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Ukraine wants to steal Yanukovich from Russia

SBU follows Mossad

Ukrainian special forces can kidnap former President Viktor Yanukovych from Russia. Such a statement on the TV channel “Espresso” was made by the former deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Major General Viktor Yagun. However, according to him, “political spirit” is necessary for the implementation of this plan – the desire of the country’s leadership and its willingness to take responsibility in the event of a failure.


– We are not so much worse guys than in the same Israel or in the States, – Yagun is convinced. However, he acknowledged that there is a possibility of failure of the operation.


– We have a lot of people who want to build a state in white gloves, with a clear conscience and remain in history, if not peacekeepers, then at least winners. But there is a danger that such operations can not always be done smoothly and cleanly, – he stressed.

Yagun also suggested that Russia, in order not to extradite Yanukovych to Ukraine, could grant him citizenship.

Recall, last week, the Obolonsky Court of Kiev found the former President Viktor Yanukovych guilty of treason and complicity in conducting an aggressive war and sentenced him in absentia to 13 years in prison. The term of serving the sentence begins to be calculated from the moment of arrest of the convicted person.

Commenting on the verdict, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance Volodymyr Vyatrovich stated:


– Further as with Eichmann. Welcome back, Victor Yanukovich!


Vyatrovich was referring to the Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann, who after the Second World War fled to South America, where he was tracked down and kidnapped by the Israeli intelligence officers of Mossad. Obviously, Yagun is not the only person in Ukraine who believes in the similar capabilities of local intelligence agencies.

– The comparison of the SBU with the Mossad is, of course, strong, – says Vladimir Lepekhin, director of the EAEU Institute.

– First, who would brag. After such special operations of the Ukrainian security (bezpek) as the “attempt” on Babchenko or the attack of the Ukrainian Navy on the Crimean bridge, this special service can only be charged with driving the cows into the field. The only thing that works well for the SBU is to shoot journalists and politicians in the back in the back and mock the prisoners. Secondly, who undertook to judge and punish Yanukovych? Judged by his criminals who committed a coup.

I believe that such a statement by the unremarkable SBU “freak” is a consequence of the fact that the criminals entrenched in the Kiev corridors of power during the Monday “five minutes of hatred” to Russia are so much included in the image of “fighters for democracy” that they begin to imagine themselves as a vanguard World “Order of the Sword”.

It is clear that the “freaks” from the SBU are trying to adopt the image of the well-known Israeli secret service “Mossad” inspired by such Ukrainian “patriots” with dual citizenship as Turchinov and Poroshenko. But this intelligence service at one time was considered important to help all the intelligence agencies of the world – after all, they sought out former Nazi criminals abroad. And who is going to help the Security Service of Ukraine today, if this service itself is the assembly of the Nazis?

– Yagun, speaking of a possible failure, prepares for it in advance?

– Psevdogeneral General Yagun certainly realizes that the Ukrainian special forces are not like the leading intelligence agencies of the world, and therefore recognizes that there is a possibility of the failure of a special operation. So why then make a fuss? Why climbs on the rampage? After all, the Russian special services can, in the end, answer.


From my point of view, everything is explained simply: both the trial of Yanukovych and loud statements about him are needed by Kiev in the context of the campaign for the election of the president of Ukraine, which Poroshenko is leading. Both by skating and skating, the current leader of the Kiev junta and his henchmen are striving to uphold the myth of the war being waged by Russia against Ukraine – hence the very wording of the sentence handed down to Yanukovych: “for treason and complicity in waging an aggressive war”.

In fact, true war criminals judge a politician who did not want to be an accomplice of these crimes, and in order to somehow cover up the absurdity of this situation, they also threaten their victim with the intention to bring his trial to execution.

A sharp cooling is expected in the regions of Western Siberia from Wednesday, scientific leader of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia Roman Vilfand told Interfax.

– Anything can be said, a boneless language, – comments the statement.

Anything can be spoken, a boneless language, – the professor of Moscow State University Andrei Manoylo commented the statement of the Ukrainian intelligence officer.


– You can, of course, teach the hare how to smoke and plunder the Yanukovych. But given that the SBU has no experience with such operations, I think there is little chance.

– Why bother talking about it aloud at all? The same Israel silently kidnapped its enemies, already announcing successful operations …

– Because it offers to make a retiree, left out of work (dismissed from the trough) and dreaming to return again to the feeding. Just give me the money, and we will steal and deliver you in the best possible way both to you and Yanukovych, to Macron, and even Maduro.

– Does anyone really need Yanukovych?

– Yanukovych has long been written off for scrap. Maybe someone wants to get even with him for offenses, and his methods, but in politics he has long been of no interest to anyone. This is a political corpse.

  • Yagun admits the “failure” of the operation.
  • If Kiev suddenly tries and” screwed up “, how does it threaten it?

– I think they are accustomed to failures and therefore they discuss in advance precisely this – the most likely – outcome.


Success is not important here – the main thing is to give money. If Kiev suddenly “screwed up”, Yagun will not return the money. Of course, you can kidnap if you wish, anyone, even Petrov and Boshirov. But for this you need to have brains. And the Ukrainian authorities do not have them. We, too, Yanukovych is not particularly needed, but we will not give it to the Ukrainians. Let them train better on cats.

– Mr. Yagun is just PR, making such a statement, – said political analyst Ivan Mezyuho.

– I would not take his words seriously. Although, if you theoretically speculate on this topic, then, of course, the current Ukrainian government is not very interested in Yanukovych being in Ukraine. Indeed, in this case, he would have had the right to appear in court, and in the present circumstances he was able to do this only a few times through videoconferencing. If Yanukovych were in Kiev, he would use the judicial platform for statements against the current government. Now Poroshenko’s team is comfortable enough to demonize the image of Yanukovich at a time when he is abroad.

– Yagun said that the implementation of this plan requires a “political spirit” – the desire of the country’s leadership and its willingness to take responsibility in case of failure of the operation. Does the Kiev authorities have such a “spirit”?

– They have no spirit. Is that only a taint.

– In the world there are not many countries who can afford such operations. Yagun mentioned Israel and the United States. Who else? What does it depend on? The level of training special services? The level of international influence?


– Perhaps, China can theoretically afford to conduct such operations. Of course, Russia has such capabilities. Once such operations could afford France. I believe that Ukraine has neither human nor material resources to independently carry out such an operation. The level of training of the Ukrainian special services is not comparable with the Russian ones.

– Should Russia somehow react, get ready? Or you can not pay attention?

  • There is no need to respond to such nonsense. I have no doubt that our special services will provide the necessary level of security for the Ukrainian ex-president.

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