Ukrainians are in terror at Trump meeting with friend Vladimir

In Kiev, they are afraid that the presidents of Russia and the US will share “unflattering” in the negotiations

US President Donald Trump confirmed that he was going to hold talks with Vladimir Putin during his forthcoming visit to Europe. As the press service of the Kremlin reported, the meeting of the leaders of the two countries will be held on July 16 in Helsinki.

“I think we will talk about Syria, I think we will talk about Ukraine, I think we will talk about many other issues”, – quotes Trump “RIA Novosti.”

The “Free Press” already wrote about the fact that the elites of Western Europe were seriously concerned about the prospect of a meeting alone. In particular, the British authorities, according to insiders, feared that these negotiations could undermine NATO unity and Euro-Atlantic solidarity, especially if held before the summit of the North Atlantic Alliance.

After the information about the meeting was confirmed, these alarms only intensified. And in London they are allegedly afraid not only of improving, but also of deteriorating relations between Russia and the West, explaining this by the unpredictability of Trump and his propensity for harsh statements. As the Bloomberg publication cited high-ranking sources in the UK government, there are fears that the statements of the US president could lead to a tense situation on the borders of NATO and Russia, where British troops are located, among other things.

But this statement is more like a cunning or deliberate “throw-in”, because in Britain they are alarmed not by the tensions at the borders, but, on the contrary, by the reduction of the military exercises of the alliance. Not casually in the British parliament on June, 28th urged to increase quantity of maneuvers of NATO.

Experienced and in Germany. The German newspaper Welt directly writes that any deal between Trump and Putin will become a “nightmare scenario” for Europe. The publication does not exclude that the result of the meeting could be a mutual reduction of maneuvers on the borders, and this supposedly could weaken NATO and “question the fundamental principles” of this organization. In addition, Poland and the Baltics will be displeased, who constantly declare about the Russian threat and demand to increase the contingents of the alliance in their countries.

If Putin and Trump are afraid of Europe, then the Ukrainian authorities are literally terrifying. Despite the ostentatious optimism, in Kiev they are afraid that the US president can use the “unreliable” as a bargaining chip when bargaining with his Russian counterpart.

“The worst thing for her is that she can become a part, a” card “that can be played in the dark, with this transaction and exchange. The US under the Democrats began using Ukraine as an aggressive ram against Russia. And now Ukraine at Tramp is becoming more and more a suitcase without a handle, which it is pitiful to give up as it were geopolitically, but it is too expensive to bear (that is, contain), “the Ukrainian Versia writes.

“And then Putin will tell you why the Crimea was originally Russian, will offer to build another Trump tower with gold letters on the facade in Volokolamsk at the expense of the treasury. Then he will go out to reporters and share his next discovery (and he always reveals something new for himself – That Ukraine is not a country, and Russia has interests there, and we help Ukraine for some reason, and there is corruption, the money itself is not enough (its reason for abandoning Korean exercises, in fact on the active front – it’s too expensive. And so on. And those who count on sensible heads among Republicans in the US Congress, it is worth considering how many of them there are, and horrified, “- describes the Ukrainian journalist.


No matter how much we want to believe in such a scenario, serious analysts say that it is not very likely. Although to some agreement on Ukraine, the parties may well come. Moreover, the patriots themselves are “unreliable” doing everything they can to worsen their positions in the eyes of the American president – for example, they blacklisted him on the website “Peacemaker” after saying that Crimea was always Russian.


– There are two strong politicians who, like boxers, circle each other, looking for vulnerabilities and posing. Says Alexander Shatilov, the dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Political Science at the Finance University under the Russian government.

– I do not think that someone will just give something back at this meeting. Both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are people who are well-versed in politics and business, respectively. They have a good idea of ​​what they want, they well represent the national interests of their countries, and it can be very difficult to find a compromise, given that often these interests intersect and radically contradict each other. Another thing is that such meetings are still useful and are a plus point of view of implementing a great policy. The lack of dialogue leads to the escalation of tension until the threat of the destruction of all mankind, as it was in February-March 2018. In addition, ideologically, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are not antipodes, their attitudes are similar and the formation of personal sympathy is very likely.

In this case, can the presidents still come agree on something?

Perhaps, but the thing is , that Trump represents only one wing of the American elite, and not the most powerful and numerous. These are conservative Republicans, who are generally inclined to rational dialogue with Russia. At the same time, a significant part of the American elite is made up of outspoken Russophobes, who stand for a tough line against Putin s country.

This is both a certain part of the Republican Party and a large part of the democratic bloc that share neo-libertarian values. Therefore, even if some agreements between Putin and Trump are reached, one must always keep in mind that under the pressure of domestic opposition the US president can from some promises refuse. It is always difficult to negotiate with him. We kind of agree with Trump, but that does not mean that we agree fully with the American elite. More than that, this elite in general is very fond of playing the evil and good investigator. Trump can be a relatively good investigator, and the team of McCain or Hillary Clinton is uncompromising and evil. Playing on these kinds of contradictions, the Americans will try to get concessions from us, almost without sacrificing themselves. Therefore, you need to keep your eyes open and do not expect that Trump will put on a red star hat and give us Ukraine. Although we must admit that the West is currently experiencing a certain discomfort from the “unreliable” West. Ukraine requires certain expenses, and the West has already accumulated many problems that need to be resolved. But I do not think that they are ready just politically to give us Ukraine. On the contrary, they will try to divide the economic burden between themselves and us, and at the same time leave themselves full political control.

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