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War of the machines

drones have failed to reach Russian base, Israel also fights them

Israeli servicemen explained the Sunday launch of the Patriot anti-missile system – the IDF intended to shoot down an unmanned aerial vehicle that was reconnoitring along the southern borders of Syria.

Around 13:00 on June 24, residents of northern Israel reported on the launch of a rocket from Israeli territory – in a photo published on social networks, a route resembling a track from the launch of a rocket is visible.

According to the press service of the IDF, the launch was carried out by UAV, which entered Israel’s airspace from Syria, but it proved inconclusive – the drone returned unharmed to Syria’s airspace.

According to a statement by one of the commanders of the Syrian government forces union, “the drone was reconnoitering for operations in southern Syria, where the fighting continues” – at the present time in the provinces of Dara and al-Quneitra continues the massive offensive of the Syrian Arab Army on the position of militants groupings “Free Syrian Army ” and IS.

Last Sunday, the SAA mobilized its troops and allies and sent reinforcements for an expanding offensive to regain control of the area held by the militants along the borders with Israel and Jordan – for this, government troops are conducting reconnaissance in the border areas.

As reported by Reuters with reference to some Western sources, the offensive is actively involved in the offensive of the Iranian militia, which is the cause of Israel’s concern and similar attacks. Also, Israel expressly declares that it will exert every effort to extrude the Iranian forces from Syria.

Base of the Russian Airborne Forces Khmeimim, located in the Syrian province of Latakia, was attacked by unknown unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This today, July 1, told reporters representative of the airbase.

According to him, on June 30, with the onset of the dark time, the airspace control facilities of the Russian airbase “Khmeimim” found a group of unobtrusive air targets identified as UAVs of unknown origin. Drones were approaching the base from the north-eastern direction.

The standard air defense facilities of the base, without any difficulties, destroyed all unidentified UAVs.

No material damage to the airbase was inflicted. The military airfield functions in the regular mode.

Seemingly simple at first glance, drones that attacked the Russian airbase “Khmeimim” – a very difficult goal for air defense systems, recalled the military expert Leonid Nersisyan.

It is known that this attack of drones on the air base of Khmeimim did not become the first: a few months ago there was an episode even with a more massive attack, and self-made devices were also used.

These drones are a very difficult target for air defense systems, because they are made of materials that are very poorly identified by radar. This is mainly plastic. In addition, a small engine is used, which does not emit much heat, so it is not easy to find it with a thermal imager.

That’s why, judging by the videos that are on the web, drones were close enough from the base. But, nevertheless, they were all destroyed before they could be used as drones-kamikaze.

Judging by the video, the drones were shot down by one of the air defense systems. It is not known exactly how, but it can be assumed that it was Pantsir-C1, because at such distances it is best suited for the destruction of such targets.

Recall, on June 30, the airbase of Russian Air Force “Khmeimim” in the province of Latakia (Syria), was attacked by unknown unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The air defense weapons detected a group of unobtrusive air targets identified as UAVs of unknown origin.

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