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Ukraine fighters could be killed by the Nazis from the West

The provocateurs of armed conflict are most often nationalists – both local and “vagrants”.

The ceasefire agreed by Ukraine and the unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics began on July 21. Silence was established on the demarcation line in Donbass – well, not quite a  silence, they simply began to shoot much less often, without the use of artillery and tanks. Compared with the fierce recent shootings, this can probably be considered a lull. And if in general the Armed Forces of Ukraine is trying to observe a ceasefire, as are representatives of the DNR, then from the side of nationalist battalions, such as Azov, fire is still being fought. By whom?


At the same time, certain movements of the Ukrainian army were noted, which clearly did not look like a withdrawal of forces from the contact line, reminiscent of preparations for offensive operations. So on Monday, August 5, the southern front of the APU group unexpectedly set in motion. Here, in the Mariupol direction, the Azov battalion was raised by alarm, and units of the 36th Marine Corps brigade were transferred from the reserve to the front line, where they began to actively dig. Artillery and jet divisions took up positions here. At the same time, Ukrainian artillery opened fire on Gorlovka, the school was damaged there.


The next day, on August 6, an incident occurred in the area of ​​the settlement of Pavlopol, which could finally destroy even the weakest agreements on reconciliation – in one of the trenches there was an explosion that killed four Ukrainian marines. These losses have turned out to be the most significant in recent times and the first major ones since President Vladimir Zelensky came to power in Ukraine. In total, since July 21, 6 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 9 wounded in the Donbass.


According to Zelensky, when he learned about what had happened, he immediately called Vladimir Putin and asked to influence the other side of the conflict so that they “stop the killing of our people.” The Kremlin’s press service said that during this conversation Putin “emphasized that in order to de-escalate the conflict, it is necessary, first of all, to exclude further shelling by the Ukrainian troops of the settlements of Donbass, resulting in civilian casualties”. In general, everyone remained of their own opinion, but the heads of state reaffirmed the “crucial importance of the consistent implementation of the Minsk agreements”, discussed the prospects for cooperation in the “Norman format” and agreed to intensify work on the return of the detainees.


What happened in the Ukrainian trench near Pavlopol where four people died? As the new chief of the Armed Forces General Staff, Lt. Gen. Ruslan Khomchak, reported, a single shot from a “cigarette” was fired at the positions of the Ukrainian Marines.

– It was a shot from a grenade launcher, to which a 82-mm mine was screwed, which fell directly into the trench, where the Armed Forces military personnel carried out the engineering equipment of their positions, – the general voiced his version. At the same time, he admitted that in recent times the intensity of clashes has decreased and the shelling as a whole is “not aimed”.


Here you need to pay attention that the distance from the nearest positions of the (Armed Forces of DNR) in the area of ​​the village of Ukrainskoye to the trenches of the APU in the village of Orlovskoye near Pavlopol is from three to four kilometers. At the same time, the range of an RPG shot, and even with a “bolted” mine, is not more than 700 meters. It was also impossible to use the SPG-9 easel grenade launcher, which he named Khomchak and which was indicated in the report to the OSCE observation mission.


A Ukrainian general, a graduate of the Moscow VOKU, by the way, should be well aware that the maximum firing range of the LNG-9 is 1300 meters, and the range of a direct shot is 800 m. In addition, the area is hilly, excluding direct fire. The variant with anti-personnel ammunition (flying at 4,500 meters) is also unlikely due to the weight of the mines and firing on a trajectory – from such a “howitzer” it is impossible to get into a trench exactly 3-4 kilometers from a single howitzer.


According to representatives of the DNR, Ukrainian marines, when equipping engineering positions, could themselves violate safety rules when handling anti-personnel mines. And the death of four people at once in one trench indicates that they were close to each other – in a handful, which is also a violation.


In addition to this incident, skirmishes of varying degrees of intensity continued on August 6–7 on different sectors of the front — from Gorlovka to the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. Although the fire did not open so often, the situation remains quite tense. A sabotage group was also spotted on the northern sector of the front from the Ukrainian side, which penetrated the gray zone and laid mines. And although the movements of saboteurs were monitored from the positions of the BCH, they did not open fire – a truce nevertheless. But the suspicion that the group was manned by foreigners, the militias left – there are many of them. And often they are the initiators of armed provocations, arranging firing.

Messages about the presence of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine come constantly. Maybe now there are fewer of them, but fans of the “war” are drawn to the Donbass like flies.

  • The paramilitary Ukrainian formations introduced by Kiev in the Donbass from the very beginning were staffed with the most rabid Bandera, – said political analyst, media consultant Alexander Zimovsky.

– That is, people with conscious Nazi and neo-Nazi views. And no one hid these views. On the contrary, neo-Nazism was and remains the brand of all Ukrainian field commanders. The brand, according to all the laws of marketing, occupies its market niche.


Since 2014, after the beginning of the active phase of the Ukrainian civil war, several thousand foreign ultra-right extremists underwent training in Ukraine in real hostilities. Those wishing to fight arrived from all over Europe, from the Americas and even from Australia. Western people, who used to promote the swastika and the “white supremacy” on the Internet, were given the opportunity to legally fight side by side with the suddenly become ideologically close Untermensch-Bandera. The trenches of Donbass have become an important training ground for the defenders of white Europe and America. Today it is a permanent training center where neo-Nazis can establish extensive and multi-level international relations and gain real combat experience. An experience that may soon come in handy at home. This is the motivation of fighters who come, I do not predict anything. If somewhere in Germany or Sweden, neo-Nazis are very densely patronized by secret services and secret police, then after crossing the Ukrainian border, the guys just pick up military weapons and disappear from the radar. Conversely, in addition to radicalism tempered in trenches of ideological discussions, white guys also carry a strong combat and tactical experience.


There is a fairly extensive factology that confirms the active work of Ukrainian Bandera ideologists to attract supporters of the purity of the white race to combat training. The term Right-Wing Violent Extremist (RWE) Network is currently used to refer to the system of transnational connections of various neo-Nazi cells. And Ukraine has become one of the largest nodes in this network.


It is already known that the organizer of the attacks in New Zealand, Brent Tarrant, maintained active contacts with representatives of the paramilitary Ukrainian group Azov. Militants from Brazil, Ireland, Italy, England, France, the United States, Greece, Sweden, Spain and Russia underwent a combat run-in in Azov. Yes, and from Russia, in general, this is not a sensation.


Kiev authorities are forced to admit that they squeezed out half of the population from the country

The American neo-Nazis who participated in the clashes in Charlottesville are also veterans of the Ukrainian Civil War, and also from Azov. Of course, during interrogations at the FBI, they showed that they were in Ukraine, but did not participate in battles, they simply arrived at their comrades-in-arms.


There are far-right white foreign volunteers on the side of the DNR. There is a known case when several Swedes ended up in Donbass on opposite sides of the front line of the Ukrainian Civil War. But this only confirms the conclusion about the mess in the heads of activists of neo-Nazi cells around the world. And that the main goal of people coming to Ukraine from Western countries is still the war itself, and not its ideological trinkets.


A large number of informants agreed with this conclusion. As an example, one of the Scandinavian fighters gave an example when his comrade-in-arms on power shares of the extreme right in Norway and Sweden joined the ranks of the DNR militia. At the same time, they actively communicated with each other in social networks; when it came to a real prospect of converging in battle, the boys picture-wise exchanged phrases like: “No one will give mercy!” Now both have safely returned to Scandinavia, maintaining a strong right-wing friendship, naturally.


Now Ukraine completely covers the needs of European and American ultra-right people in a safe offline space where they can hang out and consolidate without fear of their own special services. In any case, shoot at living targets as much as you want (civilian, military – what’s the difference?) Even until you drop, the war will write everything off.


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