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Ukraine teaches the United States how to fight with Russia

The conditional opponent during the American exercises should own Russian obscenities.

Knowing how Russians fight is very important to America. And this invaluable information comes from Ukrainians. About this on the air of the Ukrainian television news program STN (channel “1 + 1”) said the former US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine William Taylor.


Even during the Cold War, this kind of revelation emanating from a diplomatic worker was impossible. In fact, Taylor said that the United States is preparing for war with Russia, adopting experience on the side, studying how to most effectively act against its enemy. The enemy is no longer hypothetical and not probable, as expressed in the past.


Here are quotes from a speech by an American diplomat.


– The US military will learn from Ukrainian soldiers about Russian tactics, Russian technology, the ways in which Russians deliver their equipment.

– They recognize some of the actions of the Russians that precede the attacks. Understanding how Russians act and fight is very important to us.


The US predicted a breakthrough that Russian aircraft designers will make.

– I hope we will never fight against the Russians. But, if we still fight, then the experience gained by Ukrainian officers and soldiers will be our advantage. How to act against drones, artillery. These are the things that we thought about, read, but the Ukrainian soldiers survived this, were one on one with the Russian military. And these are vital lessons for us that we must learn.


It must be said here that Taylor is playing along with the Ukrainian information channel. By “Russians” he means the regular Russian army, with which the nationalist punitive and APU allegedly fought in the Donbas, indulging in the mythologized consciousness of a significant part of Ukrainians.


However, it should be recognized that even in the absence of clashes with the “Russians”, the States receive quite valuable information in Ukraine. Because more than three hundred American military consultants who are in Ukraine on an ongoing basis, even in the absence of “Russians,” study the mentality of the Slavs, who are more than enough in the south of Ukraine. They study it not according to Tolstoy’s novels, but in a real military situation, since it is with them that the Ukrainian army and neo-Nazi militants are fighting. All this is studied by psychologists, passed through computers, systematized and generalized. And on the basis of the data obtained, requirements are formulated for tactics and strategies for conducting military operations against a comprehensively studied enemy.


I must say that the US military attaches great importance to the “human factor”. Especially on the eastern ends of Eastern Europe, since there they are supposed to deal with the “mysterious Russian soul.” And not only with the military, but also with the civilian population. This indicates plans for an invasion of Russian territory.


In 2017, while preparing for major maneuvers of American troops in Germany, a set of volunteers was made. Not free, of course, but for a hundred euros a day. They were supposed to depict the civilian population, whose habitats American soldiers should advance with fights. At the same time, the main requirement for recruits was the knowledge of the Russian language as a native language.


For the “Aborigines”, 10 villages out of 30 houses per 100 people each were built at the Hohenfels training ground in Bavaria. In total, a thousand Russian-speaking people were involved in the exercises. In addition to the fee, each was given a special vest with infrared sensors. This is so that at the end of the “liberation” operation it is possible to calculate the number of inevitable victims among the civilian population. Shooting was carried out by blank cartridges, but at the same time laser sights were used, their rays were fixed by sensors on vests.


In Germany, this latest American strategy was treated indifferently. Only a few perplexed voices were heard, of course, having no relation to the ruling coalition. So, the deputy chairman of the Left Party, represented in the Bundestag and the European Parliament, Tobias Pfluger called the announcement of the search for Russian extras “a disaster from the point of view of world politics.” He noted that this does not bode well, given the concentration and deployment of NATO forces against Russia.


When the objectives and meaning of the exercises were asked to clarify the official representative of the Joint Multinational Center for the Training of Military Personnel in Germany, US Captain Chris Bradley, he said that he included a fool: “In our center, we try to train military personnel in the most realistic ways to guarantee that they will be able to act in many different situations. Such scenarios are aimed at making American soldiers and their allies ready to solve the whole spectrum of problems that they may face in the world. ”


The exercises took place. From April 28, 2017, for three weeks, life was in full swing in the “Russian” villages. The results, that is, how many “Russians” were killed and wounded, were not reported. But even the “dead” received substantial rewards for helping the US Ground Forces.


However, the anti-Russian training of American troops requires not only “living material”, but also “iron”. That is military equipment. It is also used in exercises as armaments of “aggressors”. Both real weapons inherited from the Soviet era by the countries of the Warsaw Pact, now part of NATO, and various simulation vehicles are used.


Moreover, Pentagon purchases of Soviet military equipment began immediately after Russia and the United States became “brothers forever” – in the early 90s. Moreover, the equipment was purchased not only from the “Democratic brothers”, but also in Russia itself. In 1992, Russian government sold the T-80U tank and Tunguska air defense missile system with ammunition and a set of consumables to the United Kingdom for $ 10 million. Six months later, this equipment was in the United States.


The Prime Minister instructed to assess the safety of tourism and flights against the backdrop of the US-Iranian crisis.

Soviet armored vehicles in the United States are more than enough. Basically it is an armored personnel carrier, as well as the most massive T-72 tank. But there are quite modern modifications of the T-72, which appeared in the new century. They were either captured during the hostilities or acquired in the countries to which Russia supplies them.


Except that there is no OTRK Iskander. However, this type of weaponry in the units of the “aggressors” during the exercises is represented by the “Point” – preceding the Iskander OTRK.


Americans do not carry all this “enemy” equipment to the exercises in Europe. We have to hang on American and European equipment structural elements that reproduce the shape of modern Russian tanks, missile systems, air defense systems, transport vehicles …


And a special story with fighters. In the United States, there are several squadrons called the Aggressors. They are equipped with either Russian or American aircraft, whose pilots imitate the “behavior” of Russian MiG-29, Su-30, Su-35 and even Su-57 fighters. In training battles with these aircraft, American pilots are being trained for future air battles with the Russians.


As well as ground equipment, Soviet fighters began to be massively purchased by the Americans immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Ukraine was the most successful in this market, having sold to the States a large number of the Su-27 and MiG-29 that were in service in Russia. And although these were not the most recent modifications, they were enthusiastically taken to pick up squadrons of “aggressors”. Especially since it’s cheap.


The US Air Force also inherited a rich “legacy” from the former German Democratic Republic, whose air forces were equipped with the most modern aviation equipment at the end of the 1980s.


Only the blow of the USA and Israel can stop it. But Russia is hindering surprise attacks

However, that “golden time” has already ended. What could be sold, already sold out. In addition, new aircraft with higher combat effectiveness have already appeared in the Russian Air Force and Navy. And their weapons were updated.


This problem is partially solved with the help of helpful partners. That is, training is carried out and “away”. So, the Malaysian Air Force operates 18 Su-30MKM generation 4+ fighters purchased from us. Therefore, at the Gong Kedak airbase, during regular joint exercises, the Americans master the Su-30MKM and develop a technique for fighting their F-15C and F / A-18E Super Hornet aircraft. Training fights are also taking place with the participation of Indian pilots and Indian Su-30MKI fighters, which, as you know, were sold to New Delhi by Russia.


However, the main preparation takes place, of course, at American air bases with the involvement of the Aggressor squadrons. For some time now, almost all “Soviet junk” began to be replaced by F-15 heavy fighters and F-16 light fighters. At the same time, the behavior of the pilots of these cars, repainted as Russian, is strictly regulated by a set of tactical rules that should characterize the Su-30, Su-34, Su-35, MiG-29, MiG-31 and other Russian aircraft in battle.


Training pilots in battle techniques with simulators is only one aspect of using the Aggressor squadrons. On simulators of air defense divisions, that is, the calculations of the Patriot systems can work out the technique of intercepting aircraft. And at the same time, develop techniques for repelling the attacks of Russian anti-radar missiles.

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