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40 thousand NATO soldiers will work out the capture of Kaliningrad

The USA will conduct the largest maneuvers in Europe in the last 25 years

US military said early next year they were preparing large-scale exercises in Europe, which will bring together 20,000 US soldiers.

US military equipment was delivered to Lithuania to participate in joint NATO exercises. U.S. military officials say they’re preparing large-scale exercises in Europe early next year, with 20,000 U.S. soldiers taking part.


It is assumed that NATO’s large-scale military exercises in Europe Defender Europe 2020 (“Defender”) will begin in March, but preparations for them and the deployment of troops begin in January. The alliance regularly conducts such maneuvers, but the current ones will be the largest in the last 25 years, as if they were copied from the time of the Cold War.


The exercises, which will be held in 10 countries, will be attended by 18 NATO countries, only from the United States 37,000 troops will be involved. The total number of troops is planned to be more than 40 thousand people. According to a document published by the U.S. Armed Forces Command in Europe, 20,000 US troops from the continental United States, 9,000 soldiers and officers from forces based in Europe, 7,000 National Guard soldiers from 12 US states and 750 reservists are involved in the exercises.


Actually, this time it will be exactly the American exercises in Europe, all the others will play only an auxiliary role and will be involved mainly in the territory of their countries. US forces will sweep across Europe, and the final phase of these maneuvers will be Poland, Lithuania and Georgia. According to the legend of the exercises, it is supposed to seize the bridgehead from a certain “aggressor country” and keep it until the main composition of the expeditionary forces approaches. Given that Poland and the Baltic states (all three countries are part of NATO) border Russia and Belarus, it is obvious that they are the objects of a potential attack. In general, Malbrook was going for the military capmaign. In this French song in the Russian translation it sounds like this: “Malbrook was going for a capmaign. Eaten sour cabbage soup. Suffered from indigestion. And died that very day. ”


However, Russia takes very seriously the conduct of the current US exercises in Europe. This follows even from the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

– NATO countries are constantly increasing their military presence near our borders, working to increase the efficiency of the transfer of forces to the eastern flank. The intensity of exercises is increasing, the scenarios of which are more and more reminiscent of targeted preparation for a large-scale military conflict. The systematic development of the European segment of the US / NATO missile defense system continues, ”the Foreign Ministry said in an official statement. And this is not just a statement of fact, but a statement of serious concern. Especially against the background of statements by a number of American politicians and generals about military plans for Russia.


Back in September last year, the commander-in-chief of the US Air Force in Europe, General Jeffrey Lee Harrigyan, stated that the United States has a plan for breaking through Russian air defense. “If we have to go there and destroy, for example, the Kaliningrad integrated air defense system, let there be no doubt, we have a plan,” he told Breaking Defese. According to the general, the necessary maneuvers are being worked out, and in the USA they are constantly considering these plans and, if necessary, will bring them into action.


Another general, chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force David Goldfein in March 2019, said that the U.S. military is preparing a new concept of warfare, the essence of which is the secret penetration of enemy territory. “Your protection has holes as many as Swiss cheese, we know these holes, we can use them, we can penetrate them and keep objects on your territory in sight,” the American general threatened.


Among those who voiced the “plan for the capture of Kaliningrad” there was senior researcher at the Jamestown Foundation, Richard Hooper. He believes that due to the buildup of ground forces in of the United States and Poland the region, Russia will not be able to resist the NATO onslaught and lose control of this territory. Two weeks are allotted to achieve a victorious result. It is noted that military operations will develop only at the regional level.


The United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who announced a new US strategy aimed at deterring his opponents, added fuel to the fire the other day.

  • This applies equally to Iran, China, and Russia, – Pompeo quoted.


Judging by these statements, one can judge the real preparation of the United States for war, and the Kaliningrad region may become its first goal. The current exercises in Europe are “tailored” precisely for this region.


It is assumed that the logistics center for the Defender 2020 exercises will be Germany. Already at the end of January, 20 thousand American troops will arrive here, as well as in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Then they will be transferred to Poland and the Baltic states. The 82nd US Airborne Division will also be involved in maneuvers (14,000 men, with attached light tanks and artillery). In the course of the exercises, she was assigned the role of landing at five geographical points in the rear of the “enemy”, capturing and holding airfields for the further deployment of the main forces. Landing will take place, including in Poland and Lithuania, and there, and to the Kaliningrad region at hand. Maybe after all, “to blow” in the wrong direction.


Although the Deputy Commander of the US Armed Forces in Europe, General Andrew Rawling, said at a press conference in Berlin on January 14 that Defender Europe 2020 was modeled by “various crisis situations” and “not related to any particular country,” their anti-Russian content is obvious. Defender 2020, taking into account the territorial conduct in the immediate vicinity of the borders of Russia and Belarus and the stated objectives of the exercises, is seen as the “Aggressor”. During these maneuvers, offensive operations will be worked out precisely. The American edition of Warrior Maven in November last year reported that during the exercise they would work out the seizure of the bridgehead from the “aggressor country”, which Russia sees for the USA.


The attitude of the current US exercises in Europe among Europeans is ambiguous. It is clear that with two hands in favor of Britain, Poland and the Baltic countries. But in Germany, which will have to let the main American contingent through its territory, maneuvers are not particularly welcome. Including their stated goals and possible consequences.


Berlin understands that in the event of a provocation in Europe, not a training war, but a real war may unfold with the US submission. France, the Netherlands and Belgium are very restrained in their assessments of Defender Europe 2020, in the territory of which additional American troops will be deployed.


Absolutely unexpected statements were made from Belarus. It turns out that the army of Alexander Lukashenko is ready for joint military exercises with NATO forces. As we have already reported, the ex-chief of the General Staff, First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus Oleg Belokonev spoke about this. Let the former (Belokonev went to the politics), but this is a high-ranking military man and his words were not born out of nowhere. He even claimed that Minsk was in talks with Brussels on a possible format for such relations with NATO. The general, however, made the reservation that “this is on the condition that NATO will understand: our strategic ally is Russia.”


So, President Alexander Lukashenko, who was reestablishing contacts with the West, considers Russia as at least a military ally. He already expressed concern about the plans of NATO and the United States to deploy military contingents at the Belarusian borders, and in response to the exercises Defender Europe 2020 ordered to increase the number of troops in the Lithuanian direction. At the same time, Lukashenko continues to persist in the deployment of a Russian air base. An agreement on it was reached in September 2015, but then Daddy Lukashenko several times denied the base.


It was assumed that to ensure the security of the Russian and Belarusian borders at the air base near Bobruisk, a regiment of front-line bombers, a regiment of fighter-bombers and a regiment of fighter planes would be deployed. It is likely that S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems could appear. From the territory of Belarus it is much more effective to control the border and provide a deterrent. Maybe now, in connection with large-scale US exercises in Europe, Lukashenko will nevertheless return to his promise?

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