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Why the Kremlin silently swallowed an Israeli attack on Syria?

A few days ago, it was reported that Israeli aircraft had resumed their combat missions in Syria. They struck several localities. The problem is that the information about this raid was different, and it has not been possible to make an accurate picture. First, it was reported about the attacks near Damascus and in the village of Kiswa. Then the information about the explosions near the Russian base Hmeymim swept, after it was clarified about the attacks near the Lebanese border, and after the explosions, it was as if they had heard completely near Jordan.


In general, the Israelis flew, struck, in response, the Syrian air defense forces opened fire on the IDF aircraft, as many Arab media reported. This is where the fun begins.


One of the first to report on the effectiveness of the Syrians in repelling this Israeli attack was the Syrian news agency SANA and the Russian RIA. The intention was to disseminate this information message on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Syria. And numerous independent sources wrote about it. In general, the original picture was like this – the planes flew, attacked targets, and then managed to shoot down one of them. Very quickly, the Israeli army denied that its plane had suffered.


Moscow, with its statements, will force the Janissaries to seize the yataghans, or will Ankara forgive you?

However, nothing was said about the attack on Syria – neither confirmation, nor refutation. Easy understatement, so to speak. But the next day, Hezbollah indirectly confirmed Israeli activity in Syria. Members of the group published a video where a sight was placed on the Israeli military and some other objects. Looks like a promise of revenge. The fact is that most of the informers indicated that it was Hezbollah and Iranian objects that had suffered from this attack by the IDF.


In addition, the silence of Tel Aviv somehow heightens the situation. At the same time, it must be remembered that even before this incident, the Israelis had repeatedly declared that military activity was continuing in Syria, despite the Russian S-300. Netanyahu himself almost immediately after our IL-20 was shot down, and our Ministry of Defense promised to transfer the air defense system, promised that Israel would continue to confront Iran, in spite of any obstacles. In general, much indicates that the attack was still.


And then there is a logical question why no one answered her. On the other hand, there is enough reason to believe that no one really bombed Syria, and this is a banal stuffing, however, it is not known for what purpose it was made.


Russian political scientist and orientalist Karine Gevorgyan believes that Israel has enough grounds for an attack, but it also has reasons to make such an information injection.


– If this is a fake, then there’s nothing to talk about. Perhaps this is a throw-in to demonstrate that Hezbollah and Hamas have once again quarreled. And perhaps true. With Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel has reached an agreement on mutual non-aggression. After that, Lieberman (former Israeli defense minister,) resigned, although there are more reasons for this than this one. It seems that the logic is. It seems that the Israelis really decided to deal with Hezbollah, and in this case their interests and those of Hamas coincide. If these bombardments, these attacks are real, then this component must be taken into account. Hamas and Hezbollah always have uneasy relations, they fought among themselves, and were friends, and now, apparently, aggravation. In addition, the internal political crisis can also force Netanyahu to resume activity in Syria. The police filed charges against him, and, as far as I know, the case must go to court. This is serious, very serious. And at the expense of Syria, the prime minister also wants to improve the ratings. But unequivocally to assert that the blows were, I would not. It may well be a throw.


Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov is sure that this information is a fake.


  • It was definitely a fake. It was a stuffing, which some central media picked up, and other channels picked it up in solidarity with them. But in fact, it was not. It is clear that sometimes some comrades wishful thinking. Here the Syrian agency SANA recently comes across such things. Quotes various bloggers who filmed something there and so on.


But those shots that allegedly confirmed the attack of Israel are very similar to the shots that recorded the April attack (in April 2018, the United States, Great Britain and France attacked government Syrian territories). Here they were given out as if they were fresh, and almost an Israeli plane was shot down. If this happened, then I think Israel would not have been sitting on the sidelines. He would make a noise.


– Well, maybe because of the experiences on the background of the crisis with Russia, the Israelis did not dare to make a fuss? Still, they were guilty and flew into Syria with the aim of attacking.


  • No, there are no experiences, there is a clear understanding of the situation. The Israelis know perfectly well that, where our S-300 complexes are located, there are Russian military men who teach Syrians to use the air defense system. Therefore, no one will attack. If they start to be thrust, then not earlier than March-April. They will begin to try when they make sure that our specialists are no longer present at the complexes.


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