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Trump will defend “his oil” in Syria with Abrams tanks

The Pentagon will strengthen the American contingent with tanks in order to more closely control the oil-producing areas of the country.

Trump again misled, saying that he was withdrawing the US military from Syria. As it turned out, it does not display. Moreover, he intends to leave and strengthen the troops with tanks. But not in order to confront the remaining terrorist groups. American soldiers, which will be noticeably strengthened, intend to protect exclusively oil-producing areas in eastern Syria.


Well, who would doubt that the United States would throw such a tidbit of oil “piece of cake” in the Middle East. Actually, for the sake of it, all this whirlwind was started in Syria, where the Americans tried to control it at first with the help of ISIS, and when they gained independence and began to pump oil without sharing with anyone, they started an international military operation. Exclusively, to return “their” oil.


By 2018, 12 US military bases and two outposts were created in Syria, mostly in the oil-bearing regions of the country. It is clear that in order to “deprive the radical Islamists of the territory, financing, support and any means of penetrating across borders.” And when the main tasks in Syria, according to the American military command, were fulfilled (the role of the Syrian government army and the Russian air forces was not considered), against the backdrop of Turkish aggression in the north-east of the country, the United States withdrew its troops, and Trump promised to leave only 200 special forces there . To look after the order.


What to do with the thousands of captured terrorists who were in the hands of the Kurds, no one knows – neither in the Russian Federation, nor in Europe.

As it turned out, there is still something to look after – this is oil. And, as the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported, now the US authorities are considering the possibility of preserving in the north-east of Syria a military contingent numbering 500 people, as well as several dozen tanks and other armored vehicles. That is, Donald Trump’s plans for the withdrawal of American troops from Syria have changed a little and the purpose of their presence here is not to fight terrorists, but to protect oil fields in the east of the country.


  • The United States is strengthening its position in coordination with coalition partners – these are the” Forces of Democratic Syria “(Kurdish armed forces) – additional military forces and means to prevent the return of these oil fields to the hands of ISIS or other destabilizing forces,- Pentagon press service report.

Recall that earlier, US President Trump said that the US authorities will not allow militants to regain control of oil fields in Syria, and intend to leave them under their control. As they say, the casket just opened – with an oil key.


From whom does Trump so stubbornly protect oil fields in northeast Syria? According to his explanation on Twitter, earlier these fields were held by ISIS fighters until the United States “captured them with the help of the Kurds.”

– We will never allow the Islamic State to take possession of them! – Trump concluded pathetically. Good, as the Americans say, but after all, the main forces of the ISIS, according to Trump himself, were defeated back in 2018. And the territory of the deposits is so far controlled by the Kurds, who are US allies in Syria.


Who, then, does the Pentagon call “other destabilizing forces” that can capture oil fields? It must be assumed that this is also the Syrian government army, which is systematically returning to the control of Damascus the previously captured areas of the country by the ISIS. And, accordingly, the Russian military units that support them – Moscow constantly declares the need to maintain the territorial integrity of Syria. And the regions where the Kurds dominate with the armed support of the United States are an integral part of Syria.


It is worth recalling that the Russian AeroSpace Forces were here at the official invitation of the legitimate president Bashar Assad, and their international legal status is not rejected by anyone. But Americans and representatives of other countries from the international coalition in Damascus are considered occupiers and demand their withdrawal from the country.


In fact, Trump does not want to give the oil fields to their rightful owners – the Syrian Arab Republic – and is ready to continue to protect them using force. Initially, the war in Syria was fought for the most advantageous positions in the supply of Middle Eastern hydrocarbons to Europe and in the oil-producing regions of the country.


The United States planned to control almost all of Syrian oil production with teh help of ISIS and the Kurds. It was not by chance that they entered precisely this territory, and the American military escorted Ishilov convoys with oil tanks.


However, the United States failed to fulfill its main task here. The two main oil flows through which oil from Iraq and Iran goes to Turkey and Europe were controlled by Russia (through the Syrian government army) and Turkey, which invaded the territory of Syrian Kurdistan (there is also an oil pipeline that is important to control).


Russia and Turkey will not be able to conduct a full settlement without other countries

Washington, having lost influence on the transportation of oil from Middle Eastern countries via Syria, does not miss the opportunity to control its production in the east of the country. It is known that a number of US companies are already counting on their share in the production of Syrian oil. So left by Trump in Syria, albeit insignificant, the contingent, the strengthening of his armored vehicles is a completely predictable step. By this, he secures “his” oil. After all, if the Americans really would have left eastern Syria, then government troops, with the support of the Russian military, would soon have occupied this region. And Bashar al-Assad could get such the oil he needed. Virtually no fight. Again, Kurds without US support will not be able to withstand the Turkish army.


What is the position of Russia in this situation? American troops remaining in eastern Syria, also reinforced by tanks, somewhat change Moscow’s plans. Russia received from Assad the exclusive right to extract oil in Syria, and Russian oil and gas companies have already entered into billions of agreements with Damascus on “black gold”. However, there will definitely not be an open confrontation with the United States in this region in the near future. It should be noted that the main US military bases are nearby – in Iraq, and their transfer to the conflict zone can be carried out quite quickly.


And the current strengthening of the Russian military police in Syria, which received an additional 33 units of armored vehicles, is more likely aimed at ensuring patrolling of the Syrian-Turkish border, which Putin and Erdogan agreed on. At the same time, Russia is closely monitoring the situation, preferring not to intervene in it, probably trying to find other levers of pressure on the United States in Syria. Perhaps, with the help of the same Turkey, with which at the present stage it is possible to find a common language on many issues.

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