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There were No cowards among the leaders of Donbass

The participant of the events speaks about whether Pushilin escaped from Donetsk and about the mutual quarrels of the figures of the Russian spring

We saw Denis in Donetsk the other day. It would be more correct to say Denis Vladimirovich, and this is not at all loyal aspirations, but a healthy norm, since we are talking about the Head of the Republic. In the DNR, wa were not for long, simply because we had a piece of our heart there forever, but we also missed, and wanted to see friends.


We will continue directly and frankly, and treat as you please: life will still clearly show who has “laid down” under whom and what he wants from life. It’s just time to say a few words already, but it’s too unfair.


First, let’s talk about Pushilin – how about powder of a non-sniffing “jacket”, which fled from Donetsk in the hot days of June 14th.


At that time we were there and saw everything personally. After the fight at the airport, when in the wake of emotions and a complete sense of victory, no one expected Ukraine to have such a “return line” – we all mostly had a pale appearance. This is not about cowardice, but about the full understanding that now the Kirovohradians take the city — in one second. To be honest, we still do not have an exact answer why this did not happen.


Most likely, the fact is that a civil war never goes on just by the rules of the art of war, moods and rumors play a huge role. Of course, the matter was also in Sasha Boroday, the first premiere of the DNR, who perfectly created the feeling of tremendous potential power behind him. (Brilliant work, in fact – and so the necessary time was won to create a republic). And yet, and this is not a secret, the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were in complete “misunderstandings”, and many of them sincerely expected what would happen in the Crimea, were preparing to change shoulder straps and enthusiastically studied Russian salaries and social packages.


So when, after the tragedy in the DAP, the city literally died out, as for the very small militia groups at that time, Boroday and I experienced the first and most disturbing night at the so-called “fifth base” of Pushilin and with Pushilin himself. Such, you know, the territory of a small motorcade, with personnel in the form of fighters armed at best with SKS (semi-automatice carbine).


Did not run away from the city of Denis. Just then, at night, we found out with him that both were “veveshniki”, that is, they served urgently in peacetime units of the Internal Troops, only in Ukraine it was called the National Guard under (and now in Russia it is Rosgvardia, by the way ).


Yes, Pushilin always walked in a suit with a tie and never took a weapon in his hands (although he owns it completely). And always followed the principle: everyone should do his own business. And there were enough critical situations – when the car was moving, what about Pushilin, what about Boroday, what about Purgin, what about Khodakovsky, what about Zakharchenko, what about Dikiy, what about Tsarev and Kofman, who darted from Lugansk to Donetsk and back – often fell in such alterations that blaming someone for cowardice is absurd. Yes, men – my apologies, if not called anyone. And according to Igor Bezler and Igor Strelkov – there are no questions about them, it seems, in this sense. After all, it is possible to list until blue in the face – just the other day, Kostya Kuzmin (the Miner) drove a bit, as is such a battalion commander.


There were no cowards there. More precisely, for ourself we will say – it was scary, just had nowhere to go. Ask around and they tell you about Purgin, who galloped through the attics with his PM; and about Pushilin, who flew onto the Ukrainian armored personnel carrier on the Quartet, and, like Kofman and Tsarev, almost got under tanks.


Dear stern critics, you will surely crawl on the front end. Do you need a head? So that together with him, the fighters once again “under the distribution” got? So it was already, and the first prime minister, Borodai, is a man of undoubted personal courage. But to saboteurs and commanders of the highest civilian officials to dress up – is it necessary for you? Isn’t it enough that everybody went under death not once or twice?


Now about Minsk. Someone seriously thinks that Zakhar was deceased, along with Pushilin, had these agreements been “pushed through”? One, they say, signed, and the other enthusiastically communicated with Ukrainian diplomats? Be more fair. I will not discuss Minsk any more, I will only ask you to recall the situation in the first decade of August of the 14th, and then in the third decade. More – to blame, not accustomed, and so a bunch of pravdorubov Internet crucified. I do not exclude that it was impossible to do otherwise, but I was not there when making decisions – the level is not the same.


And further. The fifth year of the Donbass “drained” – does not merge. And if the Minsk discussions somehow contribute to a shaky world, so thank God. Yes, there are arrivals, and “two hundredth.” But less than in the active phase. And if one of the critics is ready to fundamentally solve geopolitical issues with regard to Donbass, I will bow first to my feet.


Donbass today lives in a very narrow framework. And first of all it needs peace and improvement of people’s lives. That is, economic recovery. The current Head of the Republic is the best and logical operator of this process, in my opinion. Pushilin – he is one of the first leaders of the uprising, not forgotten? And also for many, the shy figure of silence is the order under the previous chapter. I deeply mourn the tragic fate of the very, in fact, the tragic figure of Zakharchenko, whom we still remember as a major in the “Bastion”. But it was impossible to continue living like this.


In our common history – a huge number of offended. So nothing new, the revolution devours its children, it has been so many times already. Enough miscalculations, and stupidity, and meanness. No one, including Russia, was prepared for anything, everyone reacted “from the wheels” to the events in Kiev. Which, by the way, no one waited, everyone thought that the next Maidan would end as before.


To live in this is difficult and nasty. I will not give assessments – let everyone choose for himself what is more important to him – insults (and fair ones), or the continuation of the path. Here, after all, a very long breath is needed.


By the way, about Pushilin’s flight from Donetsk in June of the 14th. No, we did not run away. Squeezed out. Forcibly. How it was – we know, but we will not tell. It really doesn’t matter right now. It’s enough that Pushilin had every reason and opportunity to create a lot of big problems for many. But he did not proceed from personal insults and ambitions.


Here is just, finally, about that very common our problems. I do not want to say any things at all because I’m afraid to quarrel with someone. Just enough already, huh? The patriotic community of Russia is stunned and disappointed by the squabbles of the leaders of the Donbass uprising. Igor Strelkov refused to communicate with one of journalists, because he is close to Boroday. Both of them are dear to us, it’s just that everyone has his own way, work style and view of the situation (I think Igor’s behavior today is wrong and harmful, which we openly say). When by the end of the 14th the conflict of Strelok and Boroday took shape “to its full height” – we said to both that this is unacceptable.


It is not only about preserving the propriety and the unfortunate, sofa patriots entangled in scandals. The thing to do. How can anyone. Sometimes it is enough to temper personal and just keep silent. Yes, it is difficult. Our whole history is the most severe stress, mixed with war and copper pipes. But here it is who can.


We should try to judge by deeds. And do not chase the external form and “bull”. The first thing that caught my eye in Donetsk the other day was huge billboards with quotes from the Head of the DNR, Alexander Zakharchenko. The head of the DNR Denis Pushilin did not take them off.

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