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    American confession: F-35 may become a victim of the S-400

    The Chinese edition of Sohu made a publication, the authors of which said that Russia intentionally hides the genuine capabilities of the S-400 air defense systems to detect and intercept “invisible aircraft.” At the same time, the “unique characteristics” of the F-35 American fighter-bomber are being questioned. Sohu quotes Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that […]

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    Russian “Lekalo” vs American “Abrams”. Who will burn?

    Even not too significant news on the military-technical topic can lead to a detonation of the information sphere. The publication in Izvestia, which could be considered fresh some decades ago, in the nineties, suddenly provoked an emotional rebuke from the American online edition of Defense Blog. Izvestia reported that the military-industrial complex should transfer 2,000 […]

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    Hey, Invisible, I can see you: F-35 on Russian radars

    Fifth-generation American fighters  are seen through thousands of kilometers with the help of the “Container”. Remember the Herbert Wells science fiction novel, The Invisible Man? It makes no sense to retell the plot about the English scientist Griffin, who invented the apparatus that makes a person invisible. There is an emphasis on the fact that […]

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    Whose satellites pointed Iranian missiles at US bases?

    Persia has become an “adult” in the field of precision weapons. Who helped the Shiites find new technologies? The satellite images of the Middlebury Institute for International Research and Aurora Intel have already become a sensation, which depicts the consequences of Iran’s missile strike on January 8 at the Ain al-Assad US air base in […]

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    Ukraine teaches the United States how to fight with Russia

    The conditional opponent during the American exercises should own Russian obscenities. Knowing how Russians fight is very important to America. And this invaluable information comes from Ukrainians. About this on the air of the Ukrainian television news program STN (channel “1 + 1”) said the former US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine William Taylor.   Even […]

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    US and Israel threaten to bring down Russian “Daggers”

    The Ministry of Defense conducted tests in the Arctic conditions of the X-47M2 Kinjal hypersonic missile (in Russian that is Dagger), which was reported to TASS two days ago. The MiG-31K fighter-interceptor, taking off from the Olenegorsk airbase of the Murmansk region, launched a missile at a target located at the Pemboy training ground to […]

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    Russian “Avangard” and “Poseidons” quickly cleared Washington’s ears

    After a visual demonstration of the latest weapons of the Russian Federation overseas, it seems that they in teh West have changed their minds about “stoking” the START-3 Treaty. The United States may extend the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START; START-3). This was stated by Deputy Secretary of […]

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    Military secrets: Moscow and Israel’s secret weapon

    Syrian army fighters handed over a new David s Sling interceptor missile to Russia. The Russian Ministry of Defense gained access to one of Israel’s key secrets – the David s Sling missile interceptor. This happened, according to the Chinese news agency Sina, in Syria after an unsuccessful military launch of an Israeli rocket.   […]

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    US Air Forces crush Russian MiGs by “dry” mass

    The United States has nearly twice as many combat aircraft as Russia and China combined. Facebook’s Air Power community has counted how many combat aircraft are in use in the world. And how they are distributed across countries. In the top ten there is nothing particularly sensational. Unless, some advantage of China in relation to […]

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    Kremlin wiped American nose: S-400 in India

    Breathe out, India has already made an advance payment for the supply of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. Now, according to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, “everything will go according to schedule” and the delivery of complexes will begin in 2020, India will receive five regiments of the latest air defense systems, for which it […]

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    Will the Su-57 protect itself in an air?

    At the MAKS-2019 salon briefing that ended in Zhukovsky salon near Moscow, which Boris Obnosov, general director of the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (KTRV), answered journalists’ questions about the activities of the corporation. He also spoke about the development trends of tactical weapons. That is, missiles, bombs, torpedoes. They are, in fact, global.   Everyone […]

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    Trade war: when US tried to kill Huawei, they sentenced themselves to death

    Chinese technology giant frees itself from American puts and degenerates into global company. Last week, the founder and CEO of the Chinese company Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, in a very emotional speech, warned his employees that the company is “between life and death.” Sounds apocalyptic. However, it should be understood that the Chinese language is filled […]

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    Russia delivered S-300 to Syria because they are safe for Israel

    A few days ago, some Western-specializing publications published material on the Iran-Israel conflict. For example, the famous National Interest magazine suggested to think on how likely Israeli aircraft would invade Iranian airspace. It all starts with a very entertaining story, which gained fame at the end of May last year. Then the Iranian media published […]

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    MiG-35: Fighting with F-21 for supremacy in the sky of India

    The long-running Indian tender MMRCA (Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft) for the purchase of 114 medium fighters for their own air force is moving at a ragged pace. Now there is a revival, which is characterized by high lability. Applicants for the right to receive $ 20 billion, as estimated by the amount of the contract, […]

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    A hunt for Russian tankers

    The Americans have already cut off Iran from supplying the warring Syrian army with fuel. RF – in line. Last Wednesday, five Iranian boats belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tried to seize British oil tankers British Heritage in the Persian Gulf. According to CNN, when a British tanker was leaving the Persian Gulf […]