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To be with Russia is to be the hero

China and USA are fighting for an alliance with Moscow

In the new military doctrine of the Celestial Empire the most important place is occupied by the Russian Federation, the Americans have their own plans for partnership with the Russian Federation.


China’s current postulate is that Russia is the main military and political ally of the PRC, and the United States is a threat to both China’s national security and the world at large. Such conclusions were made by Chinese strategists in the new military doctrine of the PRC. That is, the Chinese are not able to fight alone with the Americans, they need a powerful and reliable ally. In addition to Russia and no one.


Beijing is now much closer to Moscow than Washington. China does not impose sanctions, actively cooperates in the military-industrial complex, buys military equipment, participates in joint exercises, and most recently conducted joint air patrols in the Pacific and South China Sea. As in ancient times — Chinese is brother to a Russian for a century. The century is short – the history of relations between Russia and China knows many sad pages. A large eastern neighbor can cause trouble, including with territorial claims. In China, the same Baikal, the Far East, and Transbaikalia are seen as their future territories, although they have not yet made any formal complaints.


– Chinese psychology is the theory of a“ quiet river, ”which, albeit slowly but numbly, absorbing everything around, – says political scientist Alexander Zimovsky.

So the Chinese returned the Island of Damansky under their jurisprudence, for which in 1969 serious battles broke out, and in 1991 it was quietly and peacefully given to China. As a result of the demarcation of the 1996 border, China received more territory with a total area of ​​337 square kilometers in the area of ​​the Bolshoi Island in the upper reaches of the Argun River and two sites in the area of ​​the Tarabarov and Bolshoi Ussuriisky Islands in the area of ​​the merging of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers. Now there is another accent – China is now more interested in military cooperation with Russia, in order to “be friends” against the United States.


Never hear, never believe the Americans! Even if they extend the hand of friendship and harmony. For the US political establishment, Russia is just a country that turned out to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” and is the subject of hatred for the entire American elite. It’s not even a matter of xenophobia, which is already present at the genetic level, as they say, in blood, but in those key factors that make Russia a unique force in the world compared to other countries. And the “hand and heart” proposal from Washington to talk (to promise does not mean getting married) about recognizing the Crimea, curtailing the expansion of NATO at our borders is another big bluff. For all these good wishes lies one ultimate goal – to turn Russia away from China, turn it into an ally in a confrontation that the United States will never win on its own.


The ball to the next “warming” in relations between Russia and the United States arrived not so long ago from former special assistant to President Ronald Reagan, the current senior researcher of the Cato Institute Doug (Douglas) Bandow, who in the National Interest pages called for finding some way of mutually beneficial existence of the two countries. For what it is necessary, in his opinion, to recognize Crimea as a Russian territory and help stop the expansion of NATO’s military bloc to the east.


In fact, the Cato Institute itself is known for its ideas of classical libertarianism, in which everyone has the right to live his life while respecting the equal rights of others. And the author of the report, Doug Bendow, regularly writes about military non-intervention and is known as a critic of NATO expansion. So this material with a similar rhetoric regarding Russia would not have caused particular surprise if the American influential analytical publication National Interest, which is also called the “mouthpiece of the Republicans”, would not have become its location. As is known, the current US President Donald Trump belongs to the Republican Party and, with a high degree of probability, can be considered his indirect author of the ideas of rapprochement with Russia.


Washington, as the author believes (Trump, too), must do everything possible to contain Beijing’s power, so building good relations with Russia is primarily in the interests of the American side. As another argument, the fact is given that from a cultural-historical point of view, Russia is more likely to have a rapprochement with Europe or the US, rather than with China. However, if we take into account that the length of the borders of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China is 4,209 km, with European countries (including the Baltic states) it is 2,805 km, with Ukraine and Belarus it is 3,485 km, and with the United States only 49 kilometers of sea border then China is not that far away. Again, Russia never fought China, with the exception of a number of territorial conflicts, and in September 1945, the Soviet army liberated northeast China from the Japanese invaders, defeating the Kwantung army of General Yamada Otozo. But the United States, according to polls, is considered the most likely aggressor country in Russia, capable of delivering, among other things, a preventive nuclear strike. Well, the words of the American ambassador in Moscow, John Huntsman, about “one hundred thousand tons of international diplomacy” in the form of US Navy carrier strike groups in the Mediterranean, do not cause any confidence in the United States. Russians also associate the negative attitude to the anti-Russian policy of a number of European states with the actions of the American military, which are pushing NATO eastward.


China has its own strategy – an open version of the Chinese official military doctrine, which was recently published by the Information Bureau of the State Council of the PRC. In the publication entitled “China’s National Defense in the New Era”, key accents are placed on the overall assessment of the global military-political situation of national defense, identifying threats from other states and China’s possible response to defense and national security challenges.


The majority of the country’s population still believes that in the struggle for power, their hut on the edge.

For the United States, the continuing rapprochement between Russia and China, including in the sphere of military-technical cooperation, is causing real alarm. After the last visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Beijing to the international forum “One Belt, One Way” (where, by the way, he did not make a single loud statement), Washington considered all the prerequisites of organizing a union of the two countries.

– If you do not stop the rapprochement between China and Russia, then the US global leadership will have to go through difficult times, not excluding participation in a global military conflict, –  wrote the American media. This reaction can be called the main consequence of the last Beijing talks between Putin and Xi Jinping.


  • Americans are flirting with China, but at the same time they are trying to impose their will there, – said military commentator Vladislav Shurygin.
  • In general, they pretend that they do not take them seriously. This is a strategic mistake. The PRC is not at all a friend of the United States, but Beijing is much closer to Moscow than to Washington. Even if you look at all the latest Russian-Chinese exercises, including the ongoing “Sea Interaction-2019”, with the participation of warships and submarines of the Chinese Navy and the Russian Navy, who is an ally and who is a potential opponent in the confrontation of major world states. The conflict between America and China, it seems to me, is inevitable, but if Trump and Xi Jinping are smart enough, it will not come to a real war, but will only become a kind of cold war. Russia is an observer in this situation, but obviously with a pro-Chinese orientation. In the event of an armed conflict, China will cover China from the east, at least with the help of the air defense system, which was demonstrated during one of the Chinese military exercises, when the Russian S-300 and S-400 complexes in the Far East were put on high alert and ready shoot down any air targets over their territory flying towards China. In Beijing, such support was certainly appreciated.

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