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100 seconds ago: “Doomsday Clock” closer to the death of mankind

More than ever, the planet is on the verge of a global catastrophe, in which not nature, but people, will be guilty.


Doomsday Clock is such a virtual mechanism, the hour and minute arrow on it are moved manually — verbally be people. In all the senses. They show the likelihood of a global nuclear conflict depending on the situation and tension in the world. Now the “clock”, which left two minutes till the “midnight” for the past three years, has accelerated its course by 20 seconds, leaving humanity only 100 seconds to survive. When the clock strikes twelve times, a world nuclear cataclysm will come and very few people will hear the battle of these “clocks”.


The invention of these “watches” belongs to the journal “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists”, which is published by the University of Chicago (USA) and their countdown began in 1947, at the dawn of the nuclear era. Then, before the global catastrophe, the arrows were set in 7 minutes and over the following years they changed position 24 times. The “doomsday” was pushed as far as possible in 1991 – by as much as 17 minutes. This is when a strategic arms reduction treaty was signed between the USSR and the USA. The end of the Cold War. Then the “clock” only gained momentum, although it periodically fluctuated in one direction or the other. As a result, the score went by seconds. And now the arrows are set at 1:40 – one hundred seconds. A record short time for the “finish” over the past few decades.


The “Doomsday Clock” gained fame not only thanks to publications in the media, but also because of the real danger of using nuclear weapons that could lead to a global world catastrophe. They began to look more closely at them and “compare” time with them. The accuracy of the “arrows” movement is sometimes doubtful, but you cannot refuse the “atomic scientists” to orient themselves in the course of world events. The current acceleration is due to the inability of world leaders to confront the likely threats of war, the termination of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (DRMSD) between Russia and the United States (it was the United States that initiated the gap). Mention is also being made of increased tension between the United States and Iran, the lack of progress on North Korea’s nuclear disarmament. The likely breakdown of the START-3 treaty (again at the initiative of Washington). The continuing inability to combat climate change. The aggravation of the global problems of the information war in cyberspace, planned disinformation campaigns on the Internet. In general, there are more than enough reasons for the arrows of the “Doomsday Clock” to be moved.


But let’s notice, these “watches” are American ones. And they measure their course of the “nuclear apocalypse.” It can be assumed that the Main Headquarters of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces also have their own “special hours” that measure the level of potential dangers, including the likelihood of a nuclear attack from not quite friendly countries, where they have their own “tick-and-tickers”, which also measure seconds in order to prevent the probability of an attack and inflict guaranteed retaliation, including using the “Perimeter” retaliatory strike system no launch all available nuclear warheads, even without human intervention. Defense Ministry of Russia prefers not to demonstrate their clocks, but they are a well known to the Pentagon as well.


The time difference is a relative concept. And if this morning in Moscow on January 24 it was, say, 09:40, then in Washington 01:40. The difference is 8 hours, and this is not the time before the start of rocket attacks, but only in time zones. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is also 3 hours behind Moscow, but the seconds coincide. Actually, what does the current 100 seconds mean, which remained all over the world before the global catastrophe?


  • A global nuclear war, as such, is excluded in relations between the main countries from the“ nuclear club ”possessing similar weapons of mass destruction, including the United States, Russia and China, – said political analyst Alexander Zimovsky.
  • For the simple reason that Washington, Moscow and China are well aware of the consequences of such a conflict. And the same American President Trump, speaking about the likelihood of preventive nuclear strikes, is well aware of the possible response from Russia or China, which can wipe the United States off the face of the earth, and at the same time half the world, the rest of the planet will simply suffocate from the consequences inevitable “nuclear winter”. And nuclear weapon owners are well aware of this responsibility.


And the owners of nuclear weapons are well aware of this responsibility and understand that to strike first does not mean to win.


The current reduction in the time of the “Doomsday Clock” to one hundred seconds is not directly related to the likelihood of a nuclear conflict between Russia and the USA, or the USA and China. These are very large “players”. But among those who can become a catalyst for a global catastrophe, Iran can become, it has nuclear technologies and can easily use them for military purposes. Another “death index” on the planet is the DPRK. But did you notice how dramatically President Trump changed the tone of remarks regarding Kim Jong-un after North Korea showed the capabilities of its ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads? But it is not known for certain whether North Korean missiles can reach the United States, but they can even reach Japan, and the American bases located there. The consequences – this is a missile shootout involving China, and then Russia. And here all the “clocks” stop.


Another potential source for Doomsday is the protracted conflict between Pakistan and India, which possess nuclear weapons. The warring parties do not declare it to be used, but in case of someone’s superiority they can easily extract the “nuclear club”. And here is China nearby, it has long looked suspiciously at India in its territorial claims. In general, there is also a potential plot for starting the third world war.


If you make a kind of monitoring of the “Doomsday Clock”, then their hands were mostly rejected in one direction or another due to the actions of the USA and the USSR (Russia). The first “three minutes of the world” were lost due to the Soviet Union’s testing in 1949 of its first nuclear bomb. Four years later, in 1953, another minute decreased – due to tests of the US and USSR thermonuclear bombs. It is these two countries that in most cases influenced the progress of the “clock” approaching the mark “zero”, “nuclear midnight”. From time to time, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, and the DPRK became “switchmen,” but it was Russian-American relations and, accordingly, mutual suspicions that always remained the main “index”.


Having now reduced twenty seconds at the “Doomsday Clock”, bringing the arrows closer to the “nuclear midnight”, the United States makes it clear that it is the Russian nuclear threat that is being wary of – as a response to uncontrolled American nuclear weapons.

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