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Why Russian S-300 are silent?

Tel Aviv attacks Damascus again

It seems that the crisis in relations with Israel has not been overcome. It began back in September when, due to the IDF pilots, as reported by our Ministry of Defense, the Syrians shot down the Russian Il-20 aircraft.

Literally in the first hours after what happened, events developed very rapidly. It was announced about the constant control of the Syrian sky by Russians and local forces, then after the next report of the Ministry of Defense it was announced that supplies of the S-300, which had been promised to Syria long ago, were announced. Safety is paramount, so to speak.

No one said directly that these air defense systems were being sent to the SAR with the aim of holding back the Israeli air force, but everything looked that way. From whom could these S-300s be able to protect western and southwestern Syria? Obviously not from Americans who have long been bombing nothing in these places. In general, the plan worked. For three months, there was no concrete evidence that the IDF continued operations in the neighboring republic, although the highest ranks of the Jewish state, including Benjamin Netanyahu, occasionally mentioned that the struggle against Iran in Syria continues, and no one can stop it. But perhaps these were just populist statements. However, literally after a week or two, more and more information about the IDF regular reconnaissance missions began to emerge. This, of course, is not an attack, but still – the airspace was violated, moreover, by the state hostile to Syria.

Why does Trump again lead the whole world by the nose, announcing the withdrawal of troops?

For some reason, this news was ignored by everyone, and no one considered it a kind of test of how ready the Kremlin was to go to the end. Apparently, having drawn some conclusions, the Israelis became more resolute, and as a result, the first reports of new attacks appeared. The reason for this was the message on the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defense, where it was said about the successful reflection of some kind of air attack over the settlement of Kiswa. The media considered that it was about the Israelis and even wrote that a certain Israeli Air Force aircraft was shot down. After a day or two, the news faded into the background, and many considered it a fake. Well, then, indeed, there were many arguments in favor of this view.

Now there is more reason to believe that the IDF still attacked Syria that day. Apparently, it was decided that from this they decided not to make a sensation against the background of the meeting between Putin and Netanyahu in Paris. They say that our president proposed that the Israeli prime minister withdraw Iranians from the SAR. If this is true, then, in principle, it is clear that the grounds to hush up the story were good. But what happened this week, finally denounced Tel Aviv’s attitude to Russian threats — they don t care.

The fact is that the IDF again attacked Syria, and did so very brazenly. Immediately six F-16 aircraft struck at various areas, but most of the missiles were fired at Damascus, namely at the airport. The Russian side reported that there was even a threat to some civil aircraft that was supposed to land at this airport. The bottom line is that there seems to be no dead, although this is not a fact. Only three victims, and from destruction – a bombed-out warehouse of Syrian weapons.

According to reports by Al-Hadath, Israel has attacked military targets of the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

It is known that the attack was made from Lebanon, that is, the IDF aircraft did not enter the airspace of Syria. Most of the missiles were shot down by Syrian air defense systems. Reported that repulsed attack C-200. There is a logical question – why were the S-300s silent?

Our source reports that the attacks were really carried out by Lebanon. Shortly before they were carried out, our military was warned by Israel that the airport would be hit. In addition, they clarified whether the Russians are at other sites.

About why the S-300s were not involved – it’s simple. It was irrational to use S-300 for the destruction of the threat – with this task S-200 managed effectively. It is cheaper, and the effectiveness in this case is the same. At the same time, the Russian military had no tasks to attack Israeli aircraft – this is simply prohibited at the moment. Although for the S-300 a similar task is quite capable, in any case, if we are talking about the F-16. But all the information from the radar was transmitted to the Syrians, and those already using the C-200 tried to attack enemy aircraft. It turned out badly, because at the time of the launch of the missiles, the F-16s were already above the Golan Heights. The missiles launched by the Syrians were shot down over the Golan by the Israeli “Patriots” (American-made complexes.). They did no harm. How to deal with this is not yet clear, because the top political leadership has not yet determined itself, and the military in such cases can only wait for orders.

Now Russian Defense Ministry also claims that the Israeli attack on Syria took place at a time when civilian planes were landing at Syrian airports. To avoid a big tragedy, it was necessary to limit the use of air defense and electronic warfare by the Syrian army.

Official Israel does not comment on what happened.

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