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White helmets Scandal: BBC producer told how fake news are made

An employee of the company exposed the lies of British media about Syria

Last year’s shooting of the scene in the hospital after the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian Duma were staged. “BBC” producer in Syria Riam Dalati wrote about this on his Twitter.

“After six months of investigation, I can no doubt confirm that the scene filmed in the hospital in the Duma was staged. There were no casualties in the hospital,” – he said.

According to him, the attack did take place, but it occurred without using sarin. You must wait for the findings of the OPCW to see if chlorine is used.

“Everything else was fabricated to enhance the effect,” – said Riam Dalati.

In addition, he added that the “fugitive” Dr. Abu Bakr Hanan, who was accused of having links with terrorists, participated in the shooting.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Moscow wants to hear the official position of the BBC.

“The culmination of this theater of the absurd can be considered the statements of the British producer BBC, which confirmed, based on its own research, the staged nature of the filming with the direct participation of the White Helmets,” said Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the agency.

She also added that the British TV and Radio Company actively covered these events, presenting them from an angle that is beneficial only for a coalition led by the United States.

Recall, the alleged chemical attack occurred during the fighting for the Eastern Ghouta in the city of Douma in April last year. This was reported by the “White Helmets”, who shot the footage from the hospital on the territory under the control of the militants, where the residents of the Douma were captured, including children whom the doctors allegedly try to save from the action of poisonous substances.

West immediately blamed official Damascus which «used chemical weapons». A week later, the United States and the Great Britain and France that joined them, without waiting for the conclusions of the OPCW, attacked cruise missiles at Syrian targets, which allegedly could have prohibited weapons, without UN sanction.

We also recall that even then in Moscow it was said that the shots were staged, that no one had been seen killed or injured, no single eyewitness had been found to the fact of the attack. However, there was an 11-year-old local boy, Hassan Diab, who told how he portrayed the victim, for which he was given cookies and rice.

At the same time, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation at the OPCW, Alexander Shulgin, said that the Russian side was able to detect participants in the “filming of the production video” of the alleged himataks in Syria. However, all the facts in the West were ignored.

Curious what will be the reaction now?

“The fact that the White Helmets’ media products are sewn with white threads and is staged provocations was understandable without Mr. Dalati’s revelations,” said Fyodor Biryukov, member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Rodina Party, director of the Freedom Institute.

– I believe that his recognition will not cause any practical reaction from the British, American and the Western establishment as a whole, especially since this is the opinion of a private person expressed on the social network, and not the official position of the media management. Nowadays, none of the representatives of the centers of influence of the “deep states” are interested in the truth. All operate with fake news, fake meanings, and provocation has become one of the simplest and most effective methods of promoting the interests of certain groups of influence, in particular, of Western governments and transnational corporations.

However, fake strategy does not always work. The power of Assad failed to overthrow neither by terror nor by foreign political pressure. This was largely due to the fact that the Syrian legal authorities with the official support of Russia themselves did not exchange for provocations, but always followed the spirit of the law and sovereignty. And now it’s already senseless to keep many secrets and secrets of the information war of the West against the Assad regime.

Last year, hundreds of White Helmets activists were evacuated to Jordan with the help of Israel and the United States. The circus and clowns have left, you can write a limited truth in the microblogging – again, to get a certain share of public attention, to get into and make money on the news. As time passes, some more “sensational” or even “shocking” details of the work of the Western propaganda machine will be known. But in a world where a lie has long been accepted as the norm, no one will seriously think about it. Basically, such materials will form the basis of future disclosures, investigations and chronologies.

  • “BBC” is supposedly public television and therefore practices formal freedom of speech for employees. However, the statement of Dalati can be recognized as unethical, inconsistent with the status of an employee – said the expert of the Center for Political Analysis Andrei Tikhonov.

– Why is this recognition appears now, almost a year later? Understand that Assad can not be shifted?

  • I still believe in a certain journalistic honesty. It may be that the person finally realized that he was being used, and he participated in the provocation.

– Did you learn something new about the British media, in particular, about the “BBC”?

– This is nothing new for us about Western television. Everything was known back in Soviet times.

– What will be the reaction of Western governments to this revelation?

– Western governments will ignore everything. They will not shout that they were exposed by some journalist. They survived Assange and did not choke.

– Russia is to raise this issue at international platforms, for example, in the UN? Or useless? Will you get rid of it anyway?

– The UN has long degraded. That only proved the hearing on the Ukrainian issue. But you need to use any site to try to convey the truth.

The practice of distributing military awards with the current Minister of Defense looks all the more strange

– What did the producer say sensationally? Nothing! – comments on the statement of Dalati, Deputy Director of the National Institute for the Development of Modern Ideology, Igor Shatrov.

– He recalled a well-known fact: the investigation did not show the use of sarin, on which the coalition initially insisted, which subsequently dealt a blow to Syria. That is, the situation with the test tube, which Colin Powell was shaking, justifying the need for the US invasion of Iraq, was exactly the same.

In my opinion, the point is this. Realizing that the situation was nearing a denouement and at the same time knowing the television “kitchen,” that is, how and from whom information had come in, Dalati decided to insure himself to disclaim responsibility. After all, it is up to him, as a specialist responsible for Syria, who can assign it. He just did not want to be a switchman.

– The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow wants to hear the official position of “BBC”. Will she? Or will they all blame some “inadequate employee”?

– Much depends on whether you are ready in the BBC to, in principle, recognize the fact of the spread of fake news at that time and get out of this scandalous story. It is possible that the employee mixed cards to his bosses, issuing this disclosure ahead of schedule. Therefore, there is a likelihood of being charged with the incompetence of Dalati. His or the entire department will try to make unreliable information responsible for access to the air. Another scenario is possible: the media empire cites the personal problems of Dalati, for which he slandered his fellow servicemen. But in fact, and in another case for Dalati, most likely, everything will end sadly. And the disappearance of the account from Twitter, through which he shared this scandalous information, leads to the most unpleasant thoughts.

– What does the participation of “BBC”? Is Britain all that fake car? Their government-related companies have repeatedly caught up on such cases (Cambridge Analytics, Integrity Initiative, Bell Pottinger). Why are not the Americans doing this, for example? London need the most, or what?

  • This is what the Americans do. But Great Britain, while remaining a loyal ally of the United States, claims to be in higher positions in world politics, so very often it has recently become the initiator of all sorts of provocations so that, as a result, with its elbows of geopolitical competitors, take an equal position with the US on the world stage. We are witnessing an attempt at a new redivision of the world.

– In your opinion, in the West have already realized that Assad will not be able to shift? Does this mean that there will be no repetition of that story?

– In the broad sense of the word, in Syria, the West is at war with terrorists, Assad and Russia at the same time. Therefore, any scenarios are possible. If, in order to achieve the goal of damaging Russia, it will be necessary to accuse Russia of something else, for example, in supporting the dictator, then a return to the topic of Assad’s bias is possible.

– Is it possible to somehow prevent such incidents? Do we have the levers for this, or are we doomed to justify ex post facto?

  • Only an ever-increasing content of the global information space with reliable information can reduce the impact of fake news. For this, it is necessary to expand not only economic, political, military, but also informational cooperation between Russia and the countries that concern us. It is Russian news agencies and other media outlets that have a wide network of bureaus around the world that should become primary sources of information for media resources of other states. We must learn from our rivals. The Anglo-Saxons are acting like that, putting other countries on their media-needle.

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