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Why does Russia, following the West, give Israel good for bombing?

RT wrote an interesting article.

The Israel Defense Forces Chief, who has become a candidate for premiere, in his election video, boasts of counting those killed by his soldiers, and threatens to bomb the Gaza Strip back into the Stone Age.

When we saw article ablout this, the image of an American diplomat James Baker immediately came to mind. He promised Iraqi Prime Minister Tariq Aziz (whom the US had been imprisoned until he died, despite the fact that this 79-year-old man was suffering from depression, diabetes, heart disease and ulcers) that the US would “return them in the stone age ”


Benny Gantz – the new face of “Western Civilization”?


And here to you, Benny Gantz is a typical Israeli Zionist idiot with all that is attached to it. But the same can hardly be said of James Baker, who was one of the most educated and brilliant diplomats the US had ever produced.

Is it a coincidence that both of them want to “bomb into the stone age” those who ventured to oppose the US Empire? I do not think.


The Israeli massacre in Gaza has received immense support from the Israeli people; they even organized special “places for observation” in order to enjoy watching the massive killings of civilians — Palestinians (the majority of those killed in Gaza). This is not very different from how the Americans (and their European vassals) organized “places for observation” in front of their television sets for the pleasure of watching the massacres of civilians – Iraqis (most of those killed in Iraq by the Americans and their vassals). The difference is only in quantity. In Gaza, Israelis killed “just” 1,500 Palestinians while the United States takes pride in slaughtering over a million Iraqis.


I did not convince you?

And yes, most definitely in Russia, including, alas, the Russian White House and even the Kremlin, there is a powerful pro-Israel lobby. But the difference between the Russian position on the problem of Israel and its bloodthirsty policy and the position of the West is enormous.


Simply put:


Russia does not condemn Israel when the latter acts in violation of international law and the norms of civilized behavior, but Russia does provide support — both political and military — to the countries of “resistance”. Such as Syria.

The West supports Israel, whatever it does, finances it and arms it to the teeth, and also supports its genocidal policy to the very end.

What is more important. Russians never say that Israel stands for “Russian values” or that it is “the only democratic country in the Middle East”. So, although Russia, to my deep regret and shame, does not occupy a position of principle, unlike Iran, it does not use every opportunity to slavishly demonstrate its total and unconditional love for Israel and for everything that Israel does.

The difference here is not only in quality, but also in quantity or, if you will, in quantitative change, which, in the end, leads to a qualitative shift. There is a difference between pursuing your own interest and being a prostitute, isn’t it?

Erosion of such important and deep differences or any kind of confusion is a clever form of deception.

You may ask: what are Russian values ​​then?

Now Russia is still in search of itself. It is a project, a moving target, a country desperately trying to restore its true and complete sovereignty and (finally!) Get rid of a powerful gang, the “fifth column”, inside the ruling wealthy elites who just want to make more money while imitating a monkey of the West. And yet, even this somewhat confused country, which is in search of its true roots and identity (which can last for a very long time; Solzhenitsyn predicted that it would take 200 years for Russia to recover) genuine civilization values.

In the 13th century, the Russian prince and saint Alexander Nevsky said: “God is not in power, but in truth.”


Many centuries later, in the 2000 film (the year when Putin came to power) called “Brother-2”, a Russian hero of a completely different kind, Danila Bagrov, leadsa dialogue, which became famous: “Tell me, what is the power in! Is it in money? ”And he himself answers:“ That the strength is in truth: who has the truth, he is stronger! ”

So, one Russian of the 13th century said that God is in the Truth, and another Russian – of the 20th century – said that power is in the Truth. And both of them, when they made these statements, faced dangers from the West. Seven centuries have passed, but how little has changed … amazing, isn’t it?


If you ask me, I do not see any coincidence in this.


I can only admit that, alas, there is a considerable amount of truth in this statement. No doubt, in Russia today there is a lot of evil, and pathology and corruption.


But this statement ignores a lot.


That is why, despite the three centuries of foreign elite rule and more than 70 years of insane materialism, Danila Bagrov, the hero in all other meanings of the modern suspense film, is still able to talk about what the truth is and what it is. And that is why the Russian audience “grasps it” – even atheists.

There was a time when the West did not differ from the East in terms of spirituality, ethics, values ​​and even holiness. But all this, with each passing century, gradually came to a complete halt after the separation of the Roman-occupied Rome from the rest of the Christian world. All that remains now is either the post-modernist dump a la Conchita Wurst (here it “prays” with the Catholic hierarchs)), or the rather disgusting nationalist or even racist belch on this post-modernism a la alternative right “. This is the shame of the more than 1000-year history of real Western Christianity! There were many saints and martyrs like Saints Boris and Gleb, but today there is no “Danila Bagrov” on the television screens of the West.


But back to our topic.

What is “Israel” really? It is a democracy only in the modern Russian sense of the word (“democracy is the power of democrats”). These “democrats”, it turns out, are quite racists with religious beliefs. They don’t care about “Western values” (well, except for impunity, consumerism and violence).

And, contrary to the fantasies of various anti-Semites, this has nothing to do with “these Jews” or being a religious Jew. This has to do with the exceptionally toxic interpretation of the Old Testament by the Pharisee rabbis, who developed a divine and man-hating religion in response to Galut (the expulsion of those Jews who rejected Christ from Palestine) and the enormous success of Christianity. As for Zionism, it is nothing more than the transfer of the same racist assumptions and meanings of Pharisee Judaism into the materialistic age. That’s all.


Does this make the Israelis part of “Western civilization”?

You tell me!

If your answer is no, then tell me: how is it that no Western politician can agree with you without risking his career and his reputation?



The Kremlin gave a complete carte blanche to Tel Aviv and takes care of Damascus air defense

Anyway, I think, now is the time for those who see a mote in the “eye” of Russia, look at the huge and densely populated forest in the “eye” of their own civilization. And maybe try to follow the wonderful example of those Westerners who sailed to Gaza and who are still doing everything they can to help the oppressed Palestinians? Or – how about showing gratitude to Iran for being the only country on the planet that not only supports the Palestinians, but actually makes human sacrifices (and spends resources) to help them ?! Do Iranians not deserve our gratitude and admiration for their courage?

Time will tell, of course. But I believe that both Russia and the West can be saved only by returning the values ​​of repentance and self-restraint.

But this is just my opinion.

Tell me that! What is the power in? In Israel?

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