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This is not humanism

It is in this vein that the monstrous consequences of the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece, which allows that “refugees” arriving to the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and applying for asylum, to travel to the mainland while their applications are being processed. The decision taken the other day, which the Greek authorities intend to carry out, creates a completely new situation for migrants. It was lobbied by the Athens NGO – the Greek Refugee Council. Under the pretext that the island refugee detention centers are overcrowded, there are horrendous inhuman conditions, the processing of asylum applications is slow, and migrants continue to arrive.

“The resolution will create a new situation, let’s see how we deal with it,” said Deputy Minister of Migration of Greece Yannis Balafas on the radio of Sto Kokkino radio.

“I do not think that the 2016 agreement will suffer because of this decision.”

Why is it necessary for the Greek authorities?

So the authorities of Greece kill two birds with one stone. First, they make a pleasant sponsor of the migration tsunami, George Soros, and the globalists plans within the framework of its own ideology, implementing a multi-faceted project to replace the population of Europe. Secondly, they remove the problem of colonization by strangers of their strategically important islands, which Turkey encroaches on, receiving the status of transit points. The problem of the flooding of Europe by illegal migrants is being redirected to the richer EU partners, who do not take Greek needs into account at all. So somewhere it’s even revenge. And the opportunity to do nothing ourselves in a situation where the situation in Greece with the “refugees” is getting worse every day.

So, according to the Mayor of Lesbos Spiros Galinos, recently hundreds of “refugees” come from Turkey daily to the island. Their total number was 10 thousand – about a third of the permanent population – and they already took the local in “hostages”. A really explosive situation on the island is evidenced by the fierce clashes that took place there the other day that captured the central square of its capital, Mytilini, under its camp of migrants with local residents and pulled to their aid “right-wing extremists” from mainland Greece. The police barely managed to restore order, the illegal camp was liquidated. For sure, the rebellious illegal immigrants were promised that they would soon be taken to the mainland …

Thus, previously migrants who moved from Turkey by sea to Greece had to stay for a long time on five islands, where they could officially apply for asylum. Namely on Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos, waiting at the point of arrival for a decision on their case, and after concluding an agreement of the EU with Turkey – generally they go in the opposite direction.

Now everything will be different. Now the migrant will have to leave the application for asylum at the place of arrival and go further – to Western Europe. There he will gladly tell a compassionate German official about a bike about how and where he got to Europe, and he will ask for refuge again, calling himself whatever he likes. Documents from him will not be required, as he allegedly lost them. There is a colossal ground for abuse, than “refugees”, who do not put any laws into anything, will certainly take advantage of it. But strategically important Greek islands, where migrants now constitute up to half of the population, will be unloaded from undesirable visitors who really live in crowded camps, constantly steal and have already turned the life of indigenous islanders into hell.

The old scheme unofficially was what this meant: to create a desire to live sweetly in Europe at the expense of others on the road to heaven, too, infernal life, to scare them away from resettlement in the EU. Henceforth, there is no such threat from the Turkish direction: just a little more bureaucracy has become on the way to the coveted Western Europe, but the speed of realization of the “dream” is skyrocketing.

In Brussels, not happy with this turn of events and, it seems, do not yet know what to do, torn between reality and blissful ideology. According to the representative of the European Commission Natasha Berto, this information is being studied. She proposed to “analyze the consequences of this decision” and the Greek authorities.

But now one thing is clear: the border between the EU and Turkey has again become a formality. Ankara again began to blackmail Brussels with “refugees” in the hope of receiving various dividends. Greece shirks responsibility. A powerful globalist lobby in Brussels hampers the adoption of operational decisions to suppress illegal immigrants prepared by Soros and Co. along with Islamist circles, albeit for different purposes, storming Europe. In summer, a new migration tsunami is possible – and again from Turkey.

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