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Zelensky has formula to reunite with Donbass

What is it?

The new Ukrainian authorities announced a plan for the reintegration of the two republics.

In Kiev, they developed the “Zelensky formula” to end the war in the Donbass. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko told about this on the air of the ICTV channel.


According to him, one of the components of this formula is the transition to radical measures if it is not possible to solve problems in the near future. Moreover, “for everything about everything”, the country’s authorities have only six months to a year.


The Zelensky Formula concludes with the phrase that we do not have five years to continue negotiations. This is the conditional “Zelensky formula”, – Pristayko emphasized.


The proposals of the President of Ukraine, as the Foreign Minister explained, are, firstly, intended to return “all our guys and girls”, and secondly, try to “mentally, with messages, symbols reach out to our people who have remained on the other side”.


Pristayko also said that the Ukrainian authorities are preparing a package of measures that could simplify the lives of the residents of Donbass. According to him, Kiev wants to allow residents of Donbass to come for re-registration “in order to receive an unfortunate pension”, not every two months, but once a year.


We will remind, earlier that the deputies of the “Servant of the People” faction in the Verkhovna Rada intend to simplify life for residents of the DNR and LNR, the representative of the pro-presidential party Irina Vereshchuk told. According to her, a simplification of crossing the demarcation line, the procedure for obtaining the first passport by children living in the republics, as well as receiving pensions “without a wild number of certificates that need to be constantly taken” is being prepared.


Privatization of key sectors of the economy in the “independent” leads the country to an inevitable collapse.

It should be noted that in addition to the restoration of relations with the region, the Minsk agreements also refer to an amnesty for all participants in hostilities, the adoption of a law on the special status of Donbass and the introduction of appropriate amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as the holding of elections.


However, Kiev is obviously not going to fulfill these points.

The other day, the same Priestayko actually opposed the Minsk agreements. The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry expressed his view on the Minsk agreements, according to which Kiev has already implemented a reform of Ukrainian legislation and decentralization, which Kiev has already done. According to this, in the republics should understand that the Ukrainian reform of decentralization is a “chance for their development.”


Earlier this week, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the issue of elections in the Donbass could be resolved only after the withdrawal of troops from its territory. However, Zelensky did not specify which ones – the Minsk Agreements did not say anything about this, there was only a demand for the withdrawal of foreign armed groups and the disarmament of all illegal groups.


The Russian senator Aleksey Pushkov drew attention to this, emphasizing that instead of the plan for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian president has a plan for their non-implementation.


If Ukraine is not going to carry out Minsk, how can one explain the sudden and rather chaotic attempts of the Kiev authorities to solve the problem of Donbass? Recently, a huge number of all sorts of plans and proposals have been issued on the mountain. Is Zelensky in a hurry somewhere?


– I don’t see randomness in the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, – says Eduard Popov, director of the Center for Public and Information Cooperation “Europe”.


  • There was an old Ukrainian government personified by Poroshenko. It left, miserably failing in the elections and in the minds of citizens “independent.” Another came, we will wait for it to fail. But for now, Zelensky and Co. will test the new old tactics in the Donbass. It’s tactics, not strategy. Zelensky has very little time left. While he can go on chatter, promises and the opening of criminal cases against people from the previous government. But resolving something essentially a lot harder, if at all possible. And his voters will be waiting for just that.


– How viable do you think the voiced formula is? Is there something new in it that we have not seen? Well, can Zelensky succeed even in the exchange of “all for all”? He started well, in a few months he did more than Poroshenko in five years …


  • “Formula?” There is no formula. This is a brief repetition of only two or three paragraphs of the Minsk Agreements, namely, paragraphs 1 and 2, concerning the separation of forces and paragraph 8, affecting, I quote, “the restoration of socio-economic ties, including social transfers, such as payment pensions and other payments. ” Other clauses of the Minsk Agreements, signed by the President of Ukraine, are easily ignored. Recently, the same Priestayko said that there would be no amnesty for the “separatists” of Donbass. And his categorical statement about not introducing amendments to the text of the Ukrainian constitution on the special status of Donbass also contradicts the Minsk agreements. As well as the paragraph on the release of the rest of the Ukrainian, I emphasize, Ukrainian boys and girls. The text of “Minsk” refers to the exchange of prisoners according to the formula of all for all – this is fundamentally different. What Priestayko does is reminiscent of the action of a sharpie with a card deck. He is trying to make Russia and the world believe in a new formula, progress in the armistice, in fact, proposing a very scanty and one-sided plan, in the interests of Ukraine alone and the implementation of some articles of Minsk. And with the naive cunning of a typical Ukrainian Selyuk, he is trying to sell such an unpretentious deception to Russia. Nevertheless, this so-called formula will have a certain propaganda effect. Not for residents of Donbass, who, at best, will see some concessions in receiving pensions – and a new wave of propaganda. This “formula” is intended for the West, which, in turn, uses it to pressure Russia. Like, Ukraine is fulfilling its part of the Minsk agreements, now it’s Russia’s turn.


– And what about “mentally, with messages, symbols reach the population of Donbass”? This is generally real, given that Priestayko openly says that there will be no special status and amnesty?


– Everything about chatter and generous promises – showman Zelensky and his team feel just all right about it. Where you do not have to pay, the Ukrainian government is generous and may even be effective. Under the guise of reconciliation, we will see a new round of advocacy against the Donbass, which will be called the establishment of social and humanitarian ties. And under the soothing rhetoric of Zelensky’s Kremlin allies, this propaganda will achieve its goal. What with the fact that there will be no amnesty? Ukrainian propaganda voices part of the truth, modern clip consciousness is not accustomed to see the whole picture of the world.


Why the program of deep integration, which was initialed by Medvedev and Rumas, will fall under the cloth.


– On September 18, a contact group will be convened in Minsk to resolve the situation in eastern Ukraine. At the meeting, the dates for the separation of forces of the conflicting parties can be agreed upon, as well as the unified version of the “Steinmeier formula” is approved and signed. If this is done, media write, the probability that the first meeting of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky will take place in October – at the summit in the “Norman format” – will approach to 100%. What is the unified edition of the Steinmeier formula? How much can it be edited? And what will the meeting between Zelensky and Putin give? Is it possible to expect results from it?


– We will not see any serious progress in the implementation of Minsk. I can only guess why in Moscow they go to meet Zelensky — or pretend to trust him. Rather, the second. Zelensky has several months in the asset when he can exploit the image of the winner Poroshenko and the politician who brought peace to Donbass. He is trying to make the most of this resource. But he has no real possibilities for this. Therefore, a meeting with Putin, if it takes place, will be filled with self-PR from Zelensky and an attempt to put pressure on the Russian president in order to look like a warrior and a Ukrainian patriot in the eyes of the West. For the highly questionable Ukrainian identity Zelensky, the latter is very important. His image is not a patriot, not to mention his non-Ukrainian roots.


– According to Priestayko, the authorities of the country have only half a year to a year to implement the “Zelensky formula,” and in case of failure, they will have to proceed to “radical measures”. What is that supposed to mean? If in a year it is not possible to force Donbass to accept their conditions, will there be a new war?


  • I’m also saying about the same thing: Zelensky’s margin of time is very small. But the final part of Priestayko’s speech is an undisguised threat to Russia. Of course, it is not Ukraine to scare Moscow: it is a poorly veiled threat, a promise from an older American brother. If Russia does not fulfill its part of the Minsk agreements, Ukraine will act by force. It is no coincidence that Zelensky insistently demands the introduction of international (read: NATO) “peacekeepers” along the perimeter of the borders of Russia and Ukraine, which includes the Donbass. At this point Zelensky goes much further than the open Russophobe Poroshenko. He demanded “only” “peacekeepers” around the Donbass, Zelensky – on the border with Russia.

That is, the legalized base of NATO at our borders. And even if Russia fulfills all its obligations under Minsk (at least our Ukrainian and Western partners say that Russia is also a party to the Minsk agreements), they will demand more and more unilateral concessions from us. Initially, I did not believe in positive changes under the new President Zelensky. Alas, many people in the Russian Foreign Ministry and in political science circles experience illusory expectations incomprehensible to me. I’m afraid the awakening from them will be very bitter – not for these people, but for Donbass and Russia.


According to the historian, publicist, permanent expert of the Izborsk Club Alexander Dmitrievsky, the Minsk Agreements are a Trojan horse for the Neo-Bandera regime.


– You need to understand that they knock out three cornerstones of modern Ukrainian statehood: Russophobia, unitarity of the territorial structure and one state language. And these three factors for present-day Ukraine are similar to the sixth article of the Brezhnev constitution: they removed the leading and guiding role from the Communist Party, and the USSR collapsed after a few months.


– Senator Aleksey Pushkov believes that the Ukrainian president has a plan for not fulfilling them instead of a plan to implement the Minsk agreements. Do you agree with this?


– I definitely agree. The implementation of the Minsk agreements is a suicide for any Ukrainian statesman, and not only political. Therefore, Zelensky will portray vigorous activity in fulfilling what is required of him in this matter, and as a lyceum he will be able to do this at the highest level. But in reality, he and his people will be somewhere to “wiggle”, and somewhere to “Italyalize” so that the cart does not move …


– How do you understand Zelensky’s demand for elections only after the withdrawal of troops? Which troops? The Minsk agreements do not say anything about this, there is only a demand for the withdrawal of foreign armed groups and the disarmament of all illegal groups.


  • It is unpleasant for the Ukrainian side to admit that in 2014 the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered a mediocre defeat at the behest of Messrs. Geleteev of Ilovaisk as he is called ironically after the defeat of Ukrain army at the battle of Ilovaisk, Poltorak of Debaltsevo and others like them. Therefore, blaming Russia for its own failures is much more profitable than recognizing miscalculations. Well and besides, under the thesis of the withdrawal of Russian troops Zelensky understands the surrender of the militia. That is, he demands that the keys to the Donbass be brought to him on a silver platter …


– If here he repeats the propaganda stamp about the “Russian troops” in the Donbass, the existence of which Moscow denies, then what to talk about with it?


  • The trough has remained the same, but the pigs around it have changed. Therefore, it is useless to hope that the new hog as they say in Ukraine will be better than the previous one …


– How would you rate the “Zelensky formula”? How can Kiev “mentally, with messages, symbols reach out to our people, which remained on the other side”? Or are these just words too?


  • I heard the messages and symbols of Zelensky right this night from my apartment: I haven’t been rumbling in the Yasinovat direction for a long time. If Zelensky wants to convince the people of Donbass in this way, then the traditional Ukraine entertainment “Step on the Rake!” Has not been canceled …


– Priestayko speaks about facilitating the possibility of obtaining Ukrainian pensions. But those who need it, so get it. Will the hypothetical “facilitation” of the process increase the number of people who want to receive it?


  • To promise is not to marry. To say is not to do. And how easy will it be to receive pensions? If for this you still have to travel to the territory controlled by Kiev, then such promises are worthless!


– Earlier, Priestayko said that Ukraine will not carry out amnesty and reform of the Constitution, according to him – they have already implemented decentralization, such as it will. But this is a cynical denial of obligations in Minsk. What are they counting on? That the West will turn a blind eye to this, as it did under Poroshenko?


  • The West closes its eyes to so many things. For example, the fact that shelling of the territories of the DNR and LNR has not stop to this day. The fact that Ukraine is constantly violating the rights of its own citizens. And a lot more. But the conclusion is simple: as long as the West needs Ukraine as Anti-Russia, its owners will turn a blind eye to any crimes of Kiev. I emphasize – any. Therefore, it is time to stop building illusions about Ukraine’s implementation of the Minsk agreements: it is possible only if the United States and its agents of influence leave Ukrainian territory forever.

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