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Ukraine prepares the occupation administration for Donbass

Kiev and the West have devised a “secret” draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the Donbass Republic and LNR

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin said that the draft resolution of the UN Security Council on the settlement in the Donbass had been ready for a long time. It is compiled by Ukraine and the countries of the West and is not put to the vote so far only because of fears that Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council, will block the project or “make a compromise that would prevent real de-occupation.” Therefore, the document is still kept in secret.

True, this secrecy did not prevent Klimkin from voicing the three main points of the “secret resolution.” First, the introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass. Moreover, not only on the line of contact, as suggested in Moscow, but also on the rest of the territory. “There can not be peacekeepers who sit along the line of contact. There must be a consistent, but consistent, process of entering the entire occupied territory, “the Ukrainian minister said.

The second part of the plan is the introduction of police forces that would monitor real disarmament and security in the region. And the third point is the establishment of an international administration, which should replace the power structures of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Democratic Republic. And, according to Klimkin, the number of peacekeepers in this case is not so important. But the fulfillment of the second and third paragraphs is “megaprincipal”.

“However it may seem paradox for somebody, it will not be so fundamentally if there will two thousand less or two thousand more peacekeepers themselves, because we will somehow establish the issue of heavy weapons. But the police and international administration is a very principal issue. Without this, all this logic will not work, “the Ukrainian minister asserts.

If the topic of peacekeepers at the highest level has been discussed for a long time, albeit without result, the international administration proposal is relatively new. In any case, in the public arena, the formation of such an administration has not been discussed so far and no documents on this matter have been submitted.

– The practice of international administrations has been going on since the mandates of the League of Nations, when the leading powers were given a mandate to manage some territories. France received a mandate to govern Syria, England – Palestine. Some UN institute (Security Council or Secretary General) should appoint some international administration and police forces in the Donbass. Since the UN does not have its own army, it will give a mandate to other countries – Americans, Germans, Zairians. There can be anyone. The question is how this mechanism will be used. Will the international forces be neutral to the parties to the conflict? I have no such confidence. In fact, it offers “de-purchase from Russia” with the help of the occupation by the West.

– And what is about peacekeepers?

– This is also a difficult topic. Both Russia and the West agree that it is necessary to introduce peacekeepers. The question is — where? The West believes that peacekeepers need to be introduced to the border with Russia. I recently interviewed Americans, and they argued that if this was done, Russian troops would not enter the Donbass and citizens would return to their homeland – Ukraine. To my question, why not put peacekeepers among the warring parties to start, they even took offense.

Peacekeepers are simply a term that everyone understands in his own way. For the West that means the cutting off Donbass from Russia. And without our constant humanitarian convoys, the enemies of Russia and the Donbas will quickly strangle the region. They will also say: “You see, the Russian troops are gone, and the Donbas has returned to Ukraine.”

The devil hides in the details. Peacekeepers or border troops of Ukraine, introduced to break the ties of the region with Russia and strangle him with hunger?

– That is, without seeing this resolution, it is difficult to say which of the two scenarios is it?

– Well, why? If we consider that the project is being developed by the West, it will be about introducing troops loyal to Ukraine to the territory of Donbass. And the appointment of some Mr. Walker, whom Poroshenko is ready even to kiss, is an international administrator. Therefore, in Kiev, they are afraid that we will block this initiative. We need at least an appearance of objectivity. And then even with the visibility of the problem.

  • What powers will, perhaps, have this administration? Will it deal with financial issues? For example, by paying pensions, which Ukraine has already reached two billion dollars? – The credentials, first of all, will concern the holding of elections. And all that concerns the implementation of the second stage of the Minsk agreements – political integration. But you understand, Hitler also held elections. Only there his stormtroopers stood on all sections. It will be the same here. What kind of elections is this administration capable of holding military force? As for financial issues, they are not going to do it. This will deal, perhaps with great reservations, Ukraine. If you get this territory. Klimkin’s logic is simple. Kiev claims that there is no DNR or LCN. And there are “Russian troops” who occupied this territory. The people supposedly dreamed of returning to “Ukraine”. As soon as the Russians are driven out – the people will happily run to the “liberators”, kissing the valiant Ukrainian army’s boots. And after that they still have to pay something to the population? Yes, no way! The director of the Institute for Peacekeeping Initiatives and Conflictology, Denis Denisov, believes that Klimkin’s statement is, above all, an informational throw-in and an attempt to probe the soil in Russia. “It seems that no one in the world at all knows about the content of Klimkin this document, so it is difficult to comment on something. In general, he did not say anything new. Even with regard to international administration. Although this issue was not specifically discussed, the peacekeeping presence itself always implies some kind of administration. If you choose peacemaking models similar to Bosnia and Herzegovina or Kosovo, they assume a political component. But its content can be radically different. In some cases this component regulates only social issues. In others, as in the case of Bosnia, it can determine practically all political and social aspects of the state’s life. To understand what Klimkin is talking about, I would like to first see the text of this document. Ukrainian partners traditionally talk a lot, but the specifics of them are very difficult to achieve: “The joint venture”.

– The topic of peacekeepers in discussing the settlement in the Donbass is not new, but the parties have fundamental contradictions on this issue. Now Klimkin again speaks about the contingent. Ukraine is ready to make any compromise or simply continues to stand on its own? – Regarding the international contingent or security mission, there is still only one official document, which was filed last September by the Russian Federation. There are no other registered or even published documents that can be discussed. There is information that the last six months the theses announced by Klimkin were discussed in the US-Ukraine pair. But the Ukrainian minister forgets that the UN Security Council includes not only the US.

– Theoretically, from what forces, according to Klimkin, the peacekeeping contingent and the administration in the Donbass can be formed?

– There are almost 20 such countries, which stated that they are ready, but for the time being this is not public information. A potentially proposed peacekeeping formula may be that a limited contingent is first introduced to ensure the security of the OSCE mission, as it was supposed in the initial proposal of the Russian Federation. But everything up to the point that peacekeepers will be on the border between the republics of Donbass and Russia is absolutely unrealizable resolution. We know the position of both Russia and a number of other countries that categorically reject such proposals. And this is quite logical. After all the statements of the Kiev regime on the possibility of a military option for resolving the Donbass issue, it is not necessary to talk about the acceptability of such a scenario. We should wait for an official introduction of the document in order to discuss it in detail. But personally, I doubt that we will see it in the near future. Also, do you know whether Russia will live with such political partners? «On Strategic Miscalculations of Putin in the Middle East.» As Klimkin said, they do not specifically bring in this project is to be voted on so that Russia will not block it … – To prevent this, the project should first be discussed with the Russian Federation. And do not talk about it in the media and make groundless statements.  There are several basic positions that are not agreed upon in principle. With this in mind, Kiev continue the mantra about Russia “refusing” to accept for decades.

  • Why then does the Ukrainian minister make such loud statements in the media, if this project has not even been discussed with Russia? So that they talk about “proposals” in the public sphere. We know that the Russian Federation is categorically against a number of points. For example, the introduction of peacekeepers to the border. But it turns out that now we are on the brink of our Ukrainian and American colleagues and we are discussing things that have not even been raised at the official level. The Ukrainian side is trying to achieve the desired result with such information injections. First, that a response from the Russian Federation should come about. It is quite natural that the reaction will be critical, but it is still a reaction. Secondly, they are vitally interested in having as many experts, political scientists and officials involved in the process of discussion. This will allow to demonstrate that this issue is supposedly on the agenda and is being discussed. This is why in the past we heard a lot of similar statements from Ukraine. One problem – in the end they never offer any specific documents.

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