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Who are Petrov and Boshirov really? Did they poison Skripal?

The sudden new version.

One of the loudest spy scandals about Sergey Skripal’s poisoning is only gaining momentum. And the case has got new details and unexpectedly new versions.

Will the West introduce new sanctions? The West accuses Russia of using military substances on its territory. And they suspect some Petrov and Boshirov.

Recall that during his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin himslef offered “Petrov and Boshirov” to go to the editor of one of the media and give an interview. Putin: “I assure you there is nothing criminal.”

And suddenly the suspected Petrov and Boshirov (allegedly agents of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU in Russia)) gave an interview to a journalist from RT. The interview after which there were even more questions.

What for did two strong muscular guys go to London without luggage and carried the most dangerous in the world nerve-paralytic poison in hand luggage?

Why did they go to expensive Switzerland? Did they poison someone there? Why were they in Salisbury twice? Why did they not show pictures if they are tourists, and if the agents why they did not prepare an evidence? Why are they finally so noticeable?

In the past, the head of Israel’s special service “Nativ” Yakov Kedmi doubted the British version.

– I’ve never heard of the people who go to the embassy and get a VISA if they want to  liquidate someone (not to say in country as powerful as England). You mean the agents don t know about finger prints.

Agents always have the documents of another state. This is known to all. But judging by the English version Russian special services planned an operation in UK and they don t know what is known to the last proctitute.

Also Novichok gas is 10 times stronger than Zarin and policemen and neighbors did not die or even were heavily injured. Don t forget the whole England and London are under full coverage of video cameras. Really there is not a single picture of them at the agent’s house. But a lot of photos in the city of Salisbury inself.

Further, when the group rides to liquidate somebody, they move separately and their weapons are separate also. It is delivered later.

Agents do not move on transport, they move by car. They do not sleep in a hotel, they sleep in a save apartment. A deputy to the British police was asked: Did you get acquainted with the data of the British visa application form? It’s with prints then. And the well-known British special service did not look.

Too many questions? Who are Petrov and Boshirov really?

And suddenly new version appeared. But before it will be revealed, in brief about the crime itself.

On March 4, 2018, around 13:40 local time, a former GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate) officer and later defector Sergei Skripal arrived in the Maltings shopping center on his own car with his daughter. They briefly went to the pub The Mill, then from about 14:20 to 15:35, they dined at the Italian restaurant Zizzi, located in the same shopping center. Suddenly both became sick and they went out into the fresh air. The staff of the center called for an ambulance (the first call was received at 16:15), until the arrival of which Sergei and Julia stayed on the bench near the shopping center. Only at 17:10 the victims were taken to the district hospital.

In the first days after poisoning, British media reported that the poisoning was carried out by a rare nerve agent, which is produced only in several laboratories in the world. On March 7, police reported that the poison was identified, but for several days in the interests of the investigation this fact was hiding. On March 12, British Prime Minister Theresa May, in a speech before the parliament, reported that the poisoning was caused by a nerve agent of the “Novichok” type, which, she said, was developed in Russia.

Traces of poison, the victims of which were Sergei and Julia Skripal, were found both in the restaurant Zizzi, where they had lunch, and in the pub The Mill. However, the maximum concentration of the toxic agent (as follows from the results of the forensic investigation, which was publicized on March 28) was found on the handle of the front door of the house where Skripal lived. As expected, the nerve agent in the form of a gel was applied to the handle. Opening the door first, Sergei received the largest portion of the poison, Julia touched the second door, poisoned with less substance. The third victim, Sergeant Nick Bailey, was the first policeman to inspect the home of the Skripal family, where he also made contact with the poisoned door. Later, more people applied for medical help, including a forensic expert, who directly examined the belongings of Skripal house.

At the beginning of the investigation, the media reported on other versions of the poisoning. In the first few days after the incident, a version appeared that the poisonous substance was transferred to Skripal along with a bouquet of flowers (in the morning the father and daughter visited the cemetery in Salisbury, where the wife and son of Sergei Skripal are buried). Then there was a version about the poisoning of “Novichok” things in the suitcase of Julia Skripal before her departure from Moscow to London. Leonid Rink, who was involved in the development of chemical weapons during the Soviet period, called this version “full nonsense “and said that with this option Julia Skripal could not get to London alive.

In mid-March, another version appeared in the American media, according to which the Skripal and his daughter were poisoned in the car through the ventilation system.

  • Well, looks like everyone who is not too lazy, offered his version, I will not stay aside, – writes an entrepreneur from Sochi, Andrey Grachev, in his Facebook.

His version explains to many details to be ignored.

– I am closer to the truth. Why? You just read. I promise that it will be interesting. My version, explains almost all the key oddities with the trip and interviews of Petrov and Boshirov (to the extent that we can do this, relying on public facts). And, at once I will say: I did not even try hard – in the sense everything necessary for conclusions lies on the surface.

People review the version that Petrov and Boshirov could be gays. But everyone who review this, for some reason did not notice the most important thing – the details. Also I will say right away: if someone really believes that these two poisoned the Skripal, then my article will greatly disappoint you. Moreover, no one can forbid you to believe in this version or even in reptilians, or to take a different bubbly nonsense as a food for the mind. But my conclusions are for thinking people. So the adherents of the theory called “Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia poisons everyone” – sorry. Also note that my version, most likely, will disappoint many others, because it does not concern superagents, missions-impossible and other «Hollywood».

My version is about the ordinary life of ordinary people. And in it, as a rule, everything is much simpler and more prosaic. Although quite curious at times. So. Very briefly on the key and (in fact) the most important facts.

  1. Two strong, athletic guys of mature age, having successfully passed all the procedures for obtaining a visa to the UK (not the most simple story) fly to London on a regular flight, without luggage (this is an important point). (According to Scotland Yard, it turns out that the GRU agents were carrying the most toxic combat nerve agent on the planet in a perfume bottle-spray, in a bag, in the cabin of the plane. Is it not dangerous for them and for the flight? )
  2. In London, they stop at the hotel “City Stay”, which is located away from the main attractions. The place is not a tourist one. At the same time, the hotel is not the cheapest – there are some simpler options nearby. Also as well Kedmi, the former Nativ head said, agents don t stay in hotel unless they are going to kill someone in the hotel. They have save flats. That is, the hotel, conditionally speaking, is of an average price category. Petrov and Boshirov choose a room for two.
  3. They go to Salisbury twice. First on March 3, and then come there the next day, the 4th. According to their version, due to weather conditions. Allegedly, Stonehenge on the first day could not be seen. It is true that on the second day this also did not happen. Moreover, from the point of view of the main fact, their story seems to correspond to the truth, in the sense that the weather was not “nice”. And, finally, they wanted to look at this unfortunate cathedral there and indeed people travel from around the world.
  4. According to Theresa May and Scotland Yard, Petrov and Boshirov were recorded by cameras “in the immediate vicinity of the Skripal house”, but in fact 500 meters away. It was two or three blocks. Not so “close”
  5. Then the hell with poisoning begins, in it Scotland Yard has already become entangled. On the 4th of the day our heroes slowly return to London and quietly fly away to the bloody Mordor to report to Sauron – Task completed. Then an international scandal begins. Then Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the state media announce the versions one was more strange than the other. Then there are photos of “GRU agents”. The draft of idiocy in the versions from the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian mass media is growing. Then the British voice their surnames. Then there is a telephone conversation with a Petrov who said he did not visit UK on RT.

Then Putin at the “Eastern Forum” offered Petrov and Boshirov to give interview. And by the way, was not anything in Putin’s answer seem strange? … Not? … Well, OK, we continue.

  1. After the comment of Putin, ON THE SAME DAY (!) Petrov and Boshirov call Margarita Simonyan on a mobile phone which, yes, it is really not very difficult to find if you really want to, but the trouble is in another – she does not pick up the phone for calls from unfamiliar numbers (people have checked).
  2. On the same day, an interview is held, BEFORE there is a conversation in which the guys and Margarita discuss “forbidden” questions (about family, work, acquaintances, etc.) and maybe something else, but we will never know about it, and indeed do not really care. In an interview, everything is fine: the Salisbury cathedral, the snow collapse, we are not the GRU, we trade sports, we do not bring women’s perfume with us, because it’s a homosexual, but we live in the same room, because it’s saving money and life, no, we are not from the GRU, but we often fly to Geneva, because there is “Montblanc” and it is next to Paris. No we are not from GRU. It is our personal business to sleep in one room. These are all the facts that you need to know to know who these guys are and why the hell they traveled to the UK.

So, a brief summary: Two tough healthy guys, often flying to Geneva, openly on their passports arrive on a regular flight to the UK without luggage, settle in one room in an average hotel, go to Salisbury, then go there a second time, then fly back. And here I have questions.

  1. Why do they fly so openly and why are they so distinct themselves? The task of the liquidator is to be imperceptible – and here couple from the Russian Federation in the midst of the aggravation of relations between Russia and the “civilized world” … 2. Why are they flying together? In order to poison someone, the performer needed is just one one. Provision and weapon is from local resources.
  2. Why do they often fly to Geneva? Are they also hiding something there? Why, too, fly there together? Why do they hang around together everywhere, like Pinky and Brain?
  3. Why did they take even one number? Gays? Really?
  4. Why did they actually go to Salisbury twice? To “Salisbury” Cathedral … Well, well …
  5. How could they get through to Simonyan? Why so fast? Why Petrov in the phone and the real Petrov in the interview are different people?
  6. What does the Putin’s strange phrase in reply to Brilev’s question on the forum mean? And when I answered myself to these questions, I understood who they are. And now the most “flesh”. So, our heroes, of course, are not GRU members, not FSB and not special agents. In the past, most likely, the guys are not simple, maybe special forces, and maybe the GRU in the past, but at the moment, most likely, as Putin said — they are civilians.

They work in the Economic Security Service for some big shot (an oligarch, an official or just a big company). For the sake of simplicity of perception, I will in future call him (her) the Boss. So it will be easier. They often wander to Geneva. Of course, not to see Mont Blanc (as Boshirov calls it). Yes, these guys like to visit cathedrals and sights as we know.

But because Geneva is the capital of Switzerland (although the capital is actually Bern, but Geneva is more importanta). And Switzerland is the place where, by an odd coincidence, there are many Swiss banks that honor the secrecy of deposits. True, not for the American special services, but this is not important, the main thing is that our fiscal bodies will be very difficult to get to this information. And it is also surprising how, by the same strange coincidence, the “foggy Albion” is one of the largest financial centers. The shares of the majority of publicly placed Russian companies are listed on the London Stock Exchange, the number of investment funds, trusts, investment banks and all washing companies the oligarkhs use there is simply off scale. Ask Chichvarkin for example, he is in the course. It is important to understand that our heroes can not carry cash with them. They do not smuggle it across the border of the Russian Federation. And they do not carry it.  They carry… Documents.

Just a few sheets of paper with a live signature and seal of the Boss. These are documents of this kind that can not be sent by mail, can not be sent electronically. Only the originals and only personally in hand. And these documents are sooo valuable. Agreements, invoices, powers of attorney, etc., and very likely very “intimate” properties … They must be guarded, but they can not carry weapons and special means with them. Even if the firearm is authorized, you are not abroad for it will take. That’s why they are so healthy – and, most likely, melee (Boshiroff’s nose is broken, he’s probably a boxer-puncher, and Petrov, I’ll  guess he is some sambist or something). Without weapons and special means, everything they can count on is skills and abilities to do everything with your bare hands and improvised means. Therefore, they fly everywhere together for security reasons. One can be quickly disabled, and enemy will pick up documents, but to deal with two, is almost unreal. Only with a gunshot, but that’s different. Especially since you do not know who has exactly what you need among the two.

They flew to Britain officially, because they are no agents of GRU or something. They really got visas, passed all the checks and flew. They did not take the luggage, because, naturally, they did not fly to the tour and rest, flew on business, and all they needed was they took them with them. Just a few sheets of paper. Nothing on the formal signs of illegal, they did not carry with them and certainly no poison. They rented a room for two for the same security reasons. When you are in number two, you can not be quietly defused.

Not because they are gays.

Suppose they have to guard the documents for long. In addition, they can also sleep in shifts. Moreover, there is nothing super-ordinary in this. I personally know a couple of people who in the legedary 90s in Russia took all the valuables under personal responsibility (cash, however, mostly). Such stories are frequent.

Then on the first day they went to Salisbury to give someone the documents, and in the second – to him again, to pick up the documents. I’ll dare to assume that they came to have someone s sign and seal. On the first day they gave the documents, the recipient read them, checked them, signed them, sealed them, and the next day the guys took the documents and quietly left home. At the same time, although they observe the basic rules of security, they behave quite naturally, and not as two amatuers that will play Jason Bourne. Coffee is drunk, they shopped, according to the weather. Now the strange reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs becomes understandable.

When all that hysteria started, Russian government quickly calculated them, conducted a check, who should have been reported. But there was really nothing to broadcast. Well, guys, couriers, yes, yes, yes, yes, civil … And that’s it.

You see, Russia simply could not say: “They are not poisoners – they are security officers of some company”, the main owner of which is Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich. Yes, the same one, from the Forbes list. Yes, he is connected with Kremlin. But not exactly. Yes, they brought papers for washing. And what, it was impossible? …

Then Russian authorities called the Petrov s Boss and said, come on, do something, god damn Rockfeller. Well, the hell began.

First there was a Petrov from somewhere in middle of Russia, who can not reach Altai. Probably, Russia thought that would be enough for a while.But then Putin at the forum told Brilev: “We know who they are. I want to address them, let them appear and explain everything. SO THERE WILL BE BETTER FOR EVERYONE.” This phrase immediately seemed very strange to me. What does this mean at all? Especially from the mouth of the President … So this is what he addressed, of course, not to them, but to the Boss. And this phrase means: “There are no options, either they will show themselves with some acceptable legend, or we will have to merge the real situation. The latter is not needed by anybody.” And now someone calls to Simonyan’s cell phone, whose number is in her phone, someone significant enough, I believe … She takes the phone, and there they say:” Margarita, did you watch the plenary today? Good. You will now be called by the guys … on the British question … Organize everything, okay? “.

And, as she was warned, Margarita takes a call from an unknown number and organizes an interview. The guys had no time to prepare. Nobody paused (which would be logical, you will agree), because the Boss did not know how much time was given to him. In such cases, act as quickly as possible. Therefore, everyone behaved so unnaturally. For a person who has never given an interview, this whole situation is extremely stressful. And this is not the kind of stress that such people are accustomed to react to. This is a fundamentally new situation for them, they did not have time to adapt, operate in conditions of extreme uncertainty and high rates.

Therefore, Boshirov read as from a sheet, about “Salisbury Cathedral” and “Mont Blanc”, and therefore Boshirov was so angry (and he, in fact, he was simply furious), Petrov was  calmer, but also it infuriated him. Here they are for business. That is, in the dry remnant: two private courier with interesting past, were at the wrong time in the wrong place. Probably, the story is about gray money, maybe even about some parts of the budget …

No “Red Sparrows” or “Blue Doves” … And since the routes on which they are dangling are regular, one way or another, MI-5 led them from the very beginning. Everyone knew that they would come, when and where they would come. The rest is the matter of technology. The Poisoning of Skripal and these two guys are not connected at all. Well, except in terms of place and time. No motive, no modus operandi. But who has poisoned Skripal, what and why … This is a slightly different story. And by the way is not so interesting, but very dirty.

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