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War in Syria-2.0

Assad Army is defeated in Idlib

Hundreds have passed in two days, new battles await Russia.

Recently, clashes between the Syrian Arab army and its opponents resumed. This is due to the start of a major counter-offensive by militants of the Dzhebhat en-Nusra group on the borders of Idlib province. To date, the result of this operation has been the hardest losses of the pro-government forces. Already it is known about more than fifty dead – 53 people. At the same time, the militants themselves also did not remain unscathed – 48 terrorists were killed while repelling the attack. However, relatively comparable losses do not mean that the parties remained on their side. The terrorists turned out to be much more successful. They regained control of a number of previously lost villages, and also captured new ones – Jibin, Tal-Malakh.


The intensification of anti-government groups in Idlib is associated with the recently launched operation of the Syrian Arab army and allies in the south of Idlib. However, it is important to note here that Damascus and Russia cannot be considered violators of the agreement concluded in Sochi on the creation of a demilitarized zone around Idlib. The problem is that since the moment of signing the relevant documents, the majority of the militants who held the problematic governorate refused to adhere to the peace plan. They regularly attacked the Syrian Arab army and other pro-Assad forces. Moscow and Damascus, meanwhile, tried to be as discreet as possible and kept their promises. But Turkey, which pledged to pacify Dzhebhat an-Nusra and all the other gangs in Idlib, could not cope with the task and was, in fact, useless for the Kremlin in this problematic region. It is logical that sooner or later the situation should be heated. What actually happened. And now we are on the verge of another big war.


At the moment there are more than thirty thousand armed fighters in Idlib. The war against them will result in serious casualties among the civilian population – it is known that terrorists seek to limit the outflow of people from the province as much as possible. They forcibly recruit men into their ranks, and those who are principled in their non-alignment are often executed. Supporters of Damascus and all are shot on the spot. Hence it becomes clear that for such people the life of civilians is of no value. So the SAA fighters need to be prepared for the fact that their enemies will hide behind human shields.


Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov believes that the recent failures of Damascus are associated with insufficient discipline of the Assad army and volunteer formations. Plus, the United States still has a lot of support for the militants.


– The main problem of the Syrian army has always been the lack of discipline. At one time, this was precisely the effect on the success of various armed formations when they launched an offensive in the direction of Damascus and in other directions at the dawn of this conflict. It turned out that a full-fledged army turned out to be in fact completely not combat-ready. The elementary rules of warfare are often ignored. It is necessary to put up posts, checkpoints, constantly monitor the situation, because the positions of terrorists are located in the immediate vicinity. That is, you need to be vigilant for 24 hours, seven days a week and every month. Most of the Syrian army does not have this vigilance, and therefore there are sudden attacks. By the way, this suddenness is ensured not only by the indiscipline of the Syrians and the quickness of the militants, but also by the American side. We must not forget that American reconnaissance aircraft are flying in the skies over Syria and near Syria, and there are also satellites that constantly monitor the situation and find out which parts of the Syrian forces are in combat readiness and which are not. Generally, when our military went to the SAR, they noticed how much the concept of the army is different from ours. Of course, Russian specialists had and have to do a great job in order to achieve efficiency from local soldiers. So far, at least one corps has been put in order, which proved itself during the capture of Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor. And the rest of the army only reaches the required level.


– Do you think that the United States is still acting in conjunction with terrorists?


– Of course. I am sure that American specialists and various advisers are still in Idlib. All of them receive operational information and share it with local militants.

– This is happening through the Department of Defense or through the special services?


  • In the line of special services. These specialists are present in the SAR throughout the war. The information they received, they passed it by terrorists. And that is why the latter were so successful in their actions. But when Russia intervened, which, as we know, also has its own intelligence, the situation changed. We turned out to be better – Russia made this US specialists interaction with local militants virtually ineffective.


– How do you think, will there be a further escalation of the conflict in Idlib? Just recently, all parties have become more active.


  • I think that the escalation of hostilities will happen. I have said before that Idlib is a time bomb. Sooner or later it must explode. The parties, of course, tried to do everything peacefully, but it turned out that far from everyone has an opportunity to agree.


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