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Zelensky knows how to return the Crimea

President of Ukraine is going to approve his new strategy to the West.

During his visit to Brussels, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will discuss with the officials of the European Union and NATO a strategy of “returning” Crimea. This was reported on the 1 + 1 television news service by its press secretary, Julia Mendel.


She also explained that consultations on the “Crimean issue” in the Zelensky administration are conducted regularly, but refused to give any details.


– The administration wants to be transparent, but the administration would not want to talk about any rumors or decisions that can be very sensitive before this decision is made, – she said.


Mendel drew attention to the fact that, according to her, the position of the Ukrainian side regarding the ownership of the peninsula has not changed, and any decision will proceed from the fact that “Crimea is Ukraine”.


Zelensky will go to Brussels on June 4 and will stay there for two days. This will be his first overseas visit as head of state. During the visit, meetings are scheduled with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council Chairman Donald Tusk and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The main topics of the talks will be the situation in the Donbass and the intensification of international efforts to solve it, as well as a plan for further reforms in Ukraine.


On the day of his inauguration, during a meeting with representatives of the White House, Zelensky called on Washington to increase sanctions pressure on Moscow.


– We will not be able to overcome the Russian aggression in the Donbas and in the Crimea on our own. Therefore, we need your help, – he said.


Recall that while in Moscow they consider the “Crimean Question” to be finally closed, to which the Russian side constantly draws the attention of Kiev and the world community.


– There is no“ Crimean strategy” for the new Ukrainian president, nor is there any political strategy at all, except for the uniquely anti-Russian course as a whole, – said Fyodor Biryukov, member of the Rodina Presidium Bureau, director of the Freedom Institute.


– Kiev acted and acts situationally, depending on the circumstances and the orders of foreign centers arising from them. So now Mr. Zelensky is going to the bureaucratic capital of the European Union in order to receive the next valuable instructions from the representatives of the EU and NATO. I think there they will recommend him to “keep the defense” and to resist the media “Russian aggression”. The West is not ready for any sharper steps now.


Thus, Zelensky’s line of conduct towards Russia is practically the same as Poroshenko’s. But before the election, the rhetoric was radically different. Candidate Zelensky and President Zelensky — act as two different people.


It seems that Zelensky himself, or his team, is in too much of a hurry to cover all of the media-relevant political topics, to make requests for solving problems, to appear in every question. Such haste causes irritation in European bureaucracy and skeptical smiles on the faces of American bosses. Zelensky’s hasty style has been worked out over the years working on the camera, on television, when it is necessary, sometimes, to keep within seconds. And now, on top of the Kiev political Olympus, he also feels like a participant in a television show on the air. In part, he is right in his feelings, with the only difference that in politics paying for excessive fussiness and mistakes is not always limited to just closing the project, as is usually the case in television.


According to the expert of the Center for Political Analysis Andrei Tikhonov, the “return” of Crimea to Ukraine is possible only at the level of conversations.


– Therefore, they are limited. And thank God!


In fact, Zelensky just asks Europeans to develop a strategy for him. Therefore, everything depends on them.


– Zelensky, before his election, spoke a lot about Crimea. Is not it easier to start with the Donbass? Why take up the unsolvable problem right away?


– Because in the case of the Crimea, one can limit oneself to rhetoric, and with the Donbass one has to take concrete steps. – Execute the Minsk Agreement to start.


– Mendel stressed that any decision of the administration will proceed from the fact that “Crimea is Ukraine.” In that case, maybe, to begin with, end the blockades and provocations?


Will there be real action, or will everything remain in words?


– I hope that Zelensky will end the blockades and provocations, he is counting on Ukrainian soft power. This, of course, is ridiculous, but it is to our advantage. But, I am afraid that the radicals in Kiev will not give a chance for a softer policy.


Political analyst Vladimir Mozhegov is also confident that Zelinsky has no strategy.


– He is generally too dependent person to have a “strategy”. This is a purely tactical figure. And all his strategies are pure public relations.


– Why Zelensky to start not to try to solve the issue with the Donbass?


– He and the problem of Donbass will present with the same pathos. Another question: what will happen there?


Ukraine is a kind of country with a kind of political aesthetics. Words here have never meant anything, and deeds, it seems, are completely impossible.


– What kind of reaction does Brussels count on in Zelensky? Why isn’t he planning to discuss this with Washington?


– In Washington, sits Trump, whom the global global elites do not recognize. And the Ukrainian Maidan was made by world global elites. Zelensky will discuss problems with them. Trump has his own, too specific view of Ukraine.


What reaction does Zelensky expect? Not at all. He just needs to say something to keep the public’s attention.

Zelensky is a man of Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky is an Israeli business, this is a neocon policy, plus its parochial oligarchic interests. That is, Ukraine of Zelinsky – a country on the manual control of people, well, say, like Soros (which, by the way, in the same Israel, they really don’t like). These people have big ambitions, big opportunities and a complete lack of responsibility.

This is the danger of the whole situation. Ukraine is not a state, Ukraine is a mine that can either jerk at any moment, or it will simply rust and disintegrate. But the West is not homogeneous. There are also normal responsible people with normal conservative national consciousness. These people are strong enough in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy. Finally, there is Trump, who is generally on his mind. So we’ll see. With Zelensky, the Ukrainian policy, which has always been a circus, finally becomes a “damn snuffbox.” Is it dangerous. But there is, as they say, good news. The question is whether responsible people in Russia and in the West will be able to somehow act together to prevent chaos.

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