discussed … There is no getting away from this. And granting Ukraine the status of a non-NATO partner could be a definite trump card of pressure on Moscow.


On the other hand, even now there are no special obstacles that could slow down this process.


Another thing is that the Americans themselves, realizing how great the degree of chaos in Ukraine is, are not at risk of providing something serious there. And the same Javelin ATGM, which, in general, is a fairly effective weapon in the fight against armored targets, they guard there like the apple of an eye. And they are constantly scanning the situation – how can Ukraine be trusted at all?


After all, nothing can be excluded. Because some samples of American weapons in Ukraine may mysteriously disappear, as one of the counterbattery fighting stations, for example, that had been installed by the States, also disappeared.


That is, of course, this status is more necessary for Kiev to declare another peremog: they say, “we are special, we are the best allies of the USA and the NATO bloc …”. To some extent this will untie their hands.


But here, again, it all depends on how Russia will react.


Events in the Kerch Strait have shown that Russia will not make any compromises. And since, in general, we can expect growing appetites from Kiev, our country will simply be forced to resist this regime.


Here you need to say a few words about Zelensky, who initially stated that his main task was to stop the war in the Donbass. Now we see that he does not control the process. Because one thing is to proclaim some conceptual things, and the other is to engage in real politics. And not because Zelensky cannot do this, he simply will not be allowed to do this.


Therefore, the situation will develop as follows: Ukraine will continue to pursue various statuses, will demand more and more weapons, and some other support from the United States.


– Why do Americans have a “special ally” in the face of Ukraine, if they manage in this country as at home?


– The States, of course, control the entire so-called Ukrainian establishment, if I may say so. And there, not only the economy, but the entire military sphere, the entire military-industrial complex, is under the manual control of Washington.


But directly Americans will not be drawn into the Ukrainian conflict. Because the main principle of this Anglo-Saxon policy of the last centuries is to minimize its personal participation in order to avoid losses, both real and reputational.


The States, I think, will adhere to this tactic, but will continue to fuel financially specific controlled people and sponsor radical groups that incite nationalist sentiment. To maximally incite such a bogey of Ukrainian nationalism on Russia, on the rebellious Donbass.


– The Americans have already spent 1.3 billion dollars on military aid to Kiev. Are you ready to spend more … Will it make the Ukrainian army strong?


– You know, all this, it seems to me, is irrelevant, because it looks like a banal withdrawal of funds. If for such a period it was possible to create and prepare effective parts and formations, they would fight. And what the Ukrainian army is doing is called the genocide of the civilian population. That is, it hits artillery and mortars at agglomerations, at life support objects, and no one moves forward.


All of these praised by the Americans, Ukrainian units and divisions, they are simply unable to perform tasks.


Where is this billion? Is it really those boats that we almost sunk in the Kerch Strait? All these statements by the Americans that “we will prepare the APU in such a way that it will not seem like a little” are nothing more than verbal roulades as part of a constant dive with Russia. In fact, I think, not in horse feed.


However, despite this belligerent attitude, there are people who understand the futility of any confrontation with Russia.


After all, even if theoretically imagined that Ukraine would be “sharpened” for a long confrontation with Russia, it would be a constant chain of local ongoing conflicts in which people would die.


How does this threaten Ukraine?


Yes, the fact that no normal state will invest in the economy of a country that has become a proving ground, a theater of military operations. There will be only such a recharge – so that the opportunity will snap.

In general, this suggests that Ukraine is a risk zone. What billions can be invested here if there is no return?


– It is clear that they have nothing to do with Ukraine and its future. They need, “to restrain Russian military ambitions in Eastern Europe,” only they have come up with these ambitions …


– The same wording, as we know, is used to justify increasing NATO’s military potential on our western borders. For the accumulation of forces in the Baltic direction, and the deployment of a new military infrastructure in Poland.


Ukraine is also profitable for them in this regard. Because its northeastern regions — Kharkiv, Sumy, and so on, they go into the very soft underbelly of Russia. The flight time from there is generally about two or three minutes to key important facilities of the Russian infrastructure. And the Americans, rubbing their hands, already see there, probably, in theory, their contingents and launchers.


This is their goal.

Only Russia will not put up with this state of affairs. And, of course, the answer is being prepared, and the answer will be.

We just have to react, otherwise the situation will become so intolerable, we will fall into the clutches of constant military blackmail …

And to react in this situation is possible only in one way: firmly, quickly and as adequately as possible. Adequate even than we acted in August 2008. We then defeated the Georgian group, but did not fulfill the task – did not change the regime of Saakashvili.

Here there is a performance of another kind of task – first of all, to crush the enemy. That very enemy who declares that Kiev is at war with Russia. Russia has not yet come to war, but in the end it may come.

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