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Who makes billions of euros on burnt Notre Dame

Why should Macron be personally responsible for the fire?

The buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed by an sect whose adherents pretended to preach Islam. Buddhists across Asia plunged into deep grief. The West almost did not pay attention to this event.

The remains of the ruins of Babylon and the nearby museum were captured, looted and destroyed by US marines during Operation Shock and Awe in 2003. The West paid no attention to this.
The vast expanses of Palmyra, the legendary oasis of the Great Silk Road, were destroyed by another intolerant sect whose adherents pretended to be preaching Islam at the very time when their rear units were covered with rows of Western intelligence officers. The West paid no attention to this.
Many Catholic and Orthodox churches in Syria were burned to the ground by the same intolerant sect whose adherents pretended they were preaching Islam at the very time they were sponsored and armed, in particular by the United States, Great Britain and France. The West paid no attention to it at all.
The Cathedral of Notre Dame, which in many respects can be interpreted as the “Matrix of the West”, was partially absorbed by theoretically “blind and dumb” fire.
Bad karma? Finally? Especially the roof; hundreds of oak beams, many of which date back to the 13th century. Figuratively speaking, this can be interpreted as a roof burning above the collective head of the West.
Now back to the smallest detail.
Notre Dame belongs to the French state, and it almost did not pay attention to that gothic diamond, which was owned for eight centuries.
Fragments of arcades, chimeras, reliefs, gargoyles all fell and fell to the ground. They were kept in vault in a hurry in the back of the cathedral.
Only last year, Notre Dame received a check for 2 million euros to restore the spire, which had just burned to the ground.
According to world leading expert on Notre Dame Andrew Tallon – an American for some reason – to restore the entire cathedral, 150 million euros would be required before the fire.
The French state and the keepers of the cathedral lately, in fact, are in a state of war.
The French state earned at least 4 million euros per year, charging tourists for visiting the twin bell towers, while allocating only 2 million euros for the maintenance of Notre Dame.
The rector (priest) of Notre Dame refused to take charges for entry to the cathedral – unlike how this happens, for example, in the Duomo of Milan.
Notre Dame survived, mainly through donations. Of these donations, only 70 employees were payed their salaries, they do not only have to control the masses of tourists, but also organize eight masses daily. (According to the official site of the cathedral, 7 masses are held on Sundays; the number of masses on other days is not indicated.)
French proposal on how to minimize the trial? Organize a charity lottery! That is, to privatize what is the state obligation and the duty of the state.
So yes: Sarkozy and Macron – like their administration entirely – are directly and indirectly responsible for this fire.
And now comes the time of Notre Dame billionaires.
Pinot promised to allocate 100 million euros from his personal fortune for the restoration of the cathedral. Arnaud (Louis Vuitton, Moët, Hennessy) promised 200 million euros.
So why not privatize this damn beautiful property – in the capitalist style of times of misfortunes? Welcome to the luxurious Notre Dame apartment building, hotel and shopping mall extension!

The article was written by Pepe Escobar — a well known geopolitical analyst.

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