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Tricks of the law on the special status of Donbass

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky finally submitted for consideration by the Verkhovna Rada a draft law “On Amending the Constitution of Ukraine (regarding decentralization of power),” this was reported on the website of the parliament.

As stated in the bill’s card, the document was received by parliament and submitted to the leadership on December 13. The Ukrainian president identified the bill as urgent.

However, the text of the bill has not yet been made public.

In 2015, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved on first reading constitutional amendments regarding the decentralization of power, which provides for the transfer of financial powers from the center to the regions. However, due to inconsistency of the norm on the special status of Donbass, the final adoption of amendments to the Constitution was postponed indefinitely.

In the same 2015th bill was recognized as relevant by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. The court also found the constitutional norm that the features of local government in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are determined by a separate law.

The then President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko introduced into the Rada revised amendments to the Constitution, which provided for a special procedure for local self-government in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but did not provide them with any separate status.

Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk remember well how in Ukraine they said “we will hang later”

What is changing the current initiative of Kiev?

  • Zelensky is in a hurry to report to the Western owners on fulfilling the requirements for resolving the situation in the Donbass, – said Alexander Dmitrievsky, historian, publicist, and permanent expert at the Izborsk Club.
  • We will not build any illusions: the West will arrange any trash in this regard.
  • The text of the bill has not been made public, no details are known. What do you think?
  • I’m not a telepathist or a psychic: I don’t know how to read other people’s thoughts. Therefore, for a substantive discussion, we will wait for the bill to be announced. As for my personal opinion, then, most likely, there will be another attempt to distort the letter and spirit of the Minsk agreements.
  • In 2015, the Rada adopted amendments to the Constitution, at the same time they were recognized by the Constitutional Court as relevant to the Basic Law. So what?
  • Not only the law itself is important, but the procedural document to it: if the implementation procedure is not spelled out, then the best regulatory act in the world becomes a deed. Personally, for example, I have not seen a single by-law on the implementation of these changes …
  • Poroshenko introduced into the Rada revised amendments to the Constitution, which provide for a special procedure for local self-government in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but do not provide them with any separate status. Then Zelensky was told that the changes would either be, or would not be, then such a special status, now and then.

– This legislative fuss will continue until the second coming of Turkmenbashi. Ukraine is not interested in implementing the Minsk agreements, and it will simply sabotage all processes in this direction. Therefore, until Kiev is taken by the throat and this whole Neo-Bandera regime feels a noose on its neck, this whole circus will continue.

In general, it’s enough to build illusions: present-day Ukraine is a purely anti-Russian and Russophobic project. Moreover, the project is cruel and merciless, which absolutely does not intend to put up with dissenters.

– What will happen next if we imagine that Kiev, formally, but fulfilled its part of obligations, and the West supported it in this?

– And how can a filkin be received? For the republics of Donbass there is a basic document to resolve the situation – these are the Minsk agreements. And everything else is from the evil one. Let Ukraine do everything that is written in them. The Minsk Agreements are a medicine that guarantees its recovery. Well, the fact that the medicine is detrimental to the Neo-Bandera infection, and that the Ukrainian body is thoroughly penetrated by these infectious metastases are the problems of the sore head, which should not shift them to healthy ones …

“Decentralization reform is an old idea that took the form of a fairly deeply developed project under Poroshenko,” recalls Eduard Popov, director of the Center for Public and Information Cooperation “Europe”.

– A lot of spears were broken about this reform. And this was due to the redistribution of control over financial flows. What is contained in the new project is still unknown. But quite convincing assumptions can be made, based on the deeds and statements of Zelensky preceding this step.

The law on special status of the so-called special areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDLO), before hanging in the air, was immediately voted upon Zelensky’s return from Paris. After that, the ex-comic and president said that a special status for Donbass would not be introduced in the form that Russia wants to achieve, nor as spelled out in the Minsk agreements. This is an oxymoron. Or, rather, a deliberate distortion of the picture: Russia insists on the exact and literal execution of the Minsk agreements.

Those leaks in the Ukrainian media, which were organized by Zelensky’s team about the new draft law, testify: Ukraine is trying to outwit the three members of the “Norman Four”. And he speculates on the topic of decentralization. Allegedly, according to this, projects in the regions will be used for a part of their powers. Separately, it is announced the expansion of the authority of “Ordlo”. What is at stake is silent. I think nothing significant is proposed in the project. This is a fraudulent move by Zelensky’s team with the goal of convincing Paris and Berlin that Kiev is fulfilling the Minsk-2 clauses and now it is Russia’s business.

– The law on amendments was adopted in 2015. Why is it still not working? Why does the law on the special status of Donbass not work?

– Because if Ukraine will seriously implement the points of the Minsk agreements, it will have a parade of autonomies and, ultimately, collapse.

– Recently, the Rada extended the law on special status, now here it is. What a rush? Where is Zelensky rushing?

– Zelensky received at the summit in Paris on December 9 “homework” – within 4 months to prepare amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and demonstrate the positive dynamics of changes in the process of resolving the conflict in the Donbass.

Probably, behind the official part of the summit there was also an unofficial one. For all that, Germany and France are supporting Ukraine, they are also putting pressure on it. Europe provides financial and political assistance for a reason. Probably, Zelensky was seriously pressured, because he is trying and in a hurry to convince that he is not Poroshenko.

Zelensky’s task is to convince Europe that Ukraine is in line with the Minsk agreements. And the laws adopted are nothing more than the implementation of Minsk-2. This, of course, is profanity, but he needs Paris and Berlin to pretend to believe in this primitive game.

It seems to me that Zelensky’s team will introduce minor, at least non-fatal amendments to Ukrainian legislation and expand the powers of the “Ordlo” under the guise of the practical implementation of the conditions of the Minsk agreements. It will be anything but “Minsk-2”.

– How will Zelensky react to these steps in the Donbass and Moscow? Will they accept?

  • It is fundamentally important to keep abreast and not let Zelensky cheat. I am an optimist in this matter. Russian diplomacy has pushed the signing of the Minsk Agreements, which provoked sharp criticism in society. Russian President Vladimir Putin, after a series of difficult negotiations with Poroshenko and his successor, Zelensky repulsed all the efforts of the “independent” Ukraine to turn Minsk-2 upside down. Therefore, it is unlikely that Zelensky will be able to cheat. But again, we need to control the process.

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