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Zelensky promises 5 more years of war in the Donbass and high salaries

In the headquarters of the elected president of Ukraine they presented a new military doctrine

Hardly had Vladimir Putin gave welcome to the residents of Donbass to receive Russian passports, immediately followed by an “optimistic” statement from Kiev. From which it follows that the slaughter in the Donbass will not stop at least in the next five years, and the soldiers leading in the region will be paid more bloodshed. Apparently, with the receipt of Russian passports, the life of the residents of Donbass was estimated a little more expensive, and with it the efforts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters.


They, these fighters on the front line in five years will receive from one thousand euros (30 thousand hryvnias, or 72 thousand rubles) per month. About this in the broadcast channel STB said a member of the team of Vladimir Zelensky on defense Ivan Aparshin. According to him, Colonels of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will earn 2.5 thousand euros per month.


At the same time, Zelensky’s advisor emphasized that he didn’t see any problems in finding sources of financing. In particular, he sees it in the sale of military property.


– Today, the Ministry of Defense has a lot of surplus property (…). On what basis does the Ministry of Defense now have 530 thousand hectares of land? Of these, 270 are not used, – he noted.


In addition, Aparshin stressed that all officials convicted of corruption in the “defense” or criminal inactivity, will be punished.


As noted by Lenta.ru, Aparshin’s statement was ridiculed by the assistant to the current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, Yuri Biryukov. He recalled that during the presidency of Poroshenko, the growth of military personnel salaries went at a higher rate.


– In five years, a fighter on the front line will receive from 30,000 hryvnia. What can I say here … If a fighter on the front line now receives from 24 thousand hryvnias (about 800 euros – ed.), Then a gain in five years – six thousand hryvnias? Powerful, yes. True, we have had such an increase over the past 12 months. But we are not a “Zelensky team,” he wrote on his Facebook page.


In addition, he criticized the source of funding offered by Aparshin. According to him, all five years through the courts, the team of Stepan Poltorak (the current Minister of Defense) returned the property, which was squandered for nothing. Now, in his opinion, the same people have come to power – the people involved.


Earlier in the day, Novoye Vremya published the military doctrine of Vladimir Zelensky, implying the need to make the army voluntary and begin to lead it in accordance with NATO standards.


In particular, the document states that service in the army of Ukraine will be voluntary, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces will get rid of “unusual functions.”


According to the document, the post of chief of the General Staff is supposed to be separated from the post of commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the General Staff is supposed to be assigned the function of defense planning and strategic use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and separate branches of troops – formation and training of troops and forces, and use of troops and forces.


– To confront an adversary that surpasses us numerically and financially will be a professional, voluntary and motivated army, mutually compatible with the armies of the NATO countries, – the document stresses.


In addition, the headquarters of Zelensky promised to bring to the leadership of the army combat officers who “care about the life of a soldier and are capable of winning victories.” It is assumed that the commanders and controls of the tactical and operational level will gain maximum autonomy in making decisions to repel the blow of the enemy.


The document also implies the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from “unusual functions.” So military property not used for its intended purpose will be transferred to the administration of central or local authorities.

– No one will earn on the army. We are not in words, but in deed we will ensure real NATO standards regarding the distribution of financial resources, – the document says.


It is reported that 50 percent of the “financial resources” Zelensky plans to send for the maintenance of the army, 30 percent – for its re-equipment, another 20 – for the training of troops. Contractors will be provided with a money allowance at the level of NATO countries, priority right to enroll in educational institutions, free education, medicine and others. In addition, the military promise to issue office housing.


– Zelensky is attacking Poroshenko’s rake, – said political analyst Ivan Mezyuho.


  • True, Peter Alekseevich is even more populist than the elected president, if you remember, in 2014 he promised to pay the Ukrainian military at the front line 1,000 hryvnia per day. Of course, the promises are not fulfilled.

There is a high probability that Zelensky may very soon become popular with a populist politician, and even then he will be no different from the figures of the old political elite of Ukraine.


– How feasible?


  • Theoretically, this may be feasible, but with a fair distribution of state resources in Ukraine. So far there is no reason to say that this fair redistribution may occur in the near future.


– Yury Biryukov argues that under Poroshenko the increase in military salaries goes faster. Is it so? Due to what?


– I repeat: Poroshenko did not fulfill his promise to pay 1000 hryvnias a day to soldiers on the front line, therefore representatives of his team can talk about gradual increase in wages of servicemen, but all their conversations on this topic will be empty, since in memory of people Peter Alekseevich will be remembered for the talker who did not fulfill his promise.


– How realistic is the wage increase in the Armed Forces of Ukraine affects their combat effectiveness and specific achievements in the Donbass?


  • Considering that the Ukrainian army has problems with non-statutory relations, alcoholism and drugs, the increase in wages in the Armed Forces of Ukraine certainly did not fully affect their combat capability.


– Zelensky Headquarters also proposes to make the army completely contractual and save the Ukrainian Armed Forces from “unusual functions.” How feasible is this? What can you do and what not?


– First, it is surprising that the proposals come from Zelensky’s headquarters, and not from an elected president. This circumstance eloquently indicates that the Ukrainians have changed the awl to soap. Secondly, judging by the statement of the Zelensky team, we should expect a new deriban in the Ukrainian army. The property of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is a tasty morsel for many businessmen in this country. Third, I do not exclude the possibility that the highest officers will oppose the next military reform in Ukraine. Fourthly, the transition to a contract army in Ukraine is quite possible, but so far there are doubts that Zelensky will be able to carry out this part of the reform.


  • The main question that arises is: what kind of front line will be in five years, after all, Zelensky promised to end the war in the Donbass?

– Commented on the statement Aparshina chairman of the Union of political émigrés and political prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler.


– By itself, the sum of 1000 euros per month for military service does not seem transcendental. But, naturally, in Ukraine it sounds fantastic. It is clear that Zelensky’s consultants look absolutely unprofessional, like military specialists, but no one expects competency from them. The whole Zelensky team is a team of people who are determined to cheerfully and quickly destroy the country under anti-corruption sentences.


If we take the total number of employees in the “ATO” zone of 30 thousand people, then the expenses of 30 million euros per month for their allowance are quite affordable even for a lean Ukrainian budget. The defense budget of Ukraine is about 200 billion hryvnia, or about 6.3 billion euros per year. It is quite possible to spend 6 percent of this amount on the monetary allowance of the military. However, it is clear to everyone that, given the very low level of wages in civilian industries, hardly anyone will pay such wages to the military.


– How adequate is this amount relative to average wages in Ukraine? Will it increase the attractiveness of military service?


– The average salary in Ukraine is considered equal to 10 thousand hryvnia. However, such salaries are unattainable for poorly educated people from marginal families, who make up the majority of contract soldiers in the Ukrainian army.


But today salaries in the Ukrainian army also lag far behind the money allowances in the armies of Europe. Even taking into account high unemployment, the call and contract recruitment to the Ukrainian Army is proceeding with great difficulty.

Because of the economy, Kiev is forced to arm its military aviation with airplanes created for war with partisans in the jungle

– Is the critic Biryukov fair?


– Yury Biryukov – the main military agitator Poroshenko, which clearly distorts the real facts, indicating that in the army Poroshenko allowance reached 800 euros per month.


In fact, in the zone of military operations, the company commander receives approximately 450 euros per month, which is almost two times less than the figures Biryukov boasts. Lieutenants and non-commissioned officers receive even less, and only the colonels fall short of this amount. Biryukov just wants to highlight Poroshenko’s achievements in creating and strengthening the Ukrainian army and to demonstrate the complete lack of professionalism of the Zelensky team.


– Poroshenko, at the beginning of his presidency, promised to increase the salary of the military. Can you say that the promise is fulfilled in full?


  • Even five years after Poroshenko’s statement about a thousand hryvnias a day to each soldier this statement looks like a blank lie. Soldiers in the ATO zone receive three times less, and this, by the way, was one of the reasons for Poroshenko’s failure. In this election campaign, he was reminded of all his false promises about the end of the war in a week, about the unmeasured salaries for the military, about the victory over the embezzlers, etc. It all turned against him.


– How realistic is the wage increase in the Armed Forces of Ukraine affects their combat effectiveness and specific achievements in the Donbass?


– Despite the strong backlog in equipment and allowances in the Ukrainian army, it is impossible not to notice that quite large changes have taken place in the army. The soldiers began to feed better, the form and quality of the uniforms improved, the military units became more trained and combat-ready. However, in a collision with motivated and well-armed army units of the DNR, they will not be able to win even at the expense of a superiority in the number of vehicles and soldiers. This army can fight against civilians or poorly armed militias, but it does not have the ability to defeat a real trained military group.


Poroshenko actively led the militarization of Ukraine in order to justify the failures in the economy and social life by the war in the Donbass, and not to really fight. That is why corruption in the defense industry has become one of the main sources of its income, and it also led to a drop in its credibility and rating.

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