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The results of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum

more than 500 contracts worth two trillion 365 billion rubles

17 thousand participants, 143 countries – this is the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. He passed this week. Business from all over the world, and European, it is important in the light of American sanctions, business from all countries of Europe was in Petersburg. He is interested in working with Russia. And it’s not just about profits. Although business does not come without a profit. But entrepreneurs are part of society. And they also want a normal life, cooperation, tranquility in international relations.
Bank Intesa is one of the largest financial groups in Europe, Intesa Sanpaolo. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intesa Bank Antonio Falico in an interview with the Expert magazine said: “We were in the context of a dangerous and strong geopolitical confrontation. In the medium term, the US task is to isolate Russia, in the long term – to bring both Russia and China to its knees. Until Trump solves his internal problems, his actions will be even more harmful for Russia than it was before. The world is in motion. When this cold war ends, which is worse than the previous one, we do not know. But the trend is that we will come to a world where there will not be one country that commands and tells everyone who and what should do. ”
To the attention of those who meet – the train Moscow – St. Petersburg arrived. And so 10 times a day. Drivers of business-class cars are worried: in a dense stream of passengers you will not immediately snatch the forum participants. Without neckties, they seem to be like everyone else. And selfie is taken off.
“Politicians, public figures, businessmen – all now in this” Sapsan “go to St. Petersburg to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. Right here in “Sapsan” get acquainted, the first talks in the cafe with neighbors begin, and this will continue all the days of the economic forum, “says the venture investor Alexander Borodich.
The site of the forum had to be expanded – 17 thousand participants – this is a record. Two-thirds of the stands with meeting rooms. And every hour – two thousand meetings.
“There is a willingness to invest in transport infrastructure,” Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich believes.
“They support the Russian Federation, they want to work, they have risks, they need more clarity,” – said the head of the Accounting Chamber Alexei Kudrin.
Asked who will win: money or politics, VTB Chairman Andrei Kostin answers: “The truth is on our side, it is stronger than the dollar.”
This year the forum is a tremendous, as noted by the moderator of the main session, a meeting of leaders. Presidents of Russia, France, the vice-president of the People’s Republic of China represent a quarter of the planet, and with the President of the Monetary Fund, the whole world is already obtained.
“This meeting, in my opinion, is a tribute to the energy of Vladimir Putin, to his power of persuasion. This may also be a sign that Donald Trump has a unique ability to gather people together without him, “says Bloomberg editor-in-chief John Micletteit.
The key word is “trust”. Not a financial category, it would seem. Technology, estimates – who is better and cheaper – he won. But the competition, it turns out, can be canceled, simply limiting the rights of those who play with you on the same field.
“The rule is a violation of the rules. Today we are talking about a new edition of protectionism. On the use, obviously, of far-fetched pretexts, about links allegedly on the interests of national security. For what? To suppress competitors or extortion of concessions. The launched spiral of sanctions and restrictions is only being spun and hitting in an increasing number of countries and companies, including those who were sure that they would never apply this regime of trade restrictions to them, that such problems would bypass them. But arbitrariness and lack of control inevitably lead to the temptation of using the tools of restriction again and again, wider and wider, to the right and left for any occasion, “Vladimir Putin is sure.

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