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Why do the American media accuse the DPRK of concealing data on the nuclear arsenal?

North Korea is not going to fully disclose information about its “secret” nuclear arsenal and production facilities. To this conclusion, according to The Washington Post, the US intelligence community has come. Analyzing the prospects for denuclearization of the DPRK, US intelligence officers concluded that Pyongyang is trying to circle Washington around the finger. The publication claims that the North Koreans understate the actual number of warheads and conceal the infrastructure for enriching uranium. Meanwhile, experts believe that the purpose of such publications is to disrupt the peace process. Who can find it profitable?

Mistrust: Why do the American media accuse the DPRK of concealing data on the nuclear arsenal

Launch of the North Korean ballistic missile “Hwanson-12”, September 12, 2017.

Pyongyang does not intend to disclose to Washington full-fledged information about its nuclear missile program. The Washington Post writes about this with reference to sources in the country’s special services. The publication, in particular, states that Pyongyang intends to hide real data on the nuclear arsenal and hide production capacities from observers.

The newspaper claims that after the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12, US intelligence agencies prepared a report assessing North Korea’s readiness for denuclearization.

The United States began to pay attention to the training of servicemen for fighting in the catacombs and tunnels, as well as in the urban environment, …

Analysts came to the conclusion that the DPRK leadership is going to mislead overseas colleagues and keep the “secret” nuclear facilities in working order. Thus, it is claimed that the northerners will refuse to close the underground uranium enrichment complex about 100 km from Pyongyang, which US intelligence learned in 2010. The newspaper notes that it is this enterprise that is the leading manufacturer of warheads.

Another claim of the special services is connected with the fact that the authorities of the DPRK will allegedly underestimate the capabilities of their missile forces. In particular, North Korea will not disclose the actual number of warheads, which, according to American analysts, is about 65 units.

Previously, the NBC television channel reported that the North Koreans will continue to steer clear of data on the country’s nuclear infrastructure, taking advantage of the weakness of the Western spy network in the DPRK. Moreover, amid a warming of relations with Seoul and Washington, Pyongyang allegedly increased the production of enriched uranium.

A similar point of view is shared by the employees of the Henry Stimson Center in Washington. June 29 at the portal 38 North belonging to this institute came out a material, the authors of which argue that the DPRK is still developing the nuclear infrastructure, having built several industrial buildings in the territory of the nuclear center in Yongbyon recently.

Blurred Arrangements.

Publications in American media accusing the DPRK appeared on the eve of a visit to Pyongyang by the US Secretary of State, former CIA director Mike Pompeo. According to the Financial Times, the trip to the DPRK, planned for next week, is connected with the “promotion of efforts” to denuclearize the communist republic.

In communication with the press, Pompeo spoke very cautiously about the progress in the nuclear disarmament of the DPRK. In an interview with CNN, he said that Washington conducts continuous monitoring of the situation, assessing Pyongyang’s readiness to fulfill the conditions for nuclear disarmament. The US Secretary of State stressed that it is too early to say how much this process can take.

“I’m not going to set time limits for them, be it two months, six months. We are striving for rapid progress to see if we can achieve what both leaders intended to do (Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un-RT), “Pompeo said.

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