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Trump hopes to agree with Putin on nuclear non-proliferation

At the same time, the US President reminded that both Moscow and Washington are modernizing their strategic nuclear arsenals, investing in this enormous financial means.

The head of the US administration, Donald Trump, hopes that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin will succeed in reaching an agreement on nuclear non-proliferation at the forthcoming meeting in Helsinki. The American leader reported this, speaking on Friday at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May during a visit to London.

President of the United States Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin

What is known about the upcoming meeting between Putin and Trump

“We will talk with President Putin about a number of things: Ukraine, we will talk about Syria, we will talk about other parts of the Middle East.” I will talk about nuclear non-proliferation, “Trump confirmed.

At the same time, he recalled that both Russia and the United States are modernizing their strategic nuclear arsenals, investing huge amounts of money in this. Trump actually criticized such programs of both countries. “This is a very, very bad policy, [but] we have no choice,” said the owner of the White House.

“<…> And I will talk about nuclear non-proliferation … It would be great if we could … It’s not just us, not only Russia and the US, but other states, but we are the two leading countries.” ..> I think it would be a huge achievement if we could achieve something in nuclear non-proliferation, “Trump said.

In this connection, he specified that he regards the proliferation of nuclear weapons as the main international problem and advocates their reduction. “For me, this is the biggest problem in the world – nuclear weapons … The biggest problem in the world. <…> So we can do something to substantially reduce their [nuclear warheads], I mean, ideally – get rid of them, probably this is a dream,” – said the American leader.

“But this is certainly a topic that I [Putin will touch on, and this is an extremely expensive thing (modernization of nuclear potentials – TASS commentary), but this is the least important,” Trump added.

“Discharge 2.0”: the world in anticipation of the first full-length meeting between Putin and Trump

The US president is convinced that he will be able to develop “very good relations” with the Russian leader. “I think that we will have an opportunity to develop very good relations with Russia and very good relations with President Putin, I hope so,” the head of the Washington administration said.

He also stressed that the internal political differences in the US disrupt the normalization of relations with Russia. “I think that we suffered very badly from what I would call” witch-hunts. “I would even call it a” witch-hunt, “said the American leader.

Trump told that he watched the video fragments of the hearings in the US Congress, which took place on Thursday. The head of the White House criticized the speech in the House of Representatives of the FBI employee Peter Strzhok, who in 2016, told his colleague about the intention to prevent the election of Trump President. “I would call [his speech] a tuned” witch-hunt. “I think that this really harms our country, and this really hurts our relations with Russia,” the head of state said.

Also, the US president does not rule out that, following the results of the summit, something “extremely exceptional” can occur in Helsinki.

At the same time, Trump repeated that he did not impose big expectations on the summit with Putin. “I’m going without any big expectations, but we can come to something extremely exceptional,” said the head of the White House.

Earlier at a press conference at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, the American leader said that he expected Vladimir Putin to become his friend someday.

The situation around the Crimea is also in the center of attention.

Answering journalists’ question about the alleged “occupation of Crimea by Russia,” the American leader once again accused his predecessor Barack Obama of letting this happen. “Obama failed with the Crimea, I do not think he [Putin] would have got it if I was the president.” He took control of the Crimea during the Obama administration, “Trump expressed his conviction, which agreed with the statement that” that Russia allegedly “occupied the Crimea.”

After that, the American leader was asked how, in that case, he would negotiate with Putin. “We’ll see what happens, but it was Obama’s disaster,” the president said, accusing his predecessor several times of what had happened, without answering the question in fact. The head of the White House said that in the current situation he “was given bad cards.”

Trump is not the first time to touch on the topic of the Crimea, linking it with politics,

which was held by Obama. So, on June 15, he pointed out that “Obama lost the Crimea, because President Putin did not respect President Obama, did not respect our country and did not respect Ukraine.” In Trump’s view, this was due to Obama’s refusal to use military force against Syria in 2013, despite his own warnings against Damascus. “No one even knows what President Obama gave to others when he did not cross the red line,” said the head of the White House. As Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated on June 15, “in Russia at all levels it was announced, repeatedly and regularly, that the discussion of the status of the Crimea is a closed topic “. “If there are questions regarding the status of the Crimea, you need to look into the constitution of the Russian Federation,” she added. The meeting of Putin and Trump will be held in Helsinki on July 16. According to Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian president, the leaders of the two countries will discuss a number of difficult issues, including the issue of Syria will be discussed in detail.

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