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Whose satellites pointed Iranian missiles at US bases?

New technologies for Ayatollah regime

Persia has become an “adult” in the field of precision weapons. Who helped the Shiites find new technologies?

The satellite images of the Middlebury Institute for International Research and Aurora Intel have already become a sensation, which depicts the consequences of Iran’s missile strike on January 8 at the Ain al-Assad US air base in Iraq. Some hits on facilities and infrastructure are already characterized by the phrase “just like a bull’s eye.” Thus, the Pentagon’s version of the ineffectiveness of retaliation is refuted.


Yes, no one was killed among the US military, but, as CNN indirectly admits, it happened because of the betrayal of a certain high-ranking Iraqi diplomat who was familiar with the plan of Operation Soleimani. The situation, however, was presented in such a way as if Iranian officials themselves transmitted information to the Iraqi side about when and what bases would be hit, with a hint that Baghdad would notify the Americans. And those, of course, instantly “evacuated”, not even leaving protection.


First of all, there is great doubt about how CNN delivers information. Such stuffing should be attributed to the methods of information warfare. Say, we are talking about “a neat slap on the face of Uncle Sam, who put his cheek so that Tehran retained its face.” Given the importance for Iran of the deceased General Soleimani and raising him to the status of a martyr, it is impossible to believe in such dirty games.


The only question is how long the war in the Middle East will last and how it will end. Chronicle of events.

As you know, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Adil Abdul Mahdi, literally the day after the assassination of Suleymani, confirmed in his official statement that Tehran notified Baghdad of the retaliation, which “began or will begin in the near future.” But, firstly, the Persians did not hide plans for revenge from the very beginning, and secondly, the head of the Iraqi government said that he did not know which bases would be attacked.


At the same time, the flight of American soldiers from their equipped base caused reputational damage to the combat effectiveness of the US air defense systems. It’s the same as if our soldiers left Hmeimim base in a hurry after learning about the drones attack.


It would be politically beneficial for Trump if the air defense of the Ain al-Asade airbase repelled a retaliation missile attack. Then Tehran became disgraced, thinking twenty times whether to continue the operation “Martyr Soleimani”. And Washington would show not only strength, but also patience. Like, for example, a strong boxer who evades the weak fists of the teenager who attacked him over and over again, realizing that he can kill a bully with one blow. In any case, this would raise the profile of the United States.


The answer to the question of why the Americans, in fact, panicked “evacuated” as soon as they learned about the strike, was shed by the publication of The Washington Post, entitled “How the quantum leap in missiles made Iran a dangerous adversary.” Joby Warrick, head of the National Security section, writes: “When a swarm of drones and cruise missiles attacked Saudi Arabia’s largest oil facility in September, the outraged Trump administration quickly accused Iran … But the real surprise was the accuracy of the strike: of all 19 ammunition used, all but two hit the target. ”


Soon reports appeared at the Pentagon, where the appearance of an arsenal of precision weapons in Iran was called an “alarm signal.” Worst of all for America, US and CIA military intelligence has overslept Tehran’s development of precision missiles. It seems that they will also oversleep the creation of the atomic bomb.


Some experts, including Russian ones, rightly argue that the United States will wipe Iran into powder if ordered by the president. The truth, however, lies in the fact that Trump has a “sword of impeachment”, which is a hundred times more important to stay in the White House than to defeat Persia. Even many Republicans would not forgive him for the deaths of a dozen star-striped soldiers because of the Iranian General Soleimani, who was little known in the United States.


Of course, The Washington Post can hardly be called the objective side in the domestic political swash in America, but when necessary, overseas media are surprisingly objective, referring to secret reports of the US Department of Defense.


Here is an excerpt from the article:

– Modernized (Iranian) missiles, some with a range of more than 1,200 miles, are just one of several potential ways to fulfill Iran’s promise to avenge the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s most powerful military leader …


– The United States will be tough on any direct military attack on US assets, but Iran has the ability to launch a crushing counterattack on Gulf oil facilities or on Israel.


Al-Quds, created by Soleimani, controls virtually all Shiites in the world. With a huge budget (how much they ask – as much as they give), it can deliver its high-precision unmanned systems anywhere. Plus, Tehran often instructed pro-Iranian militant groups, mainly Lebanese Hezbollah, as well as its supporters, based in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain, to carry out a wide range of covert actions on its behalf, including explosions and missile attacks, abductions and cyber attacks . So, Tehran has dedicated and professional commandos capable of carrying out any dangerous operations, including using UAVs.


Even if you imagine that America will bomb Iran, no one will be able to stop Al-Quds. “Iran attacks where it sees vulnerabilities, and it restrains when it understands that the consequences will exceed the“ benefits ”of the attack,” said Karim Sadjadpur, a political analyst at the Carnegie Endowment.


The expert is convinced that Iran can start a secret war by killing the American military and diplomats in countries where it is impossible to find the Al-Quds track. It will be difficult for America to react, understanding the danger of Iran’s missile potential, which has developed over the past 10 years by direct order of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


Only the blow of the USA and Israel can stop it. But Russia is hindering surprise attacks

A line of short- and medium-range missiles that can deliver warheads with an accuracy of up to ten meters has already been created in Persia, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense said. No one recalls the prehistoric Scud missile of the Soviet era, when Iran and Iraq fired at each other during the war of the 1980s.


The most dangerous for the United States today is the technology of the Iranian 500-mile Qiam rocket, equipped with electron-optical and radio navigation systems. This high-precision weapon is being mass-produced in Persia, which means that Tehran has a large arsenal of “otvetki”- answers to say so.


Immediately striking is the incompleteness in the publication of The Washington Post, since there is no information about satellite navigation, without which the rocket, having flown nearly 700 km, cannot hit the target with an accuracy of 10-20 meters. Clearly this is not GPS. The choice, in fact, is not great – either the Russian GLONASS, or the Chinese Beidou.


Given that our system is still more accurate than navigation from the Middle Kingdom, it can be assumed that the Iranians use Roskosmos satellites. Thus, Washington, with a high probability, will not start a war with Iran until it reaches an agreement with the Russian Federation and China – with countries No. 1 and No. 2 in the list of US enemies. But this is hardly possible.


The reaction of the American profession is also curious. At a forum of US scientists, one can read: “Iran has a history of successful military operations. And besides, they have smart, well-trained and trained engineers. Many of them studied excellently in the USA. ”

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