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Why no one can stop the United States from destroying Venezuela?

The “oil curse” of Caracas will be a disaster not only against him

Part 1

Trump, his vice president, Mike Pence, US State Department chief Mike Pompeo and Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton, as well as a handful of Central American countries that, by and large, are US colonies and do not have their own foreign policy, the other day They simultaneously announced that a new president had appeared in Venezuela – the actual nothing called Juan Guaydo. He never even nominated himself for this post, but was sort of prepared for this job in the United States. Guaydo appeared at a rally in Caracas, surrounded by a tiny group of well-paid pupils. He looked very frightened when he declared that he himself had appointed himself as the self-styled president of Venezuela and assumed his presidential duties. And, having done this, he immediately disappeared into an unknown asylum.

His whereabouts remained unknown until he surfaced at a press conference, where he gave an indistinct non-response to the question of whether he was forced to declare himself president or did so of his own accord. There are many tragic and comic in this story. So let’s break it down in parts. Then we proceed to answer the question why Venezuela should be destroyed (from the point of view of the American establishment).

What immediately catches the eye is the combination of incompetence and despair, manifested by all the above-mentioned public and not-so-public figures. So, Pompeo, voicing his recognition of Guaydo, called it “guido”, which is an ethnic insult against the Italians, while Bolton did it better and called it “guiado”, which can be translated from Spanish as “remotely controlled” (Was it a Freudian reservation or just another manifestation of Bolton’s senile senility?). In order not to be left behind, Pence delivered a small speech about Venezuela, a kind of appeal to the Venezuelan people, which was permeated with some kind of really cruel pseudo-Spanish nonsense and ended with an absolutely inappropriate “Go with God!” (¡Vaya con Dios!) Straight from stilted and forever salivating western movies of the 1950s.

Even more entertainment was revealed in the UN Security Council, where the eternally formidable Russian representative Vasily Nebenzya noted that the situation in Venezuela does not pose a threat to international security and therefore is not within the competence of the Security Council. Then he asked Pompeo, who was present at the meeting, a sharp question about whether the United States is not planning to again violate the UN Charter?

Pompeo could not answer. He sat there, looking like a cat, which pretends that she is not chewing a canary. And then he quickly disappeared from the scene. And then Bolton, when he went out to the press, apparently, after a meeting of the National Security Council and was going to a briefing at the White House, accidentally flashed his notebook in front of photo and television cameras of reporters. It read “5,000 troops to Colombia” (this is an American military base, and, in combination, a drugocolony, but only on the northern border of Venezuela). Was this another manifestation of Bolton’s insanity? In any case, it seems he really answers the question to Nebenzi in the affirmative. The appointment of Elliott Abrams, a convicted criminal who was complicit in a previous unsuccessful coup attempt in Venezuela against Hugo Chávez, as a special representative for Venezuela, automatically makes Abrams a persona non grata in Venezuela and testifies to his hostile intentions.

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It would be completely forgivable if you took this operation to change the regime for some kind of absurd performance. This whole story is certainly too abstract for the real complexities of the international order. Some unfortunate, frightened darling of fate pokes out in front of the camera and declares himself president of Narnia, and then three puppets (Pence, Pompeo and Bolton) plus this type of Trump jump up and shout: “Yes, yes, that’s for sure!” And then the disgraced pensioner is taken from the shelf, shaken off dust from him and sent on a mission to the country that will not accept him.


Meanwhile, in the real world, the Venezuelan army and Venezuelan courts support the legally elected President Nicolas Maduro and a number of countries that make up the vast majority of the world’s population, including China, Russia, India, Mexico, Turkey, South Africa and many others. Maduro. Even people who are remotely controlled in Central American countries know very well what a dangerous precedent such a regime change operation could create, if it was successful, and they think: “Today is Venezuela, tomorrow we are!” (¡Hoy Venezuela, mañana nosotros!).

For accuracy, let’s look at the arguments that are used to advance this mode change operation. Some argue that Nicolas Maduro is not a legitimate president, because last year’s elections, which were supported by 68% of those who voted, were boycotted by some opposition parties. But Juan Guaydo, allegedly, is 100% legitimate, despite the fact that he and he, who does not matter, are opposed by the National Assembly by 70% of Venezuelans. And this is according to the data of the opposition’s own polls. In addition, there were some completely unfounded accusations of “ballot stuffing.” Please note that paper bulletins are not used in Venezuela. At the same time, according to the international election observer and former US President Jimmy Carter, “the electoral process in Venezuela is the best in the world.”

It is believed that Maduro very poorly managed the Venezuelan economy, and this led to hyperinflation, high unemployment, a shortage of basic goods (especially drugs) and a refugee crisis. There is some truth in this statement. But we also have to note that some of Venezuela’s neighbors are in many ways even worse, although Maduro is not their president at all. In addition, the reason for the many economic difficulties of Venezuela is the US sanctions against this country. For example, now about 8 billion dollars belonging to Venezuela are arbitrarily taken as collateral, and the West intends to use them to finance a mercenary army that invades Venezuela and tries to destroy this country just as it had already been done in Syria.


Finally, Venezuela’s many difficulties are connected with the “oil curse”. Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, but its oil is very viscous and therefore it is very expensive to extract it. In a period of high oil prices, Venezuelans became accustomed to dependence on sales of large volumes of oil. The government used the proceeds to pull millions of people out of extreme poverty and move them from slums to public housing. But now low oil prices have caused the crisis. If Venezuela manages to survive this period, then it will be able to recover as soon as oil prices recover (which will happen immediately after the fraudulent scheme with hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas shale formations fails in the USA). We will return to the subject of Venezuelan oil a little later.

As an additional comment: many express the opinion that the cause of the ills of Venezuela in socialism. In their opinion, it’s good if many people suffer when the power in the country is capitalist, but if it is socialist, then this suffering is wrong, and the government deserves to be overthrown – and don’t care that everyone voted for it. For example, the site ZeroHedge, which often publishes useful information and analytical materials, promoted and promoted this line of thinking with nauseous efforts. Unfortunately, some people think that they behave in principle and correctly, but, in fact, they are, at best, just stupid assholes, and at worst – useful idiots acting in someone else’s interests. It is not for these people to decide what the policies of other countries should be; it’s time for these people to stop wasting our time on their nonsense.

This undisguised attempt to change the regime is capable of creating a very dangerous precedent for the United States itself. The doctrine of legal precedent is by no means universal. It came to us from the dark medieval common English tribal law and is used only in the former British colonies. For the rest of the world, this doctrine is a type of barbaric injustice, because it gives judges and lawyers the authority to exercise arbitrariness. We must not allow the courts to write or amend laws. They should only follow them. If your case can be decided on the basis of some other case that has nothing to do with you, then why not allow someone else to pay your legal costs, your fines, and serve a prison sentence for you?

But there is after all the universal principle of international law, according to which sovereign states have the right to observe their own laws and legal traditions. Therefore, the United States will be bound by precedents, which they also create. Let’s see how this will work.

The precedent created by the US government recognizing Juan Guaydo allows Nicholas Maduro to declare President Donald Trump illegitimate for practically the same reasons. In addition, during the election campaign, some opposition candidates were subjected to unfair treatment. And Trump is the personification of shame and failure: in the US, 43 million people get ration cards, about 100 million people are among the unemployed for a long time (who are shown year after year as being “outside the workforce”). There are crowds and crowds of homeless, because of what in different cities of the United States appear whole tent camps, numerous American companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, and Trump himself can not even afford to federal agencies and departments simply work! Yes, he is a disaster for his country! Therefore, Maduro recognizes the legitimate president of the United States, Bernie Sanders.

And after that, Vladimir Putin could develop these two precedents, also recognizing Bernie Sanders as the legitimate president of the United States. In a public speech, he could say the following: “I, expressing my free will, admit that we have appointed Donald Trump as president of the United States. This was our right, based on numerous precedents created by the United States. Unfortunately, Trump did not fulfill the planned.

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