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The Ukrainian army is going to iron the Sea of Azov with “Hyacinths”

Kiev uses every opportunity to draw Russia into the war

The Ukrainian army is taking measures to ensure control over the situation in the area of ​​the Sea of ​​Azov. This was reported on his Facebook page by Army Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Popko.

“In response to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation in the Azov Sea, by the decision of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the grouping of the Armed Forces, including the Ground Forces, in the Azov direction has been strengthened. To this end, we are implementing measures to ensure full control of the situation in the region, support the actions of the ship group, and ensure the reliable defense of the sea coast. We organize a permanent presence and control of the area by forces of combined arms brigades and brigades of territorial defense, units of missile forces and artillery, and units of army aviation, “the Ukrainian military leader said.

Under aggressive actions Popko had in mind, apparently, inspections by Russian border guards of ships following to Ukrainian ports. However, from the legal point of view, these actions of the Russian side are absolutely legitimate.

But the seizure by the Ukrainian side of the Russian vessel “Nord” in the Azov Sea frankly looks like piracy.

Whatever it was, Kiev relied on the concentration of its rather modest fighting forces in the Azov Sea. Recently, two armored combat boats of the Gyurza type were delivered here by rail. Now here are reports of the pulling of Ukrainian artillery into the coastal zone of the sea.

So far, Ukrainian sailors are practicing military DNR.

As writes on her page in the social network military corps Marina Kharkova on September 12 at 13.15 on the shore of the Taganrog Bay, near the positions of the army of the People’s Democratic Republic of Russia, located near the village of Shirokino, a 37.5-millimeter shell exploded. The munition arrived from the sea and was released from the onboard gun of the armored vessel of the Ukrainian Navy. Three armored vessels moored in Berdyansk since 2016, and recently the Azov base of the Ukrainian Navy received reinforcements in the form of two more armored boats “Kremenchuk” and “Lubny”. In Berdyansk, the boats were delivered by rail. It is also known that on September 11 these boats for the first time after launching in Berdyansk harbor went on duty at sea.

How will the situation develop further, will it reach direct clashes between the Russian and Ukrainian Navies?

“Ukraine understands perfectly well that military confrontation with the Russian Navy in the Sea of ​​Azov will not be won under any circumstances,” said military expert Alexander Shirokorad.

– Therefore, forcing the situation in this region, they pursue two goals. The first one – they constantly show to their population what a terrible threat comes from Russia and how much they are doing so that the “Russian soldier’s boots” do not trample the Ukrainian land near Mariupol or Poltava. And on the other hand, the Kiev authorities sleep and see how to provoke Russia, to make it a party to the conflict in Ukraine. After all, this is a very convenient occasion for drawing NATO into the war. They are already trying to attract NATO specialists to clear the fields, which themselves once mined in the territory under their control. And the arriving sappers of the alliance can easily get under fire from the army of the DNR, which the Ukrainian punishers themselves will provoke to return fire.

At the same time, we have heard more than once about the strengthening of the AFU grouping in the south of Donbass. The activation of military activities on the Azov Sea and the coast are links of one chain. They just want to arrange a provocation.

– Were the armored vehicles sent to Azov for this purpose?

– In general, they can be called armored pits with great stretch, since the thickness of the armor on them is such that it can be pierced with a large-caliber bullet. And in general, these boats were designed to fight smugglers on the Danube in general. And on Azov, where it often storms, they will simply not be able to go out into the open sea for a considerable part of the time. They, of course, will not be able to resist the Russian armored boats like “Shmel”, thrown from the Caspian Sea. Ukraine can even transfer all its remaining fleet to Azov, but it will not be possible to achieve a superiority over the group of Russian warships that are already there.

– And the transfer of guns on the coast can somehow affect the balance of power precisely at the naval theater of operations? After all, the guns could reach targets at a distance of up to dozens of kilometers.

Theoretically, they can reach naval targets. Conventional weapons designed for war on land are not at all like naval battles, especially at long distances. For anti-ship guns, there must be appropriate guidance systems for the sea target. By the way, Ukrainians tried to create some anti-ship forces. Approximately three months ago they drove up several self-propelled artillery mounts called “Hyacinth”. They simply hammered into the sea, without hitting any targets. Perhaps, at close range such a weapon can accidentally get into an aircraft carrier, but a fast boat or a small missile ship from them is almost impossible to get. Then it is better to operate anti-tank guided missiles from the shore – ATGMs – militia, by the way, have already used them for these purposes and damaged several Ukrainian boats in 2015-2016. And new Ukrainian Navy boats can start hunting for Russian fishing trawlers, in order to arrest them, like «Nord». Can it not? Of course, it’s difficult to completely insure against any unforeseen situation. But I just returned from Sevastopol, watched on local TV reports, as Russian combat boats provide protection to fishing and merchant vessels. As far as I understand, military patrols are conducted eight miles from Mariupol, even the city is in sight. The fact is that not far from Mariupol, there is a navigable canal, along which ships with large drafts go to Russian ports – Taganrog, Azov, etc.

In any case? The balance of forces in this region is such that the Russian Navy can, for a couple of days or even a few hours, put the entire Ukrainian navy to the bottom. Especially if the aircraft will go in. – Maybe the Kiev regime just does not matter that their fleet on the Sea of ​​Azov will be crushed. Is it more important for them to put Russia in the role of an aggressor? The Kiev government has long been acting on the principle of freezing my ears spitefully. And then, of course, they can try to provoke Russia into a conflict and expose us as an “evil empire.” But we must understand that only military losses will not end there. Already, the cost of chartering vessels going to the ports of Azov has risen, since there is a situation of instability. And if tomorrow a fighting confrontation begins, the majority of shipowners will refuse to let their vessels into the Sea of ​​Azov. And this, in turn, will mean the end of Ukrainian metallurgy. Since in 2014 it was counted by Ukrainian experts, to carry the products of metallurgical plants from the East of Ukraine to the Black Sea ports, it is unprofitable. Even without the beginning of open hostilities, the situation in the Sea of ​​Azov may become somewhat more acute in October, when fishing for valuable fish begins. And Russian border guards tightened control and search of Ukrainian ships. And if Ukrainian fishermen can not conduct full-fledged fishing on the high seas because of the provocative actions of their own government, this will seriously affect the well-being and moods of the inhabitants of the Ukrainian part of the Azov coast. In general, it is much more profitable for Ukraine to saber the weapons not in the Azov Sea, where the US and NATO ships can not enter without Russia permission, but at the so-called Odessa gas field in the Black Sea to the west of Cape Tarkhankut. It’s easier to catch fish in muddy water, since even NATO ships can provide psychological, at least, support to Ukrainian military vessels if it attempts to arrest some of our vessels or to enter into confrontation with warships.

«Kiev slogans about «revival». The fleet is penetrating the bottom. The Ukrainian side is once again trying to provoke Russia, says military expert Alexei Leonkov», – In the south of Donbass, the Ukrainian military has really concentrated a large military fist. So it’s easy to drive troops back and forth, especially in the conditions of the economic crisis in Ukraine not with the hand. That is – something is being prepared. Money in debt to Ukraine is getting less and less reluctant. In the Western media, films began to appear that show the crimes of the Ukrainian national bureaucracy in 2014. That is, Western philistines may have unnecessary questions. Therefore, I do not rule out that American curators are in favor of Ukrainian saber rattling on Azov, which are interested in once again aggravating the situation in the Donbass, and at the same time also in the Sea of ​​Azov. Now it is very important that we do not give up our nerves. Much depends on who will be the first to shoot. If the Ukrainian military does this, we will have the right to respond to aggression, and we will be clean from a legal point of view.

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