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    Syria, 26 May. The Turks opened fire on YPG kurdish patrols on the outskirts of the city of Ras Al Ain, north of Hasakah. The sleeping cells of ISIS1 inflicted damage to the Kurds in manpower in the east of Deir ez-Zor. Terrorists have resumed shelling of the north-western regions of Hama province, according to […]

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    The Middle East is rapidly sliding to the Third World

    The military-political situation around the Persian Gulf is heating up right before our eyes. On Saturday, the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud convened an emergency summit in connection with the deterioration of relations with Iran, reports SPA. A source at the Foreign Ministry of the Kingdom told the agency that the […]

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    Who makes billions of euros on burnt Notre Dame

    The buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed by an sect whose adherents pretended to preach Islam. Buddhists across Asia plunged into deep grief. The West almost did not pay attention to this event. The remains of the ruins of Babylon and the nearby museum were captured, looted and destroyed by US marines during Operation Shock and […]

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    The Germans hit the Nord Stream 2 in the back

    Manfred Weber, the European Parliament’s candidate for the post of European Commission head, in an interview with the Polish edition of Newsweek, said that if he was elected head of the European Commission, he would do “everything possible” to stop Nord Stream II. In his opinion, this project is contrary to European interests, and the […]

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    The Kremlin flirts with the West to save oligarchs money

    In September, Russia again – now by $ 322 million – increased investment in US government bonds. This is evident from the new report of the US Treasury on the countries-holders of US government debt. In August, the Russian Federation had US Treasuries in the amount of $ 14.097 billion, a month later – already […]

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    Iranian oil will go through Russia in spite of America

    Russia intends to help Iran bypass US sanctions. On this, according to the Israeli publication, with reference to a secret document of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, agreed to Russia, Iran and Turkey during the meeting of heads of state in Tehran on September 7. The author of the article, Dana Weiss, on her Twitter […]

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    Turks double-crossed Moscow again

    Immediately after the Sochi meeting between Putin and Erdogan, there were dozens of comments from various experts on how greatly the leadership of the Russia played the Idlib card. Russians saved themselves from numerous complications. Now Russia will not have to “take a punch”, because the States and their allies will have nothing more to […]

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    Putin is ready to stike against the dollar

    The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank prepared proposals to reduce the dependence of the country’s economy on the dollar. This was announced on Wednesday, October 4, by the Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin. “A definite set of proposals from our side, from the Ministry of Finance and the […]

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    The rejection of the dollar is real

    From years of talking and thinking about how to reduce dependence on the main currency of the world, the US dollar and the state are moving to concrete actions. The other day, the head of VTB Andrei Kostin presented a plan to abandon the US monetary unit. Chairman of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker voiced […]

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    Iran foments investment war

    In the coming days, Iran and Syria should sign an agreement on strategic partnership. His last details were discussed this week in Damascus by an Iranian government delegation. Tehran claims a leading role in the restoration of the Syrian economy. Rather, it seeks to protect its investments in this country during the years of military […]

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    America is isolated

    The Economist estimated the benefits to Russia from the China-US trade war. As reported by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China yesterday, the trade turnover between Russia and China in the first seven months of this year increased by 25.8% in annual terms and reached 58.35 billion dollars at the […]

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    New sanctions against Iran

    Rouhani’s statement that Iran and Russia are behind Russia is a powerful blow to America and its allies. “Arab NATO” can become the main loser. The world is on the verge of chaos, and secret negotiations are not ruled out. On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced the launch of the first stage of the […]

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    Millions return to Syria, America is in confusion

    The end of the war is also when the refugees return home. The main thing that is happening now in Syria and around it, concerns the return there in the very near future, a half million Syrians. This is in excess of already returned one and a half million after 2015. The scale of what […]

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    China is conquering Europe

    France announced the beginning of the EU’s trade war with the United States and called for a return to dialogue in order to avoid further escalation of the economic conflict. The day before, US President Donald Trump accused the EU and China of manipulating their currencies. However, in France, it is believed that Trump is […]

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    Donald Trump against all

    America’s market disagreements with China and the European Union can lead to a fall in world trade, a decline in oil prices and, ultimately, a new international financial crisis. The United States last week introduced a 25-percent duty on the import of a number of goods from China. Immediately came into force similar response to […]