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Why no one can stop the United States from destroying Venezuela?

The “oil curse” of Caracas will be a disaster not only against him

Part 2

Muller can resign, because here this USB flash drive contains everything that is needed to nullify Trump’s inauguration. Donnie, sorry, the plan didn’t work! Your Russian passport is ready. You can get it in our embassy – just like the keys to a two-room apartment in Rostov, next to the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, whose regime was forcibly replaced by your predecessor Obama.

Why would all this obscene haste to blow up Venezuela? The explanation is simple and it is associated with oil. “If we manage to provide American oil companies with the opportunity to invest in oil facilities in Venezuela and produce oil, then for the United States this will be of great economic importance,” said John Bolton, speaking on Fox News. You see, Venezuelan oil cannot be produced at a profit if oil prices are low. These prices must be very high. In this case, many consumers of oil will go bankrupt. However, of course, it can be mined in huge quantities, albeit with enormous financial losses.

Huge financial losses, of course, will not stop the American oil companies, which have already “incurred” losses of 300 billion dollars, producing “shale” oil. They compensate for these losses by plundering pension savings, shifting debts onto the shoulders of future generations and implementing other vile schemes. Bear in mind also that the largest consumer of oil in the world is the US Department of Defense. And if he has to pay a little more for oil to continue blowing up other countries, he will pay. Rather, you will pay. They don’t care. The United States has already gone far beyond the line of bankruptcy, but their leaders will do everything so that the fun at the party continues for some time.

The real problem is this: the bonanza of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas shale formations – fracking – ends. Most of the most productive lenses containing hydrocarbons, have already been identified and exhausted. New wells are being depleted faster and faster, oil and gas are producing less and less at these wells, and they are becoming more and more expensive. Subsequent waves of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas reservoirs, if it happens, will require $ 500 billion, then $ 1 trillion, then $ 2 trillion, and so on … Drilling activity is becoming slower. And the slowdown started when the oil prices were still high. Meanwhile, the peak of production of conventional (non-shale) oil was observed already in 2005-2006. Only a few countries have not reached peak production. So, Russia announced that it would start cutting production in a couple of years. But Saudi Arabia has no additional production capacity left.

A rather large oil shortage is approaching. This, in particular, will have an impact on the United States, which burns 20% of world oil (having, moreover, only five percent of the world’s population). After the fracking collapses, the United States will move from the need to import 2.5 million barrels per day to importing at least 10 million barrels per day. But this oil will be gone. Previously, the United States was able to solve this problem by exploding countries and stealing oil from those countries. Thus, the destruction of Iraq and Libya made it possible for American oil companies to keep afloat for some time and prevented the house of cards from being destroyed. But the attempt to blow up Syria failed. And the attempt to blow up Venezuela, most likely, will also fail because, as you remember, in Venezuela there are from 7 to 9 million chavista drenched in the spirit of the Bolivarian revolution. The country has a large and well-equipped armed forces. Yes, in general, this is a very difficult region in every sense.

Previously, the United States resorted to various dirty tricks to give the appearance of the legality of its aggression against oil-rich countries and the subsequent theft of their natural resources. And there was also a bottle of highly toxic hygienic powder that Colin Powell shook at the UN to force this organization to vote for the destruction of Iraq and approve the theft of its oil. In order to get votes in favor of the introduction of a “no-fly zone” in Libya, a story about “humanitarian atrocities” was invented. Instead of a “no-fly zone”, bombings were organized, followed by the overthrow of the government. But in the case of Venezuela, the United States does not have such a fig leaf. All that we have is clear threats of open aggression and outright lies, in which no one believes. This lie is incompetently proclaimed by clowns, puppets and old cranks.

If plan A – to steal the oil of Venezuela – fails, then plan B will be to seize all the “paper junk” denominated in US dollars – cash, stocks, bonds, documents, insurance policies, bills of exchange, etc. – and burn them in garbage barrels, trying to keep warm. In all this business there is a certain scent of despair. The global hegemon is broken; he fell and cannot rise.

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