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Operation Skripal-2

West will believe Zelensky if

Why are the Ukrainian authorities gathering the whole world of the liberal Russian opposition?

Kiev will simplify obtaining Ukrainian citizenship to the military and refugees from Russia. The corresponding project, according to the press service of the head of state, was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada by President Vladimir Zelensky.

The bill proposes to exempt certain categories of people from the obligation to submit official obligations to terminate foreign citizenship upon receipt of a Ukrainian passport. They will have to take the oath of a citizen of Ukraine.

In particular, it is proposed to simplify the procedure for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship by contract military personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and citizens of the “aggressor state” who have been persecuted in their country. To obtain a Ukrainian passport, these persons will have to submit a written refusal of foreign citizenship in the form of a declaration.

What is it? A belated response to the distribution of passports in the Donbass?

– If I’m not mistaken, similar statements from the Ukrainian authorities have already been made, commented Kiev-based publicist Dmitry Skvortsov.

– Rather, I think this is a response to simplification of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation for citizens of Ukraine. Of course, it makes no sense to compare the shaft of emigrants and earned money from Ukraine with that drying brook of freaks like Masha Gaidar. This initiative looks just comical. Even taking into account all-round promotion on Ukrainian TV. But somehow you have to answer. So they answer. How can.

– Will there be no contradictions with the ban on dual citizenship in Ukraine?

– And when did the Ukrainian authorities stop it? Remember the whole galaxy of ministers, deputy ministers and governors with dual citizenship, not counting the numerous deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, who have another one next to their passport with a trident.

– And what is the oath of a citizen of Ukraine?

– Well, probably, something like that which the same deputies with double-triple citizenship swear is to be faithful to the people of Ukraine, stripping it to the skin.

– Why are we talking about the military? Not enough of your own?

  • This is largely a propaganda move. After all, it is known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have become a gathering of all kinds of Nazis, on which relevant cases have already been instituted in their countries. Here Zelensky shows his neo-Nazis that he is supposedly “their guy”. This is especially important now – against the background of bringing a number of punishers to justice for killings and terror.
  • What about people who “were subjected to persecution in their country”? In my opinion, those who wanted to flee, those from the Russian opposition I mean, have already fled.
  • Ukraine claims to be the “promised land.” In addition, there is a Russian-speaking environment, a grateful audience … Look at all these Shoosters, Ganopolsky and co, Kiselev. The same Sheremet with Voronenkov … The widow of the latter, however, is already asking for going back. Well, so, if anything, they can leave forever with her husband, this is not a problem. Accused, of course, of “Putin’s agents.” And then they will unleash an international scandal called Skripal-2.

– How many, in your opinion, will there be in Russia who want to take advantage of this?

– Of course not. I have repeatedly heard in Moscow and St. Petersburg the admiration of Ukraine from the lips of “conscientious” Russians. But it’s one thing to admire freedom to spoil Russia with impunity, another thing to pay poverty for these freedoms. Shitting where you chew is much more comfortable.

– In Ukraine, gestures regarding the simplified acquisition of citizenship have already been made. Zelensky decided to update an informational occasion, – said political analyst Alexander Dudchak.

– He hints to the people who voted for him that the Ukrainian passport is popular. At the same time, he limited the range of possible Russian recipients of the Ukrainian passport to refugees and the military. Given that there will be fewer such than the statistical error in estimating the population of the Russian Federation, such a gesture can only be called symbolic.

– Zelensky wants to pull military specialists to himself?

  • It is extremely doubtful that among the Russian military there are those who want to go over to the side of the Armed Forces. First of all, from ideological and moral considerations. But comparisons of the financial side of the service, the material support of the Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, are not at all in favor of the Armed Forces.
  • And those fleeing from persecution? Who can fall into this category?
  • In Ukraine, they can shelter outright crooks who flee from Russian justice to places where their dark past and incriminated articles do not concern the authorities, most importantly, that they agree to participate in anti-Russian propaganda.

If such persons were not sure of their safety in Europe and the States, then Ukraine accepted them. This was done under Poroshenko, now “Comrade Ze” is on the same road. However, as practice shows, Ukraine is an unsafe country for such defectors.

  • Media News2
  • “SP”: – What fate awaits Russian defectors in Ukraine? Well, there was Masha Gaidar, worked for some time in the administration of Saakashvili, and where is she now? Where is Ponomarev? This is at best. And at worst – as with Voronenkov?
  • – Yes, a large flow of “political refugees” is not visible. If only because the opportunities to conduct their political activities, while in stiff opposition to power, in the Russian Federation are much greater than in Ukraine.
  • “SP”: – How many, in your opinion, will there be in Russia who want to take advantage of this?
  • – Units. And certainly not “political.” And those who steal and try to evade criminal prosecution for economic crimes, hiding behind politics
  • “It is not the first time in his statements that Zelensky has been trying to appeal to domestic Russian affairs,” recalls Yevgeny Valyaev, political analyst at the People’s Diplomacy Institute for the Development of Civil Society Institutions.
  • He shows that he is ready not only to defend himself, but also to attack. But in Russia they will not pay much attention to this. Zelensky’s statement is more likely to satisfy the demand of an internal audience for an uncompromising dialogue with a neighbor. If Zelensky does not make critical remarks in the direction of Moscow, then the Ukrainian opposition will have more trump cards to accuse the new president of “zrada”.
  • In reality, will Kiev work with our opposition?
  • In Russia, after the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014, there were fears that Ukrainian nationalists, who had penetrated the system of state bodies and gained influence on the control levers of power structures, might start some kind of work in the Russian direction. But that did not happen.

In Russia, they tried to create information resources that would urge Russian nationalists and the opposition to repeat the Euromaidan scenario in Moscow.

  • But all these projects were media stories that did not have a real base and support. The number of Russians who left for Ukraine and joined the ranks of the radical Ukrainian structures turned out to be very small. Ukrainian nationalism could not become and did not become any tangible problem for Russia.
  • Is it worth it to somehow respond to Zelensky’s initiative?
  • Both the Russian side and the Ukrainian side have every right to commit actions aimed at mitigating or tightening the receipt by various groups of persons of citizenship of their countries.
  • When Russia began issuing passports of the Russian Federation to residents of the LNR and the DNR, Vladimir Zelensky had to somehow react – then he said that Ukraine would take a step back and make it easier for Russians to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. But what can modern Ukraine offer Russian citizens?
  • Today in the world there is a struggle for brains and skilled labor. For a country to look attractive for “white-collar” migration, it is necessary to show its competitive advantages over other countries.
  • In Kiev, they believe that Russia will use the Ukrainian pipe and supply “non-blocking” 5 billion cubic meters per year.
  • Ukraine is losing this competition to its neighbors, because people are actively leaving their country for Poland and Russia. Zelensky’s cabinet should not think about how to lure Russian citizens into their country, but how to reduce the flow of Ukrainians leaving the country in search of work and a better life.
  • Yes, over the past 4 years there have been examples when Russian citizens who were engaged in opposition activities in Russia went to Kiev for various reasons: some of them were afraid of persecution, someone was threatened, someone was prosecuted. The same situation is with a number of Ukrainians who left for Russia after the coup.
  • Who wanted to – has long left. If new comers appear, they will not look at whether it is difficult or easy to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.
  • As for the military, Zelensky is again difficult to compete with the Russian armed forces – much more solid and wealthy than the Ukrainian army.
  • More thoughtful is Zelensky’s desire to liberalize the institution of dual citizenship. In a number of countries around the world, such as Canada, there are communities of active Ukrainians who try not to lose touch with their homeland.
  • The Ukrainian diaspora in Canada is lobbying the country’s activity to support Ukraine: in 2017, an agreement on a free trade zone between the countries began to operate, Canada was among the first to impose sanctions against Russia because of the Crimea and Donbass. Poroshenko actively appealed to the Congress of Ukrainians of Canada and the World Congress of Ukrainians.

Vladimir Zelensky will also strive to work with these structures, although it will be more difficult for him than his predecessor – foreign Ukrainians supported Poroshenko’s anti-Russian course more, Zelensky in their eyes does not look sufficiently anti-Russian yet.

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