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The West, accusing “Putin Russia” of all sins, is preparing for suicide

Paul Roberts on how the us establishment harasses trump, bringing the 3rd world War

Stephen Cohen and me are called “Russian losers” and “Putin’s agents” because we object to the highly organized staging and fake image of Russia as a threat to the West – an image that leads to war. The purpose of this dramatization is not to allow President Trump or any other future president to reduce the dangerous tensions between nuclear powers that have accumulated since the days of the Clinton regime. The military reconnaissance complex “revived” the image of his enemy during the Cold War, which is so necessary for its bloated budget and power. And this complex intends to see in Russia the very enemy. Democrats are interested in denigrating Russia, because Russiagate explains Hillary’s loss in the 2016 presidential election and gives Democrats hope for President Trump’s removal from office. The media does not have independence, knowledge and honesty. They are a tool used by the military intelligence complex to control meanings. This is prostitution by the mass media, by virtue of which the term “presstitute” means them exactly. Since the study of strategic and Russian issues is mainly funded by the military intelligence complex, universities also participate in the march, the ultimate goal of which is nuclear war. Republicans are also dependent on the military intelligence complex and the Israeli lobby, as are the Democrats.


What kind of Russian threats in the West are they most afraid of?

All this self-interest leads America and its vassals to war with Russia. And that probably means with China. The war will be nuclear. It will mean the end of the West, an act of self-genocide. The US national security establishment has gone completely mad because Trump is trying to get off the train, rushing to war, to go to the side of the world. The establishment characterizes these actions as treason and a threat to US national security.


The Russians know that those accusations and demonization, that they have fallen, are all falsifications. They no longer look at this problem as such a misunderstanding that can be overcome with the help of diplomacy. What they see is the preparation by the West of the population of their countries for war. The fact that such a perception was formed, is entirely to blame the West. This makes today’s situation much more dangerous than ever during the Cold War.


In his recently published book War with Russia? Stephen Cohen documented how the “Russian threat” was created – the bogey who serves the material interests of a few at the expense of life on earth.


In the article below, Cohen asks an important question.


Do supporters of Russiagate prefer Trump impeachment or avoid war with Russia?


The new cold war is not just a copy of its 40-year-old predecessor, which the world has experienced. By vital indicators, it is much more dangerous and fraught with real war, which, among other things, was demonstrated by the events of 2018.


Today we give the DVR to anyone who makes a request. Action until the end of the day!

The militarization of the new cold is being conducted intensively in the form of direct or indirect confrontation between the US and Russian armed forces in the Baltic region, Ukraine and Syria, as the beginning of the nuclear arms race by both sides in search of more “applicable” weapons, in the form of completely unsupported allegations by influential lobbying groups, such as the Atlantic Council, that Moscow is plotting to invade Europe in the form of the growing influence in Moscow of its own hawks. The previous cold war was also highly militarized, but it was never waged directly on the borders of Russia. The new cold war is being fought in the space of small states, from Eastern Europe to Ukraine. This process continued to develop throughout 2018.


Russiagate – allegations that President Trump is heavily influenced, and almost under the control of, the Kremlin. There is no evidence for this, but the scandal is escalating, and this is a dangerous and unprecedented factor in the new cold war. What began as an assumption about the Kremlin’s “interference” in the 2016 presidential election has become insinuations that have become mainstream. It got to the accusations that Trump put the Kremlin in the White House.


Thus, for participating in the July summit with Putin in Helsinki – during which Trump defended the legitimacy of his presidency – the mainstream media and politicians condemned him as a “traitor”. And subsequently, Trump was forced to twice cancel the scheduled meetings with Putin. Americans can reasonably ask whether politicians, journalists and organizations that attack Trump for the same summit diplomacy that all American presidents have practiced since Eisenhower prefer to try to impeach Trump rather than avoid war with Russia.


The same question can be asked of the mainstream mainstream media, which, in fact, abandoned a fairly balanced and fact-based coverage and commentary on what they did in the final stages of the previous Cold War. In 2018, for example, their surrealistic, fact-based claims that “Putin’s Russia attacked American democracy” in 2016 became an orthodox dogma and a turning point in the Russiagate scandal and the cold war narrative. In addition, unlike the previous Cold War, they still did not allow alternative messages, opinions or opinions diverging from the mainstream. Moreover, these media stubbornly rely on former intelligence service chiefs as sources of information and commentators, although the role of these intelligence officials in the production of the Russiagate narrative now seems to have become clearer. A striking example of the abuse of trust by the media was the coverage of the maritime conflict between the Ukrainian and Russian military boats on November 25 at the Kerch Strait. All the available evidence, as well as the desperate need of the Ukrainian president Poroshenko to strengthen his chances for re-election in March 2019, strongly indicate that this was a planned provocation from Kiev. But the mainstream media in the United States presented this episode as another example of “Putin’s aggression.” Thus, the dangerous American-Russian proxy war was brought to the American public in a fundamentally distorted form.


To a large extent, due to such an abuse of trust by the media and despite the escalation of dangerous tendencies in US-Russian relations, in 2018 no significant opposition to the Cold War within the mainstream political life of America was formed. Neither in the congress, nor in the main political parties, nor in the research organizations, nor in the university campuses. Only a few individual dissidents. Accordingly, the policy of defusing tensions with Russia, or what Trump called “cooperation with Russia” time after time, has not gained a significant number of supporters in mainstream politics, despite the fact that it was the policy of other republican presidents, in particular , Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. In 2018, Trump repeatedly tried to return to this policy, but these efforts were destroyed over and over again.


In the meantime, the accusations that Russia “attacked American democracy” and continues to do the same can be turned to supporters of Russiagate themselves. Their statements had a disruptive effect on the institution of the US presidency and cast a shadow of doubt on the US elections. By criminalizing both “contacts with Russia” and proposals to “improve relations”, and threatening to throw in significant amounts of misinformation in the US media, they have significantly reduced the vaunted American market of free speech and ideas.


Tu-160 in Venezuela showed that Americans are defenseless against flying “museum exhibits”

In addition, such traditional notions as political justice, which, at least based on what is known about Russia, were violated in the case of General Michael Flynn and, in the Soviet style, in the case of Maria Butina, are under increasing attacks. This young woman seems to have acted as an undeclared (open) advocate for “better relations” and a fiery supporter of her own country. For this, i.e. for what young Americans have been doing for a long time, including in Russia – she has been kept in solitary confinement for months until she is recognized. And this is happening in a country that has “promoted” democracy abroad for many years.


And finally. While the political and media elites of the United States are still obsessed with fiction about Russiagate – a scandal that is increasingly becoming Russiagate without Russia (when it would be necessary to cover tax evasion scandals and sex scandals), – post-Soviet Russia continued its ascent to as a great diplomatic power. And the main base of Washington’s allies in international relations, the European Union, continued to slide into a crisis created by itself, and deepening.


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