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Writer Zakhar Prilepin

the last two years have been the happiest in my life.

«After the incident when Vladimir Putin promised that the Ukrainian statehood would have problems, if they decided to aggravate the situation during the World Cup, many things fell into place»- said well known writer Zakhar Prilepin.

«It became clear that Poroshenko was certainly afraid. That the APU does not fight to fight until they are driven. Even in the volunteer battalions – and those fuss is gone. The first week of the championship, they tried to save the honor of the Ukrainian president and the Ukrainian army (well, not ashamed – the Russian aggressor and tyrant, smiling, parroted the Kiev managers – and they instantly drove and ears pinned) – but after several unsuccessful local breakthrough attempts, have subsumed. Myself is more expensive.

It can not be said that there is complete silence on the Donbass fronts – but the confrontation is minimized; for four years I do not remember that.

Everything says that the decisions are different: no one will attack, neither this party, the main battle will take place under the carpet at the time of the election of the Ukrainian president. Well, no one canceled the arrangements with Trump. Persistent, recently, Poroshenko calls to Putin say that Peter Alekseevich also wants to participate in some kind of arrangements. Like, and I, too, ask, and I, and I have my own opinion. “Well. What is your opinion? “. Uncle, do not drain me, please, no one likes me, how will I live? “I see what you are. Let’s think about it. ”

The Kiev side is crying out about the peacekeepers who need to enter the border with Russia and on the line of contact. And then they will introduce their army quietly, under the guise of “blue helmets.” Such children’s, iridescent, naive dreams. And suddenly it will turn out.

It will not work.

I will not hide it, after numerous trips to the Donbass in 2014, in 2015 I drove there with one desire, the most modest: to return to Slavyansk.

I admit: my desires and all my resources turned out to be not enough for today to do it.

So, we must be able to wait.

Two years ago, on July 7, 2016, on my birthday, which we celebrated on the front line with the head of the People’s Democratic Republic of Belarus, Alexander Zakharchenko, the adviser to the head Alexander Kazakov, the vice-premier Alexander Trapeznikov, the communications minister of the Dnieper Viktor Yatsenko, my comrade Sergey Fomchenkov and several fighters , it was decided to create our battalion.

By October 16, the battalion was created, having entered the special regiment, and we began to work.

The battalion has already changed from a dozen front lines across the line of contact, carrying losses; but what we managed to do – I think, will eventually open up when the internal documents of the Armed Forces and the benobots facing us are available. I know for sure that in several places we were not very happy, we have our statistics on our work, but we will wait for their statistics, so as not to be unfounded. I think we would have enough for any The Hague, and I personally would have, but now even the most zealous Kiev propagandists understand perfectly well that no one will ever judge us. But some of their punishers can condemn quite. And in Ukraine itself, yes.

This summer, our battalion moved from the regiment of special purpose to the department of missile forces; now we are rocket men.

Specificity, frankly, not mine; well, in the light of the fact that there will not be an offensive, and in large Russia I have accumulated a lot of hanging and unresolved cases in the two years of the Donbass service, this July I am leaving the post of deputy commander of the battalion.

Remaining at the same time an adviser to the head of the DNR, the curator of his battalion, and at the same time co-host of the program “Donetsk format” and the head of the humanitarian fund for assistance to the inhabitants of Donbass. (Thus I am ahead of the joy of the Ukrainian media, which is already preparing one hundred and fifty thousand news about the fact that “Putin’s terrorist has moved out of Donbass” – I’ll come with the inspection to you at the editorial office, the criminals).

The battalion was created and has repeatedly proved its fighting ability; and it’s time for me to know – in the political sense, and in the cultural between Donetsk and Moscow, there is not enough one link: I’ll try to become one – there are still many unsettled problems, we will decide.

The results will be reported.

Perhaps, I will not exaggerate if I say that the past four years have been the most intense time in my life, and two years in the battalion – the happiest time in my life.

But I’ll tell you about it separately» – told the writer.

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