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Ukraine decided to leave the Donbass without light and water

Americans offer Kiev to completely block the Donbass and block the border

Advisers from the United States recommend that the Ukrainian authorities completely cut off the border with the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, and also turn off the water and electricity supply in order to provoke a revolutionary situation there. This was stated to the publication Obozrevatel former deputy head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko.

“The Americans are offering Ukraine to firmly close the border: not to allow anyone or anything, even the resources – electricity and water. And there will quickly develop a revolutionary situation that is unacceptable for Russia, it will not pull it out, and thus this process can be shifted, ”he said.

Can you trust the words Romanenko? Would Americans really advise that, and if so, why does he talk about it?

– I would not idealize Americans, the FORUM chief editor of Moscow time Anatoly Baranov notes.

– In their history far worse things have happened. Today it becomes clear that the water blockade of the Crimea, which can be qualified as an attempt of genocide, does not cause any emotions at all in the international community. As well as appeals to leave Crimea without food, still memorable for the events of 2014 — there were also no disturbances in Europeans. I think such a controlled reaction of public opinion is completely understandable, transparent. From time to time I speak in European media, there the topic of blockade, genocide and other things does not cause any interest at all – they say frankly that this is not in the mainstream of current politics. That’s about the autocephaly – come on … I think that in the actions of the Ukrainian authorities there is a clear synergy with the American line, and its conductor Oleksandr Turchynov, an old and frank American agent, starting from the time when the Security Service of Ukraine led the Security Service and the organization of secret CIA prisons in Ukraine long and proven history. So the theme of the blockade of Donbass and the organization of the genocide there is quite in the spirit of this policy.

– Republics are still dependent on water and electricity from Ukraine? It will be a painful blow.

– In terms of electricity generation of the republic depend. It cannot be said that the situation is unsolvable, but there is geography, and there is nowhere to go, some objects of life support on the other side, some on this side. With water supply it is simpler, again geography, the Donbas republics have access to water resources, it is possible to organize temporary water intake, this will reduce the quality of water, of course, but in quantitative terms it will be enough anyway. You can, of course, organize the transfer of resources from the territory of the Russian Federation. It is more expensive and troublesome, but will not cause a disaster. “Brotherly love” for the Kiev regime in the Donbas will not cause exactly.

– What can they really do to, if not provoke a revolutionary situation, simply complicate the life of Donbass?

– You can come up with a lot of nasty things, for example, to discharge sewage into reservoirs, you can, in principle, even poison the water. You can use defoliants, as in Vietnam – modern methods of warfare do not allow this, but in Ukraine, in my opinion, they are not very concerned about the rules of warfare. America will close its eyes, so everything is possible … Although, of course, with a real scandal, as it happened before, the Western masters will surrender the natives. This is the most important thing – their Kiev vassals are clearly not treated like real “white people”, and the prospects for the Ukrainian friends of America are the most unattractive.

– Excuse me, but who is this pan Romanenko? Someone from the former? – Donetsk political scientist Alexander Dmitrievsky asks a question.

– Like the former and their insiders, the entire Internet is full. And, in general, do these home-grown sowers of revolution present the real situation in the Donbas? Or are they repeating memorized, like parrots in their foul euromaid training manuals?

– So is it possible to provoke a revolutionary situation in the republics, blocking the border?


– Recall the winter of 2017: then the famous punisher Semyon Semenchenko also blocked the line of demarcation for goods. And he also hoped that pro-Ukrainian riots would break out in the DNR and the LNR. And what happened as a result? And the fact that the assets of the Ukrainian oligarchs and other former Ukrainian property were under external control. Logistics was rebuilt, and the same Krivoy Rog with its iron ore remained out of work: there is no indispensable in this world. Therefore, the blockade did not suffer the very ones against whom it was staged.

And where are the pro-Ukrainian riots, which the punisher Semenchenko so hoped for? They did not happen: the organizers of the blockade did not take into account the simple fact that the population in such situations associates itself with the authorities, and not with

those on the other side of the barricade.

  • Is the republic still dependent on Ukraine for water and electricity?

– In terms of electricity, the Donbass is no longer dependent on Ukraine: under the control of the DNR, there are two powerful power plants — Zuevskaya and Starobeshevskaya — remain, but the LNR is powered from Russia by the Volga hydroelectric system cascade. And in general, since the spring of 2017, both republics are an integral part of the Russian energy systems. The situation is worse with water: it comes from the Seversky Donets, and water intakes are controlled by Ukraine. However, there is a point of contact: the DNR is a water transit for the occupied Mariupol, Volnovakhi, Dobropolya and Krasnoarmeisk. Therefore, the overlapping of water supplies to the DNR will turn against those who took this step.

– Why did you think of this “ingenious” solution just now? Why, for example, did not turn off cellular communication? Or what else can they really do to make life difficult for citizens? – Bandera was disconnected on a large mobile connection to Donbass in January 2018: it lasted four months and was called “telephone blackout”. As a result, local operators Phoenix and Lugakom won, and Vodafone, the last Ukrainian operator in the Donbass (Kyivstar and Life left DNR and LNR much earlier), lost almost the entire market, and its services use only those who are forced to contact with Ukraine. Therefore, the conclusion from the foregoing is simple: each such blockade only separates the Donbass from Ukraine. – As far as I understand, for today the lieutenant-general and former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko do not represent anything, for 8 years now he has not occupied significant positions in the structure The Ukrainian Armed Forces, ”emphasizes a journalist from the Azov Sea region, Sergei Shvedko.“ Therefore, I doubt that he is today a source of high-level insider information. Another thing is that the 65-year-old “warrior” is a big fan of giving mmentarii in the Ukrainian press, so there he has a reputation as a military expert. The same applies to the technology of “creating a revolutionary situation” in the Donbass, about which he speaks. I do not think that this is a fresh notion of our American “partners.” Simply, in the absence of other significant topics for discussion, they also got this one. It is quite likely that one of these projects to create unbearable living conditions in the people’s republics exists. But its implementation means one thing: Ukraine demonstratively refuses the Minsk agreements with all the ensuing consequences.

– But can Kiev really organize a blockade?

– Yes, theoretically, a blockade of the DNR and the LNR can be organized. But at the same time it must be understood that this blockade will be double-edged. You can, for example, cut off the main water line through which water from the Seversky Donets enters Donetsk. But then Mariupol, a city that is controlled by Ukraine, will remain without water. As for power supply, there is another question: who will suffer more from the blockade. In Lugansk, there is a lack of electricity of its own production, and in the DNR, on the contrary, its production capacity is above the roof. As for the economy of the unrecognized republics, today it is not so strongly tied to Ukraine, especially after the last blockade. So, apart from a number of possible communal problems, there is only one – in this case, a significant part of the elderly residents of Donbass will lose their second pension (and they receive the first pension in the republics). At the same time, the negative from these actions in the minds of citizens of the DNR and the LNR will fall, rather, into Ukrainian side as the initiator of the next deprivation. And instead of a revolutionary situation, it will lead to an even greater distance from the Donbass. At one time, the same effect was achieved by the blockade of the Crimea. Well, of course, if the blockade situation repeats, Russia will have an excellent and quite legitimate way to implement the actual recognition of the DNR and the LNR. Last time, the case ended with the recognition of the documents of the people’s republics and a number of programs on economic cooperation, this time the recognition process will go further. It is impossible not to take into account the position of Germany with France, which the Ukrainian problems are tired of worse than the soared turnip. And any initiative to disrupt the Minsk process will be perceived as extremely painful.

  • There is simply nothing to block: connections are already broken, and it is impossible to block water due to the fact that cities under control of Ukraine will suffer from this. Those who remained in the republics, of course, became disillusioned with the republican authorities, but this does not mean that they had a passion for Ukraine.

– How much do republics depend on water and electricity from the territory of Ukraine? Will the boomerang overlap in Ukraine itself?

  • There’s own electricity, water from Ukraine, but the water supply system is designed in such a way that it is impossible to turn Gorlovka and Donetsk out of the water without disconnecting Avdiivka. In addition, in response to this, Ukraine can remain without coal – just the scheme of coal reverse can “break down” for a while.
  • Can you trust the words of Romanenko? Would Americans really advise that, and if so, why is he talking about it?
  • I think you can. The Americans themselves are doing this: the DPRK, Cuba, Iran and Russia are an example of this. So why should Ukrainian officials not try to do something similar?

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