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Who will try to assasinate Zelensky during Kiev parade?

The Ukrainian elite believes that a military coup and an attempt to kill the new president will occur on August 24.

The creative intelligentsia in Ukraine is sounding the alarm – Zelensky’s life is in danger! During the celebration of Independence Day, which is celebrated in the country on August 24, the president may become the victim of an assassination attempt by those offended by him for canceling the military parade of security forces.

Relevant concerns on one of the Ukrainian television channels were expressed by composer and TV presenter Vladimir Bystryakov.

According to him, those who had power in Ukraine before the change of leadership on August 24 are able to attempt an armed overthrow of the newly elected leader.

– Before the handover, Peter Poroshenko gave all sorts of orders and titles to a whole group of people in military uniforms. Therefore, military intervention in this whole affair is absolutely possible. Until now, our army has been out of politics, but I’m afraid that this celebration would not start a new wave of violence, – Bystryakov said.

These people, he believes, will not just “give up their chair”, because “there are too many crimes and blood on them.” In spite of the president’s decision, they may well organize their own – alternative – passage of the military, which risks escalating into unrest.

Will the new president Zelensky hear his fighters – for them it is a foreign war.

Recall that Zelensky previously canceled the military parade in Kiev, calling it pompous and expensive. And he promised to send funds that would have to be spent on it – 300 million hryvnias – for bonuses to military personnel, including those who are fighting in the Donbass.

Instead of the traditional parade on August 24, this time the “March of Dignity” will take place in the Ukrainian capital – this format was called “more European” in the new leadership of the country.

However, not everyone liked this decision.

Former President Poroshenko, for example, called it short-sighted. And the so-called “ATO veterans” announced that Zelensky was not a decree for them, and they would conduct their march on that day.

That is, of course, there are dissatisfied. And where there are dissatisfied, there is always a place for secret conspiracy …

But how, indeed, is it possible that Poroshenko and the loyal security officials will want to physically eliminate Zelensky?

– Nobody will eliminate Zelensky, – considers the former deputy of the Odessa City Council, publicist Igor Dimitriev. – This is agreed upon with the curators in the West and with numerous, so to speak, centers of influence inside Ukraine – the president is a compromise figure that suits everyone, which, moreover, has an unprecedentedly high rating among the population.

But the conflict with the security forces that were staffed by Poroshenko, it is, in fact, inevitable. Until now, the president has refrained from any repressive steps and open confrontation only because he did not have support in the Verkhovna Rada.

Now this process will be started. And such statements – that there is a risk of a military coup, they aim to precede these events.

Zelensky will even have to “clean up” this audience. Otherwise, it will continue to substitute him, including in matters of negotiations with Russia.

Let me remind you: as soon as Zelensky announced some progress in the negotiation process, troops were withdrawn on a particular sector of the front, and on the other, units subordinate to the Ministry of Defense or the Security Service of Ukraine began shelling Donetsk, thus breaking the negotiations.

That is, they will sabotage in any case. And for sure now one of them will try to run to the camp of the new president, but he should not leave them.

Let’s just say that Zelensky will lose control over law enforcement agencies, and therefore will “clean them up” under the guise of the danger emanating from them.

And Bystryakov’s frank statements that they have a lot of crimes and blood (that is, they are involved in abductions and murders) are, in general, already a demonstration of readiness to “clean up” this entire audience.

Yes, all this camarilla was in demand at a certain stage for squeezing out political opponents. Now these people are not needed.

Now you can get to Helsinki and Tallinn in a sitting place in the conference hall of the Princess Anastasia ferry. The price of such a ticket is 5 euros.

– But these people, simply because of the specifics of the profession, probably can be dangerous. But there are still so-called radical activists …

– The radicals themselves have no power. They work exclusively in tandem with law enforcement. This is one of the tools of the special services in Ukraine.

That is, if the security forces begin to “crush” and “clear” the radicals, then no problems arise. One at a time, “turn off” the organizers, coordinators, instigators, etc. – perform the current work.

The fact is that all these five years, the so-called radical activists have been a lever of pressure in the hands of special services on certain political opponents. They were literally bullied in situations where it was impossible to use law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, when all power is concentrated in the hands of one – conditionally – grouping, as if there would no longer be a need for their services. Moreover, some obvious actions by the radicals will give rise to a “sweep” – all this will be covered up with the media, the prosecutor’s office, and the courts. And, in general, the irritation about these young men in society is so great that it will happen without any special problems.

These people are destabilizing the situation in the country from within, and those who have now come to power do not need such destabilization. In the new configuration, these characters, who used to be part of the Poroshenko political system, became redundant.

– But many of them are subordinate to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov, and he, as far as one can judge, does not go anywhere …

– Avakov, in fact, is another problem. He is still quite influential, and in the new composition of the Rada there are a lot of his people.

But he is also a factor of apparent destabilization. And how they will diverge with him is unclear. On the one hand, it is a constant danger. On the other hand, Avakov himself understands that they would like to “lose him”.

This is a separate issue. And, frankly speaking, I can’t imagine how they will be there to resolve it from the inside. It will be difficult to say whether they will share powers with him and leave him in power in one form or another … This process is still ongoing.

– So, the fears that Zelensky might be in danger have no real basis for themselves?

– There is only one reason – PR.

You just need to understand that when media people in Ukraine say something, their motives are often completely different from those voiced in the statement itself. And surely they will accuse the military of attempting a coup more than once.

The bottom line is:  it is steel necessary to “clean up” this audience.

Because the internal confrontation persists. And sooner or later it will turn into some specific repressive (or milder) actions.

But it is unlikely that the military will demolish the newly elected president. There is a general consensus about it – both in the West and within the country, that even theoretically it is impossible to imagine any alternative figure.

According to political analyst Alexander Asafov, the likelihood of a conspiracy on the part of Poroshenko could be discussed if, as they say, it would be cornered:

– But the cancellation of the parade does not drive either the ex-president or his people into any angle. Moreover, while Poroshenko himself was subjected to a physical attack, moreover, from the side of just the so-called “ATO veterans”.

He, in fact, is taking unmistakable steps to increase Zelensky’s personal rating. Since even a discussion of such a threat works for the president’s image, he appears as a person capable of some decisive action to change the political and military situation.

However, there is nothing but PR, since the situation does not change and there are no plans to change it. Successes – only in the media sphere and in the field of reputation management.

And specifically this statement, I think, it is also part of the image campaign of the new President Zelensky.

In reality, nothing threatens his life. His guard is proper. Despite the promise to ride exclusively on a bicycle, he enjoys all the privileges of the first person of the state. In this sense, everything is fine.

Some military discontent may be. But it will be implemented in a different way. And while Zelensky does not block, so to say, the channels of their earnings (including corruption around the entire military department of Ukraine), then, I think, nothing will happen to him. Because these issues are always resolved by serious behind-the-scenes negotiations, and not by any indicative attempts at all.

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